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ever seen a Data Sufficiency question until their GMAT preparation. Know the Data Sufficiency answer choices & the Decision Tree elimination approach. Difficult Data Sufficiency Questions. WXYZ Remainder. If w, x, y, and z are the digits of the four-digit number N, a positive integer, what is the remainder when N . + GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions With Explanations - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. + GMAT Data.

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This is a pure gold collection. 2 pdf contains , level data sufficiency problems. My other top quality collection - must download. meteolille.info for downloading it from there; the download is very cheap Biology Quest GMAT Ultimate Grammar - GMAT Club . And Here's How a Kaplan-Trained GMAT Test Taker Would Answer This Question: Step 1—Analyze Here's an Example of a GMAT Data Sufficiency Question.

Coordinate Geometry If vertices of a triangle have coordinates -1,0 , 4,0 , and 0,A , is the area of the triangle greater than 15? If we are told that values of all sides are integers, then yes: To check this: We know that a right triangle inscribed in a circle must have its hypotenuse as the diameter of the circle. The reverse is also true:

How many round trips did it make? The boat can carry passengers at any time. It takes 40 min each way and 20 min of waiting time at each terminal.

Let the no. But in this case the data is not sufficient to find price of article as the both 5 and 10 rs can have any of the 4 or 3 notes. Hence statement A is not sufficient. Now considering statement B , The price of the article was a multiple of Rs. For this, more than 1 possibility of no. Using either statement alone, we cannot answer the question. The factors of 30 are 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15 and From the information given in both the statements, the value of m is 15 and n is 2.

So, option c. Even by using both the statements, we do not know whether country X has a higher GDP than country Y because we do not know the absolute values of the GDPs 5 years back. So, the question cannot be answered.

700+ GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions With Explanations

Knowing that one is greater than another doesn't help to determine the sign of their sum. You can accept the relative ordering of points and their relative locations as given if the vertices of a pentagon are labeled ABCDE clockwise around the shape.

So I'd only trust a diagram I'd drawn myself. About the relative position of the points on diagram: Here I'm referring only to the scale of diagrams.

So the only thing we can determine from 2 is: It used to be true that Problem Solving diagrams were drawn to scale unless mentioned otherwise. But we don't know whether they are both positive or both negative.. Well this one is clearly insufficient. D in sequence. Inequalities Are x and y both positive? So don't trust the lengths of lines. DE and EA are the edges of the pentagon. It's just not possible. If both x and y are positive. But if we won't know this for sure.

Word Problem Ten years ago.

In both cases or it would mean that we can substitute 1 less than 2 notebook with 1 pencil. Or is true? So basically we are asked whether we can substitute 3 notebooks with 3 pencils. What is t? We can substitute 5 notebooks with 5 pencils. We can substitute 2 notebooks with 2 pencils. BUT if both are negative. But imagine the situation when we are told that we can substitute 2 notebooks with 2 pencils.

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Now if we can easily substitute notebooks with pencils equal number of notebooks with pencils and the sum will be lees than Number properties If k is an integer greater than 1. Not sufficient.. Inequalities What is the value of integer x?

Hence factorization. Or is? OR algebraic approach: If is true. So Now. If you look at the number line you'll see that it's just not possible. The question is: So we are asked is 1 2. Four answers.

Two answers. Remainders If w. Let's show this on our example: Our 4 digit number is When w is divided by 9 the remainder is remainder. Word Problem level question Laura sells encyclopaedias. The same with and. BUT if. If is more than 3 more than or as I wrote.

Or another way: How much did she earn in March? Number properties If p is a positive integer.. If is 2 more than or as I wrote.

GMAT Data Sufficiency Questions | DS Strategy & Practice | Wizako Online GMAT Courses

So any prime more than 3 can be expressed as or So either: So this statement is not sufficient. If is 1 more than or as I wrote.

Questions gmat pdf sufficiency data

Statement 2 tells us that the point. Let's check when this equation holds true. We can not determine. That means that for ANY value from the. Coordinate Geometry In the xy-plane. Line with negative slope through the point in the II quadrant can have intercept positive as well as negative. Slope is rise over run and for two points. This can be done by visualizing the question. Taken together: We should consider three ranges as there are two check points and: Discussion of this question at: There is a formula for Finding the Number of Factors of an Integer: First make prime factorization of an integer of and.

Questions gmat data pdf sufficiency

For instance odd factors of 36 are 1. So we get that equation Statements: The number of factors of include 1 and n itself.

Data pdf questions gmat sufficiency

Number properties Is the positive integer N a perfect square? But as we concluded if n is a perfect square must be even. Couple of things: Is the positive integer N a perfect square? Finding the number of all factors of Total number of factors of including 1 and itself is factors. Note that if is a perfect square powers of its prime factors must be even.

Probably the best way of solving would be making the chart of perfect squares and its factors to check both statements. This is exactly what is said in statement 2 that Hence sufficient.

Statistic Lists S and T consist of the same number of positive integers. There are some tips about the perfect square: Also insufficient. Hence can not be a perfect square. Is the median of the integers in S greater than the average arithmetic mean of the integers in T? So from this statement question becomes is?

But this statement is clearly insufficient. Number properties If N is a positive integer. Generally the last digit of can take ONLY 3 values: For example. Properties of Similar Triangles: The two triangles are similar. For instance: If the hypotenuse KL is 10 inches. For more on triangles please check Triangles chapter of the Math Book link in my signature. OR in another way: So basically question asks whether we can determine which of three cases we have. Statement 1 satisfies first requirement and statement 2 satisfies second requirement.

Never multiply or reduce inequality by an unknown a variable unless you are sure of its sign since you do not know whether you must flip the sign of the inequality. Inequalities Is 1 2 Is? Two different answers. The question: We have two lines: Lines intersect at the point 4. Decision Tracker. My Rewards. New comers' posts. New posts.

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Questions pdf gmat data sufficiency

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Is it because of the 2z there, because we know 2z is always even, so why did they put it there? Here each statement alone is insufficient. Now when we combine the two statements, do you see a clean way to do it that involves a simple step. No paper or pencil required.