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question paper with answers CMAT MBA Entrance Question with solution you can download it in FREE, if CMAT paper in text or pdf for AICTE. in CMAT Download CMAT Previous Year Papers in PDF. CMAT Question Papers With Solution PDF, Get Here. CMAT Exam Sample. Sir, Please, send cmat previous 5 years question paper with answer on anu. [email protected] email id. Publisher: IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd () CMAT exam question paper - pdf( KB, views).

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CMAT Entrance Exam Paper for MBA Free Download PDF. if CMAT paper in text or pdf for AICTE CMAT MBA Answer. If you need more CMAT Sample | Model Paper for or CMAT Mock Test Paper with or with out solutions for exam, you can request us. Solved question paper of Common Management Admission Test .pdf CMAT Answer Key May- pdf (Size: KB / Downloads: 1,).

Find the sum of 14th and 17th terms of an arithmetic progression containing 30 terms, if the sum of its first and last terms is Three times of a number is less than the five times of an another number. If the sum of both the numbers be 74, find the two numbers. In a class, there are 40 boys and their average age is 16 yr. On one boy aged 17 yr, leaving the class and another joining, the average age becomes

It should not be afraid of criticizing the Government in a healthy manner. It should also give a balanced view of the things so that people can be helped in the formation of a healthy public opinion.

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Courses of Action 1. Which of the following statements A. Amar Steels expects to get Indian ships also for ship breaking. Amar Steels had so far not entered the capital market because of its profit-making status. A Industrial accidents are always avoidable B Industrial accidents may be due to ignorance C Industrial accidents cannot be entirely overcome D Industrial accidents can be eliminated with the help of safety rules Question 38 The following question contains a passage followed by a question.

Question cmat solution with pdf paper 2012

Its entitlement to break foreign ships has just been extended to cover Indian flagships. It operates a steel-rolling mill in Vishakhapatnam which utilizes the scrap from ships.

B and C can be inferred from the passage? The company is expanding its ship breaking capacity. The company is engaged in ship breaking at ports in Vishakhapatnam and chinnai.

Amar Steels had so far not entered the capital market because it had no expansion plans. Amar Steels. Which of the following statements can be inferred from the passage? A Real education will take place. The prevention of accidents makes it necessary not only that safety devices be used to guard exposed machinery but also that mechanics be instructed in safety rules which they must follow for their own protection and that lighting in the plant be adequate.

There is a shift in our economy from a manufacturing to a service orientation. Developed countries have made adequate provisions for social security of senior citizens.

Which of the following conclusions may be inferred from the above passage? A Managers should have a balanced mind B Assembly line will exist in serve organizations C Interpersonal skills will become more important in the future work place D Manufacturing organisations ignore importance of people Question 40 The following question contains a passage followed by a question. The increase in service-sector will require the managers to work more with people rather than with objects and things from the assembly line.

In India.

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Which one of the following weakens the conclusion drawn in the above passage? State insurers as well as private ones offer Medicare and pension benefits to people who can no longer earn. I request the State Transport Corporation to run these buses as limited-stop services during the non-rush periods of the day. Non-stop buses are now available at all times. This shortage will be removed by surplus manpower released from agriculture as suggested above.

A lesser number of agriculturists would mean more purchasing or spending power to every agriculturist. It is upto our Government and planners to devise ways and means for the mobilization of about ten crore workers whose families total up about forty crore man. Our agriculture is over-manned. During most of the day. The competent authority to govern these buses is the State Transport Corporation. This will result in the shortage of manpower for many commodities to be produced for which there will be a new demand from a prosperous agrarian class.

The non-stop buses are small ones that carry only a limited number of passengers. The newly introduced non-stop city buses are a good new service. A Employment in production is more fruitful than the employment in agriculture B Indian economy is in a poor shape basically due to improper mobilization of manpower C A shift of labour from agricultural sector to the industrial sector would uplift the living D The industrial sector is labour-deficient while the agricultural sector is over-manned in standard our country Question 42 The following question contains a passage followed by a question.

From the pairs of words given. Emerson said that the poet was landlord. The flight of imagination made the poet master of land. The first word in the pair should fill the first blankLet us ……… with due ………. A admit. Even those who invented. A tolerate. The first word in the pair should fill the first blankWe cannot ………….

With paper pdf cmat question 2012 solution

A Seemingly impossible imaginations make one a good poet B All imaginations become a reality some day C What man imagined has never been impossible. The first word in the pair should fill the first blankI would like to ………your attention to the second paragraph of my letter ……. The first word in the pair should fill the first blankThe ………. From the pairs of words given..

The first word in the pair should fill the first blankShe found ………. A crime. A invite. Words of the mother comforted the ………. It is called the atmosphere. It is because of this fact that are able to live. The first and the last sentences are 1 and 6 and the four in between are labeled A.

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Boarding Party. U-boats were torpedoing Allied ships in the Indian Ocean faster than they could be replaced D. We and all other animals breathe in and breathe out air the time.

Question with pdf cmat solution paper 2012

And the only people who could do the job were a handful of British businessmen in Calcutta-all men not called out for active service.

To stop the sinkings a spy ring had to be broken. C and D. It is a part of the earth. If we stop breathing.

In the given question. Choose the most logical order of sentences from the four given choices to construct a coherent paragraph. It was early and the war in the East was going disastrously. All parts of the earth surrounded by air. A ABCD http: How this unlikely bunch of middle aged civilians accomplished their missions makes fascinating reading. ABCD http: And in a lonely bay. The Government is created not by any contract but by a decree of the sovereign and its function is in no sense to make but only to administer law.

The individuals. Over the desert sands. High in the Andes Mountains long lines of I llamas. But a great deal of food is still carried on the heads of women and the backs of animals. He bowed down before natural phenomena.

Beneath the sentence four different ways of phrasing the underlined part are given. A than that on the main road B than those on the main road C than there on the main road D than where on the main road http: The flash of lightning. The houses in our street are more beautiful than on the main road. He conceived of some divinity behind this. In the following question. Choose the best alternative among the four. Primitive man was helpless and weak.

As ages passed. Today the knowledge gained from science has armed him with superhuman strength. We spent an hour discussing about his character. A lot depends on your early brought up in the family. A discussing his character B discussing on his character C discussing of his character D discussing over his character Question 57 In the given question. Arunachal Pradesh http: Overseas companies now allowed to hold ……… in insurance sector.

A India china http: Micro unveiled its new operating system Window 8 on October Kochi http: Deep Joshi. A Dr Amrita Patel http: China has become the ……. After successful test flown of stealth planes. Science and English during the period to What was the aproximate percentage increase in the average marks in Mathematics from to ?

A 25 B 37 C 41 D 47 Question 87 Group the give figures into three classes using each figure only once.

Similar Pages. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect. A 3 B 4 C 5 D 6 Once you are finished.

Find the number on the face opposite the face showing 2. Get Results There are 88 questions to complete. Facebook social plugin http: February Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Deekshant Sahrawat, Mohit Khurana Publisher: Cengage Learning India Price: Disha Experts Publisher: Disha Publications Price: IMS Publisher: Ramesh Publishing House Price: Sir, Please, send cmat previous 5 years question paper with answer,e mail id: Sir Please send any previous year question papers if possible.

Email id: I have checked many of the provided question papers but all of them are without answers. I am doing preparation for cmat examination. Please email me previous years cmat examination papers. Originally Posted by Unregistered. Thanks u so much sir. Sir i want cmat previous 5 years question papers with ans.

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