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Can I promote High Traffic Academy as an affiliate? I have a free gift for you, it's a PDF called Cool Traffic Sources and this is a Goldmine of. The download links were working at the time of posting. This leak has been reported as still working 5 times this month (5 times in total). I paid for the HTA Master course but was denied access by Vick Strizheus and his team simply because I waited two years before actually using. Complete HTA Master's Course:#1 Traffic & Conversions training available. Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy (GB) Contains: Videos, PDF´s.

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Title: $/month Make Money Online Blueprint eBook pdf, Author: B A Ben, but he is also the founder of Global Success Club and High Traffic Academy. Biggest High Traffic Academy Bonus Ever #high traffic academy pdf, #vick strizheus, #high traffic academy download, #high traffic academy discount. Vick Strizheus is a person which teach you how to get more traffic in days. Download High traffic academy free.

High Traffic Academy Conversion tracking. How to track optins to your HTA affilate link. Use a tracker in front of your HTA url and place the tracker conversion pixel on "Video 1" page. I use " trck. If you don't have a tracker, you will still see conversions. In clickpromise backoffice, click "Reports" in left menu, then "conversion report" it shows hits to the landingpage "LP k-vid" and "video 1" thank you page for the different Ad tracking ID's. When someone reach Video 1, it's an optin.

No matter you current situation, I believe you can change everything. See you in High Traffic Academy. Stay tuned for the opening of High Traffic Academy 2. Everything updated and new. It's called: Advertising Offline with Nationwide Advertising Newspaper ads www. I think this is better than most other traffic courses out there and I think it will help you a LOT. Video 2 of 4.

Video 4: The Money-Getting Blueprint! The Agenda for to day. I will be sharing with you some cool traffic getting strategies you can implement in your business today and I will share my results from the campaigns from last video. My results from last Video 2. More Cool Traffic Getting Strategies 3. The Rollout Method 4. Traffic Expert. The first thing I will do is show my results from the campaigns in the last video and walk you through and there is a very important lesson from these results.

Second thing I will do, is give you more traffic getting strategies, I will show you how you can get traffic to your offer, to your website to your business from different low cost traffic getting methods you can apply into your business today and hopefully get you good results.

Then I am gonna show you my RollOut method , one of the method in my business I use to get my offer in front of million people in one week. It's gonna be the "Scale" or the "Rollout" method. I'm gonna show you that so you can have a good idea how to get the great results and earnings I showed you before. When you know this traffic game, when you learn how to get good targeted traffic to your offers and not only get traffic but create good campaigns and get traffic to campaigns that convert for you and give you profit.

When you master this you can make money online with no problem. So lets start with number 1 and let recap from the last video 2. Get traffic - Start small then scale if profitable - ability to collect leads. If you a member of High Traffic Academy you can use tracker tracker that comes available in the backoffice free for members. Scale Big When you know your numbers, when you found an offer that is profitable, you want to scale big and you want to make it an automated income source for you and put it on automation so it can run while you are doing things that you like the most, all while your campaign is driving dollars into your bank account on automation..

I went to clickbank and I found this satellitedirect offer because we determined that this offer has a demand in the market. I started campaign in jemamedia and adknowledge. I started to get some clicks, but it didn't convert well, kind of broke even. There is a very important lesson here. My conversion was not at the level that I wanted it to be. Then I got an email from adknowledge saying that this offer is over saturated. Any time when you are promoting something, especially affiliate offers with high competition, is you want to outsmart your competition.

When you are getting clicks but not conversion it means that the market is probably oversaturated with that offer. The problem is everybody is promoting the same offer and the same salespage. Vick is going through the results of this new campaign and traffic method and it shows a profit.

Then I was thinking, now that the offer was in profit with this method, how can I scale that up, so that this product can be a stand alone income stream for me. So here is what I am gonna do, I am gonna turn this into a little mini business. I created a landingpage for this product optin page with email form for people to optin. This is one way to outsmart your competition, to create a landingpage that is different from the salespage that everybody is seeing.

One other big benefit of this method, is that you are also building a list of subscribers, people who optin to see the offer your have after optin they are directed to official salespage of that offer.

If you don't know how to build a landingpage , look here: Vick went to www. One other option is to get Clickfunnels , which lets you create all kinds of landingpages and optin pages you like. But by having a list you can promote other similar offers to that list, that they maybe like better. So I created a landingpage and went back to adknowledge, which said there is a lot of competition for that offer, but now I have a different page than everybody else is promoting.

Lesson learned - Always be flexible - If you get click to an offer and no conversion it's time to go to a different traffic source or change something.

Vick goes through a traffic getting method called The O. Method other People's List video at Vick goes through a traffic getting method called Pay Per View video at The Rollout method Let's talk about The Rollout method. This in not for somebody who is just getting started. I promised I will show you one of the methods I use in my business to get my offer in front of million people in a week.

I will show you exactly how I do it and exactly what you can do, but this is not for anybody just starting out.

You have to have an offer that is already converting for you. So what you do is, you find a find a "mass market" offer. What's a mass market offer? Loose weight, everybody wants to loose weight, everybody wants to feel younger, live longer, have more energy. Of course you can scale online as well, so you can get more traffic to this offer from all these different traffic sources, I'm showing you here. But you can scale off-line and there is no competition off-line and when you scale this off-line and when it's profitable for you online, you can make it big time.

This was one of the methods that I implemented to get my big results I showed you earlier. The secret: Newspaper Classifieds! I have implemented this method for about 2 years and I got it down to a science, I'm not gonna teach you in great details here, this is not for someone just getting started, but I wanted to open your eyes to that there is an entire universe of traffic generations and conversion, it's not out of reach for you, it's right there before your eyes.

So what you do is you find an offer, you test it with different methods and if it's profitable you take it offline and you can virtually print money. Let go to google and I will show you exactly how I do it, this is secret stuff and nobody is talking about it. I will share this with you, I will show stuff from my personal experience, this is exactly what I do. One of the methods that I implement in my business and it works like a champ.

The way this works is there is different networks, different groups out there, offline, which we can tap into to absolutely crush it. I will show you one of the networks that I personally work with called NationWideAdvertising. Pay attention because this is absolutely phenomenal, but I will emphasis this, don't go here if you are just testing the waters, you want to make sure your offer is converting well online before you start here.

If you are at that level online, then you can go here and absolutely crush it. Newspaper classifieds! So let me show you this. NationWideAdvertising is a place a directory, a huge directory, they got different groups of networks that you can tap into and you can get your AD in front of million people.

A hundred million circulation weekly. That means there are probably double that amount of people that are potential readers of these newspapers. There is an entire module in High Traffic Academy where I talk about this method.

How to do this properly, how to make sure that you can get success. I want to share one of my secrets that someone have been asking, how in the world can you invest few hundreds bucks and made Well this is one of my secret methods that I personally implemented in my business. Take a look at this 7 million weekly circulation dollars, so let's do some math.

Let me give you a real world example. A real world case study. Here is what you can realistically expect if you have a good converting offer. I will share my personal result from my experience. All this traffic will be US based traffic. If you should go to the newspapers individually it would probably cost you a small fortune, but if you go to a group like this one.

Let me give you an example a casestudy numbers. You can place you AD in millions of newspapers next week! So let's take a look at this, you've got 7 million circulation. I go a lot in to details how to write your ad, how to structure and how to put this together in High Traffic Academy.

Other books: UFO HIGHWAY PDF

Again you run an AD for a mass market offer, that sells online and you send this traffic to your landingpage. In my experience, offline traffic converts much higher than online traffic, because these people are not getting bombarded with emails and 20 different offers daily. So these people responding to your AD are very responsive.

These folks are much more responsive than online visitors. If you send these people to your landingpage which you should always do. This is not instantaneous traffic, but this traffic will come in about weeks after your AD goes out.

So in about 3 week you got 7, people on your list in your autoresponder. I am not guaranteeing that is what is going to happen for you but this is approximately what I see for my personal experience. I have been doing this for about 2 years when we are filming this. I can tell you this method, when done correctly, how to write your ad correctly, how to position yourself correctly, how to get your ad to be responsive, how to raise above all the other ADs in the newspaper and make your AD be super high responsive.

I teach all those tricks and all those strategies and secrets in high traffic academy.

Traffic pdf high academy

Right now I just want to give you an overall view to open your eyes to the possibilities. Nobody teaching this stuff and you don't have to beat your head against the wall online trying to get the SEO etc to work and work your butt off trying to get something going and all you are getting is failure, failure.

That's what happens a lot in this industry. You don't have to be one of those guys.

There are other options out there. YOU the traffic getting Expert Now let's talk about how YOU, no matter your previous experience, no matter what your background is, no matter what you're going through in life right now, no matter if you are broke right now, if you are making some money right now, doesn't matter if you failed times In video number 4 I will tell you exactly how I believe I can help you becoming that traffic getting expert.

Where you are getting as much traffic as you want anytime you want to any offers you want and making as much money as your heart desires. When it comes to traffic, there are 3 main kind of traffic, a lot of people don't realize this, so I want to show you this so you are aware at least. There is 3 different levels of traffic.

When people get started online they get overloaded with information, everybody try to sell them something, they are bombarded with information, they don't know what to do, obviously when you will success online you need traffic, without traffic nothing happens, so there is a lot of so called gurus out there, different software, buy my stuff, buy this pushbutton system that is gonna get you traffic tomorrow you don't have to do anything, different scripts, buy this line of code from me, place on your website and you will get traffic to your website some how miraculously.

Listen all that stuff, I got one word: When it comes to traffic, I personally don't know anybody, who has studied as much traffic generation that I do. Level 2 traffic Then there is Level 2. We are talking about stuff like paid media, some of the things I showed you in this video series, SEO that some of these guru's teach how to get your sites ranked, unfortunately it takes months and a lot of work on your part and you are in the mercy of Google to have you stuff ranked. Stuff like affiliate, JV, social media, video marketing, the only thing I like from this Level 2 category is paid media.

Level 3 traffic Then there is Level 3 traffic and this is where you really want to be at. Level 3 traffic is the elite circle. Nobody talking about this, there is very few marketers that understand this category of traffic. Not very many topmarketers understand this stuff, and you got to be like an insider.

Elite Circles level 2 traffic paid media I got good news for you, we teach all this stuff in High Traffic Academy in my coaching program in the High Traffic Academy Elite mastermind group. We will be talking about level 2 and level 3 stuff in High Traffic Academy, how to convert that traffic and how to put together profitable campaigns, how to optimize your campaigns, insiders secrets and tips and tricks.

The title of next video 4: Here are the other Videos in the series: In fact, you get to watch over his shoulder as he does everything from A-Z live, right before your eyes. Vick also has a cool gift for you today I hope you love it. Alright Vick back with you again, welcome to video number 2 in this series.

In this video, as promised, I will basically try to make money out of thin air, right before your eyes. In the last video I took you inside my traffic account live, and I showed you proof that getting over , visitors a day is actually really possible.

That's exactly what I do in my business in a consistent regular basic. I am not promising that it's exactly what you will do, I am not psychic, I don't know if you will apply this stuff, hopefully you will, but that's exactly what I teach in High Traffic Academy. I also showed you how much money that traffic is rolling in for me and we talked about the 3 pillars of good traffic and why paid traffic is really the only kind of traffic you should ever focus on in your business because there is absolutely no shortage of it ever in the world and there will never be a shortage of paid traffic in the world, but I think that so many marketers don't understand this!

I can teach you all that traffic, but unless you understand the first part of the equation it's gonna be really difficult for you to make money on the internet. I told you I would kind of put you behind my back and we are gonna do this thing together, we will go out there and I will basically try to make money out of thin air right before your eyes, so you can watch me do stuff and you can watch the whole process and hopefully you can model that for your business.

Anytime when I create a new campaign I always follow a certain formula, the formula is basic and I am gonna show it to you right now. Magic formula - there is four steps 1. Get an offer 2. Get traffic 3. Track ROI return on investment 4. Scale like crazy. I recommend you take notes you want to write this down, because we will go through each one of these components with you in this video series, so for the rest of this video series we are gonna do this live.

I haven't seen anybody actually walking you through every single step of this formula. So that's exactly what we will do in this video and the next couple videos I'm gonna walk you through this whole process. Getting an offer: My two minute research formula for an offer: I have a two minute research formula that I go by every single time when I am trying to promote something and when I am creating a new campaign, I am always trying to promote someone elses product first.

Maybe you already have a product, maybe you already have some kind of business opportunity or MLM or whatever your thing is and that's fine, I'm still gonna show you the formula that you can apply in you business.

Getting traffic, believe it or not, it's actually the easy part and of course I gonna walk you through and in the end of this video I will give you a free gift, I will give you a PDF with a bunch of specific traffic sources you can go after to-day, to start getting traffic to your website.

Creating Campaign Live I will take you to my computer and we will do this live on the screen like you are standing behind my shoulder and actually watching me do stuff on the computer and the reason for this is I really want to help you, I don't want to teach you theory, there is a lot of marketers, a lot of so called experts and gurus they are just teaching theory, right?

What we are gonna do here, is we will take this 4 step formula, step by step, very very detailed I am gonna walk you through this thing. My goal is to help you, so I recommend you take notes, so you can model after this process. I am gonna take you live to the internet, but before that I will give you a birds eye view and show you exactly what's gonna happen and why I am gonna do it in this video.

I think it's important for you to see this kind of stuff from up above and if you are taken notes again, this stuff is important. So many marketers don't get the result they are looking for in their business, simply because they don't understand and they don't follow this formula that I am about to outline for you right now.

A Blueprint to follow I will give you a blueprint to follow in this video that I am gonna follow and will go to the internet and do this live, un- edited, real time and you will be able to see everything I do on my computer and again the reason for that is I don't just wanna give you theory like all the other gurus out there.

I have bin there I know what it's like just to get the theory and when you try to put everything in practice it's not working for you. I want you to be able to do stuff and even if you haven't made a dime on the internet yet, if you are just getting started, maybe you have bin trying to make money for a while now, but you are still kind of burning your tires, you stand on the same spot, I want you be able to watch me do stuff, so you can go out there and model after this process, implement this stuff and hopefully get great results for yourselves in your business as well.

Find an offer 1st. Find an offer The 1st. We are not just getting an offer. So many people just assume that just because they have something to promote that it automatically gonna convert for them.

That's not true, before we even talk about traffic, first we need to build a campaign. There is 3 steps to getting the offer part right A market research B how much am I gonna earn per sale C Competition.

A market research Make sure there's high demand in your marketplace. Market research is very important. Before thinking to promote anything, you want to make sure that there is a high demand for that product or service in the marketplace. I like to show you exactly how I do my market research and it works every single time and if you follow this process you will have no problem.

First when I know there is a market in that niche, I like to do a little market research for the particular products that you you are gonna promote and here is what I am looking for: B how much am I gonna earn per sale. Is there a one time commission or a recurring commission that come in every month? C Competition Is there a competition, which is not a bad thing. If there is no competition maybe the product is not converting that well. If there is competition it means people are making money and my thinking goes how can I outsmart that competition.

Get Traffic then I go on to step number 2 in our formula: Get traffic. I am looking for traffic methods that are fast, scalable and consistent, very important, which is the 3 pillars of good paid traffic we talked about before. I want to be able to get traffic to night or tomorrow and that's what we teach in High Traffic Academy.

I am also looking for the ability to capture leads if possible, so I can build my list. I want to be able to promote my landing page lead capture page , very important. In this example we are using someone elses product from clickbank. I am always trying to capture the emails so I can build my list which is building my business assets. If you are promoting something and you are not building your list, you are making the biggest mistake in your business ever.

Vick Strizheus High Traffic Academy Free Download

I am looking for ROI so when I am promoting something and doing the small testing I always want to know my numbers, no matter what you are promoting, you always want to keep track of conversions and know your traffic stats visitors, cost per visitor , you always want to know your numbers for that particular traffic source. I want to know these numbers first and if they are good you can scale up big and doing the roll out and when you do that it's like printing money, it's awesome and I am gonna show you how to do that.

It's basic stuff.

Tracking software To do that you can use a tracking software, you can use software like hypertracker, budurl or tracker which is our internal tracker which we have created custom build for High Traffic Academy members and it's free for members.

So you always want to use some kind of tracking software that allows me to track all my statistics. Hans Ronne says: I use trck me to track my ads, it's simple and easy.

See my Post here OK, I got myself an offer, the market is there, I tested my offer with traffic, I tracked my ROI and IF the offer is working, if it's convert, if it's profitable, I do a rollout, that's something we will talk about in video number 3.

OK, now we are going to get traffic to this product, to my affiliate link. I want to repeat, there is absolutely no shortage of traffic when it comes to paid traffic. I have the ability to get over , visitors to my website daily and you have the same ability. I know this stuff and I am teaching this in High Traffic Academy link. FREE Gift for you: There are 32 traffic sources and if you use this you can easily get over Of course there is something you should know, some insider things and we teach everything inside High Traffic Academy.

Campaigns with two traffic sources What I am gonna do is set up two different campaigns, using two different traffic sources for my offer. Nobody is talking about this. When you advertise on adknowledge you ads are gonna be shown everywhere on the internet and they convert well. I told you I will actually create an campaign live on video, so here it is. Vick logs in to his adknowledge account and goes through the setup of the first campaign.

Watch video from It is a PPC network with a twist. The money can of course be used for advertising. Normally he also uses a leadcapture page in front of the offer, to capture leads. In Next Video: How are the two ad campaigns doing? We are gonna come back in next video to see how these two ad campaigns are doing. The title of next video 3: How to get in front of over million people with your offer, per week!

As an introduction to High Traffic Academy Ver. I'm glad you made it. Listen, I think the reason you are here is because you wanna know how in the word do I get 1,, million visitors a week.

In this video series, I like to show you exactly how I do it, and more importantly, how you can implement some of these strategies in your business and hopefully get some great results with it as well. Let's take a little ride to my secret headquarter now, I am gonna show you something cool, alright? I don't know about you but the reason I started my own online business, this was back in , was because I wanted to have a better life, I wanted to create a better lifestyle for myself and my family and my initial goal at that time was to earn 5, dollars a month in income.

I thought if I can just get to that level A quarter of a million dollars a year, that was fascinating at me at that time. Unfortunately I didn't know anything about how this business works, traffic generation, I didn't know anything about it. I didn't know anything about marketing, so what I did I started buying different courses and going to different seminars and buying different programs and nothing worked, everything I tried didn't give the result I was looking for.

In fact I hadn't made any money at all, I invested 20, dollars my first 90 days and made exactly zero, which was pretty bad and I realized that a lot of these gurus that were selling this stuff was not even qualified to teach the topic they were teaching, I found that a lot of these so called experts and gurus that were telling me how to get rich on the internet, were actually living on a welfare themselves..

Everything changed when found myself a mentor and what my mentor told me at that time, Vick you need to really focus on how to create good campaigns and getting traffic to those campaigns.

If you can learn how to get traffic to a campaign and the campaign part was pretty simple because I could go to clickbank and pick an offer and you can do the same thing, go to clickbank get someone elses offer and start promoting that, you can join a business opportunity for example you can promote CPA offers, multilevel marketing, MLM's.

But to make this thing work, is knowing how to get traffic, I didn't know how to do that, so I became a student of this traffic generation business and I started buying everything I got my hands on when it comes to traffic As of right now I think I invested well over , dollars the last several years just on traffic generation, courses and material and products and I became pretty good at this traffic generation and when I got good at generation traffic everything changed for me and all of a sudden I was making money online.

OK, I went to the bank and got 30, dollars in cash, I just wanted to see how 30 grand in cash look like. I never held 30, dollars in cash all at once. Just wanted to see what it feels like. But there is a bigger reason for me doing all this stuff and that reason is: Listen, I have discovered and perfected little known traffic getting methods that nobody is even talking about right now.

This stuff works like magic, it's unreal, in fact one of my latest promotions brought in just over 30, dollars in revenue, one campaign, one promotion over 30, dollars generated as direct result of me knowing how and where to get good quality traffic to my offers that converts! In this video series I wanna walk you through and show you exactly what I do for my business, I gonna show you my traffic sources, where I get my traffic and how I convert that traffic to money that's the most important thing, right?

Before we dive into this presentation I want you to know, YES, I really get over 1,5 million visitors a week to my websites. Week and week out consistently, in fact what I am gonna do right now is, I am gonna flat out shatter any kind of doubt that you may have about this to be true, because we both know that there are lots of so called gurus and experts and they are just talking, right?

Let me do this, let me take you to the web browser and we are going to a site called "click"y web analytics, this is my traffic account and I am gonna show you what kind of traffic I am really getting. It's live, No screenshots, here we are inside my traffic account and let me explain to you what is going on here, there is lots of numbers, this first part, left side, shows how may visitors there are currently total on my site, right now in this second, this is real time visitors: So I am currently running traffic to 4 different websites, 4 different offers at this moment.

Traffic pdf high academy

This column here shows how many visitors I have received to those 4 websites total today , visitors so far today, and it only Yesterday was actually a pretty good day, over half a million unique targeted visitors to those 4 websites. I have generated or pulled 2,3 million unique targeted visitors to those 4 websites I am sending traffic to.

Lets go back to the last 60 days, I just wanna show you that this is consistent. I am getting this kind of traffic consistently. As you can see here the last 60 days, over 6 million unique visitors generated to those 4 websites. The reason I am showing you this is to show you that I can virtually get traffic on demand, when I want. It's like flipping a switch, it's actually kind of fun. And what I am gonna do in this video series is exactly how I do this, so if you are taking notes, because you may want to implement some of this stuff in your business, this stuff is actually fun.

Now traffic alone doesn't make a campaign successful, at the end of the day, it's about money, how much money can this traffic roll in for us. Let me take you to another website which is "Hypertracker" where I track all my conversions and sales and so on for my campaigns, let's log in here live and I am gonna show you how much money these campaigns are rolling in for me.

High Traffic Academy Review The main problem for many online marketers is how can I get visitors to my site?

Knowing and Mastering Traffic Generation to get visitors to your web site, Your biz opp, Your home business, Your Network marketing opportunity or MLM, or off-line business for that matter Your search is over, I have the perfect solution to suit your needs: High Traffic Acacemy, which is a Traffic Generation Master Course, which will teach you all you will ever want to know about traffic generation to your web page to acquire leads and converting those leads into sales.

High Traffic Academy. Finally the secrets and strategies for getting webTraffic, conversion and sales and online Success are revealed. High Traffic Academy is really an extraordinary traffic generation training and coaching Program that will take you step-by-step and present for you precisely how to acquire s of website visitors to any site in a constant daily flow. Absolutely nothing is left uncovered. High Traffic Academy is considered the most Completed, In depth Leading-edge Yet Easy to follow Program for any online Entrepreneur, small business owner, online marketer, who are working online or offline to build their business and taking it one stage further.

Vick is usually known as "The King of OnlineTraffic". Vick reveals his webtraffic magic formula in the latest innovation, the Outstanding High Traffic Academy Mastery Course 2. High Traffic Academy is definitely the ultimate Internet Traffic course made particularly for the internet marketer and small business owner who are struggling to get Traffic to their website and business, who are struggling to finally succeed in their busines.

The High Traffic Academy master course is created for the online Marketer Newbie and also the seasoned online marketer. The master course is a Powerful High quality traffic learning course, the results of Vick's large knowledge about traffic generation, conversion and how to convert leads in to sales.

Vick's technique of coaching is extraordinary, you virtually watch over his shoulder while he walks you through the exactly method Vick is teaching. Let me ask you: Exactly how much will a Traffic generation course like High Traffic Academy be worth to you? Verdict of my High Traffic Academy review: The contents of High Traffic Academy What do you get.

High Traffic Academy - Contents. Part 1. Capture Mastery Part 2. Traffic Mastery, 12 modules Part 3. Conversion Mastery Part 4. Advanced traffic strategies Part 5.

Community Part 7.

High Traffic Academy Archives -

News and updates Part 8. Star of the month Part 9. Regular live hangouts. Part Project Breakthrough. A 14 days step-by-step training program specifically designed for you to Breakthrough in your business. Elite subscription. Optional upgrade to High Traffic Academy elite. A monthly subscription based access to a giant vault of value in the High Traffic Academy backoffice.

Elite is a must, this is where you want to be! Capture Mastery Skills and strategies that perhaps are even more important than the traffic itself. The 7-Figure Blueprint 2. The Strategy 3. Strategy Examples 4. Message, Market, Match 5. Creating Your Capture Machine 6. ELPP capturepage creator 8. Lead Pages. Megaphone Kajabi Part 2. Traffic Mastery Consists of 12 modules where Vick will take you by the hand and walk you through the many different traffic getting strategies including the newest methods.

A Walk through of the 12 modules below. Total of 46 videos. Part 3. Conversion Mastery Learn and master the strategies, methods and ideas that will turn traffic into leads and leads into sales. The Million Dollar Plan 2. Your Invisible Bank Account 3. The Number One Buying Emotion 4. The Authority Building Method 5. The Magic Triangle 6. List Communication Structure.

Part 4. Advanced Traffic 1. YouTube Control 2. SEO Domination 3. Regenerative Traffic Method 4. The Clickbank Strategy 5. Project Breakthrough Project Breakthrough. Walkthrough of the 12 modules in section 2.

Now that you've got your squeeze page in place and you learned the technique how to capture leads effectively, your next step is how to get traffic. In this section you'll Learn how to create an avalanche of visitors to your website or offer, with instant, highly targeted visitors literally on-demand! Discover 12 different traffic main traffic generation strategies shown to pull An incredible number of highly targeted website.

Module 1 Media Traffic X. This module uncovers some secrets to getting tons of traffic with simple banner or text ads on websites selling banner spots. This is easy and fun to do. Order a spot and go on vacation and the it opens a flood gate of traffic to your website or offer. Module 2 The OPL method other peoples list. Get your email ad sent out on other peoples email list for instant traffic and flood your website or offer with traffic.

Module 3 Traffic Agencies. How would you like to Tap into a buyers list? This works like magic. People who already are buyers are much more likely to buy once more.

You can get as little as clicks or Module 4 The Penny Traffic. Getting thousands of laser targeted visitors for pennies is now easy. This module will teach you how to do it right. Module 5 PPC traffic. PPC is known by anybody as the Google adswords, the small ads to the right when you do Google search. There are other similar networks that do PPC. This module covers the hidden secrets of this traffic. I am new to all of this, so how do i get exact keyword stats now that Google keyword tool has been taken down.

I am desperate. Hey Vick, why are you not with High Traffic Academy any longer?

Academy high pdf traffic

I spent a TON of money there and lost it all. RoseScarlet You can follow Vick here: It's a new project. It struck me good with how attractive it is, I would like to know more about it. JinXian You can follow Vick here: Am very excited to be writing to you like this.

I watched some of your webinars that really got me thinking. Ok Vick, I want to start promoting clickbank products.

My challenge is this: I don't have much to start with but I want to test the waters. Please, how do you suggest I start? Looking forward to hearing from you. If you want to know how to do things in 'the certain way' then you need a mentor who can show you that. Vick has made an enormous effort to empower you and give the tools to equip you to succeed. When you climb the value ladder, from freebie seeker to big ticket product buyer you will see more value the more you climb.

Going from a newbie to a master marketer can be expensive, but if you want the real BIG secrets then you will only find them at the higher levels. The free stuff on youtube looks good but is only the tip of the iceberg as to the power of the trainings. Don't you want to learn the stuff you 'don't know about yet'? Im in tune with you in every single word Sheers bro. Hey Vick, I found you on Youtube and right away i was attracted to you like a magnet..

I couldn't afford to sign as a Member and ELite mastermind.. But I knew I had to do it no matter what.. I took the step of faith, trusting God and when i received some money i didn't looked back. I don't know nothing.

Pdf academy high traffic

I don't have a MIllion Dollar Idea but i do have a 1 million dollar willingness to learn. To the point that i hadnt food at home because i invested all money to become a Member of HTA. To be Honest, i was in tears, fearing and facing all those mental struggles before I applied.

Because i'm a father of 5 kids and I needed to provide for them.. But I trusted Jesus and i took that step of faith And actually we had no lack I had to be bold like a lIon and Rely on Jesus and what He was putting in my heart;.

SO, i do believe this is the right step i needed to give to have my breakthrough Vick Im grateful and do whatever it takes to get on this and be successful to be able to help others was well. I've been taking a closer look at hta3. I have to admit that I was quite surprised when I found out that all the new programs except one has to be paid for, even on an annually basis, seriously?

That's just to extreme dude, sure we all like to make money, but it's important to know where to draw the line. Perhaps your new partner want it that way, since they have invested money in hta, in the end of the day you as an owner have approved it.

You're sending out a message saying that it's all about the money and how much you can grab, this is what happens when greed comes to town.

A lot of people can hardly afford to pay for hta in the first place and when they get on the inside they are presented with new bills that easily can run into thousands of dollars a year. I also found the programs very high priced, due to your greed problem. Hta should change it's name to "the rip of academy", that's what it's all about these days, grabbing as you can squeeze out of the lemon.

You have just proven to the world, that your out there to sweeten your own pie. It hurt's your reputation. You've made your money, so why rip of poor people?

High Traffic Academy 2.0 Full Course

Paninaro Man this is what I call poor mentality Please Please Please I need you to teach me what you know. Or Namezmariah gmail. CharlesBakesWisdom Careful Charles. Vick will pick your pocket. It's nice to know more about you, you have made me more excited to start work on the Internet after I had lost hope Thank you.

Hi Vick my name is Matt Andrade and I have been watching your free youtube. My goal this year is to make 5 thousand dollars so that you can teach me in person.

Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy 2.0

Im also disable so it takes me a long time but wants I get it down I can do great with it. Lets hope that I can get from point A to point B. My email is mattandrade24 hotmail.

Keep going. I was wondering when you will make the much anticipated Regenerative Traffic Machine open to the public? Hi Vick!

I'm following you since don't know how much now! I have been wondering why you don't answer when I send you a message under "ask Vick" in the elite section of HTA.

The only reason I signed up was because I want to join click-promise I just don't like the fact that you force people to join elite group if they want to join click-promise, it's a very slick move, that leaves you standing in a bad light, what do you intend to do about that?

This is not the way to treat people if you wanna be seen as a serious person. I'm ready to follow whatever you say to do; to reach financial independence so I can leave it for my grand children.

Keep up the excellent way you help people Giving Back! Hey Vick. I had contact your team so many times. Hey Vick, I just went through your PPC underground training, thanks for sharing this valuable information.

I'm now in process of setting up my bing campaing. I am a successful web developer People says that. But I am just trying to make my self as a affiliate marketer couple of months. But I don't understand what should I do!! I have tried many traffic method. I mostly use PPC but didn't success. I need a advice from you. What I actually need to do? Hi Vick, Thanks once again for the sharing of your knowledge.

I have mailed you and also tried to follow you on the social media but your youtube link says it was terminated. Now would you give any other video channel link of yours. All the best. You are an awesome encouragement to my life!

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