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The California Bearing Ratio. Scope. This test method covers the determination of the california bearing ratio (cbr) of pavement subgrade. AASHTO Designation: T (). 1. SCOPE. This test method covers the determination of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of pavement subgrade. This test method covers the determination of the California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of pavement subgrade, subbase, and base/course materials from laboratory compacted specimens. While traditionally this method of specimen preparation has been used to avoid the error inherent in.

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Aashto t Cbr - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. (ASTM D and AASHTO T). Yet there are varia- tions in the procedure used by various transportation agencies, which result in confusion among. 2 A. L. 5. L. . -. 30 31 ! Material Description.

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Moisture-Density Relations of Soils Using a 4. The CBR value obtained in this test forms an integral part of several flexible pavement design methods. For applications where the effect of compaction water content on CBR is unknown or where it is desired to account for its effect. Miscellaneous—Miscellaneous tools such as mixing pans.

SAMPLE The sample shall be handled and specimen s for compaction shall be prepared in accordance with the procedures given in T 99 or T for compaction in a Moisture Content Containers—As specified in T Figure 1. Surcharge Weights—One annular metal weight with a center hole approximately Penetration Piston—A metal piston of circular cross-section having a diameter of The swell plate is made of metal.

Loading Device—A compression-type apparatus capable of applying a uniformly increasing load up to a capacity sufficient for the material being tested at a rate of 1. Rammer—A rammer as specified in either T 99 or T If there is material retained on the Apparatus for Measuring Expansion—This consists of a swell plate with adjustable stem Figure 1 and a tripod support for a dial indicator Figure 1.

If all material passes a The tripod used to support the dial indicator is arranged to fit the mold extension collar. Indicators—Two dial indicators: Note 1—When using molds having a height of Spacer Disk—A circular spacer disk made of metal Soaking Tank—A soaking tank suitable for maintaining the water level 25 mm 1 in.

Note 2—When using split weights. Perform all compaction in CBR molds. Use T to determine the moisture content. In cases where the specified unit mass is at or near percent maximum dry unit mass. In addition. A previously performed compaction test on the same material may be substituted for the compaction test just described. This type of plot is useful in establishing the compactive effort and number of blows per layer needed to bracket the specified dry unit mass and water content range.

If the soaked CBR is to be determined. Note 3—Maximum dry unit mass obtained from a compaction test performed in a If the unsoaked CBR is to be determined. Compact the other two 6. Clamp the perforated base plate to the mold and attach the collar. Each specimen used to develop the compaction curves for the blow.

Aashto T-193 Standard Method of Test for the California Bearing Ratio

Determine the moisture content of the material being compacted at the beginning and end of the compaction procedure two samples. Each moisture sample shall have a mass of at least g for fine-grained soils and g for coarse-grained soils.

Determine the mass of the mold and specimen to the nearest 5 g 0. Remove the extension collar.

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Laboratory Determination of Moisture Content of Soils. Note 6—Some laboratories may prefer to test only one specimen which would be compacted to maximum dry density at optimum moisture content as determined by either T 99 or T Compact the first of the three portions of soil-water mixture into the mold. Mix each of the three 6. Determination of moisture content shall be done in accordance with T Note 5—Generally about Bearing Ratio for a Range of Water Content: Prepare specimens in accordance with Section 6.

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Insert the spacer disk into the mold and place a coarse filter paper on top of the disk. Perform all compaction in the CBR molds. Remove the spacer disk. More than 56 blows per layer are generally required to mold a CBR specimen to percent of the maximum dry density determined by T 99 Method D. Clamp the mold to the base plate. British Standards Institution. Aerospace Industries Association.

Telecommunications Industry Association. Deutsches Institut fur Normung E. American Welding Society, Inc. Association Connecting Electronics Industries. CSA Group. View All Publishers. Quality Management.

SCC Standards Store. Popular Standards Bundles. Drawing and Drafting. Telecommunications Standards. AWS D1. Structural Welding. The Store A2LA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co. Audio Engineering Society AF: American Industrial Hygiene Assn. Artech House ASA: B11 Standards Inc. Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association, Inc.

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Codes and Standards Training, Inc. Chlorine Institute CIE: Clarion, Inc. Construction Specifications Institute, Inc. Product Binders DBS: DEStech Publications, Inc. Dunedin Academic Press Ltd. Energy Institute EIA: Elevator World Inc. Emergo Group, Inc. Deutsche Bundespost Telekom GA: Gypsum Association GAL: Grayboy Associates GSA: InfoComm International IP: Industrial Press, Inc.

IT Governance Ltd. Key Products, Inc.

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Korean Standards Association LC: Maag Gear Company, Ltd. Load readings at penetrations 01'0. NOTE7- The moisture content of the upper 1. Moisture samples shall weigh at least g for fine-grained soils and g for granular soils.

In so me instances, the initial penetration t;.

To oblain the true stress-strain relationships, correet the eurve having eoneave upward shape near the origin by adjusting the location 01' the origin by extending the straightline curve downward until it intereseets the abscissa. See dashed lines.

California Bearing Ratio values are obtained in pereent by dividing the eorreeted load values at 0. If the check test gives a similar result, the ratio at 0. The design CBR may then be determined at the desired percentage 01'the maximum dry density, normally the minimum pereentage eompaetion permitted by the ageney's eompaetion specifieations. I o AT Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. T 2. Penetraran Piston-A mm afea metal piston of circular cross-section having a diameter of 1.

See Fig. Tl93 3.

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AoYiNd Doc "1'1 Ina. S FIG. Documents Similar To Aashto t Cbr.

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Shubham Tripathi. Kelvin Ngugi. Rey Gaballo Jr. Melgarejo Alexander. Jishad Nalakath.

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