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Market Leader is a a five-level business English course designed to bring the real world of PDF file, 32 MB . Market Leader - Business Law. Market Leader: Business English with the 'Financial Times' in Business Law. Файл формата rar; размером 7,72 МБ; содержит документ формата pdf. Market Leader. Business English. Marketing. Файл формата pdf; размером 50 of business such as law, banking and finance, logistics and human resources.

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MARKET. LEADER. MARKET. LEADER. Business English. A Robin Widdowson. Business Law. A01_MARK_OTH_GLB__Aindd 1. Business Law is one of a range of new specialist titles designed for use on its own or with the Market Leader series. Ideal for students who need to lean the. MARKET LEADER Business Law BUSINESS ENGLISH Tricia Smith '5 III T L0n2;uIan_r FINANCIAL TIIVIES World business newspaper.

Divided into topic-based units. The topics have been chosen following research among teachers to establish which are the areas of widest possible interest to the majority of their students. Provides input in reading, speaking and listening, with guidance for writing tasks. Contains vocabulary development activities and a rapid review of essential grammar. Regular focus on key business functions. Case studies allow students to practise language they have working on during the unit.

Find the part ofthe text that gives the correct information. Term by term. Someone says: Now you are not so sure.

So what do you say? What do your 15 lawyers advise?

Leader business pdf market law

The answer is to opt for arbitra- tion. For at least a century. You can opt for a neutral forum and have a panel of three arbitrators. In addition. The main centres for interna- tional arbitration are: Paris, London.

Stockholm, New York. London for shipping and commodities. These locations. Arbitration bodies try hard to get sotheir standard arbitration clause put into people's contracts. They do this by publi- cising their activities and their 65 rules. In Europe, Paris home of the International Chamber of Commerce and its rorules probably has the best name recognition. What people look for in an Tsarhitrzition is speed, cost effective- ness, confidcntiality and reliability of the arbitrators and hence their decisions.

The choice of venue involves a socomplex balancing of 8 number of factors: For example. IT sup- port and even climate. England has taken steps to improve English arbitration law in linthe form of the Arbitration.

He was a distinguished lawyer who was an expert. The question is: When the goods arrived in poor condition. The best way is not to go to court. I believe you are wrong on that point - we. There is always an answer it you try hard to find it-.

Arbitration I C Parties to an agreement In law, it is important to distinguish between the parties involved in a transaction or an action. Complete the sentences below, using words from the box. Not all the words will be needed. All the members wrote their names.

The letter read: Ifthey all agree to work together.

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D Word families Complete the chart. What do you think? Should the company honour the orders? Was it a contract? Is this a case for arbitration?

What is the case about? Where is the case being heard? What was the lower Appeals Court's decision? Which organisation is mentioned that supports the ADA? Ifthe Supreme Court decides in favour of Ms Kolstad, how much may she receive in damages? Discrimination Court to hear key case on discrimination By Patti Waldmeir in Washington The US Supreme Court today hears a case which could have a big impact on the size of damages paid by US employers in employ 5 merit discrimination lawsuits.

A jury found that Ms Kolstad was denied promotion 25 because of intentional sex discrim- ination. The issue before the court is not whether this is so. A lower court jury awarded Ms 90Kolstad back pay after a male employee in the same office was, according to her lawyer's brief. In this case, the US appeal judges were asked to decide if the unfair treatment had been so bad as to warrant an extremely stiff penalty punitive damages.

Note that each US state administers its own justice system but the system of appeal is from trial court to Appeals Court and then the Supreme Court, which is the highest appeal court in the US. B Opposites Match the opposites. Discrimination I C Prepositions Complete these sentences with a preposition from the box.

Pdf market law leader business

D Different outcomes Use an: Ippropriate word or phrase From the box to complete each sentence. How do these affect disabled people? Write a brief report. Can you find any which use thought- provoking or socially challenging inwges? List the kinds of discrimination the advertisements try to make the public aware of Does it have special privileges, like a Subsidy or special airport facilities?

Do you travel by air frequently? What was the reason for your latest flight? Could you choose between several different airlines for the same trip?

Should all airlines be allowed to compete on fare prices. Do you agree with free trade and competition, or is there a good reason to regulate some markets?

Find the part of the text that gives the correct information. T 2 An alliance is the same as a merger.

Market Leader - Business Law

BA is also 15 pressing the British government to reach an agreement with the US for a gradual liberalisation of the US air market. Talks between Brussels and Washington on a full 20 open skies policy broke down last month.

The European Commission's decision to file suit against the UK. It re-activated legal proceedings 55 after EU countries last spring rejected its request for widening the scope of the talks to include market access and traffic rights — C How the text is organised What do these underlined words refer to in the text?

In London, BA said it was still committed to getting a full deal as with American Airlines in the long run. This would allow them to sell seats on each other's nights, but they would not set fares jointly.

Market Leader. Business English. Marketing

I Competitigfl Legal brief The purpose of the EU is to form a common market between members thatis unrestricted by tariff barriers. In , a Single Market Act proposed the removal of all trade barriers and tariffs by The European Commission works on behalf ofthe EU to make routine decisions and to propose new laws that will apply to all members.

The Commissioner responsible fortransport policy has disciplined eight EU member states for trying to make private deals with the US, rather than cooperating in the Common Aviation Policy.

Why do you think these industries are protected? Are there any advantages in keeping out competitors? Make a list of points for and against the regulation of competition. Are you going to sell locally-made Shoes or import them from other countries at a lower price?

Think of some legal factors you Should consider when entering the market: What government protection for local industry is there?

Do you agree? How important and valuable are brand names? Do you know where the brands originate? Reading tasks A Understanding main points Read the text on the opposite page about a dispute between two international companies with very similar brand names and answer these questions.

Why did Canon oppose the German registration of Cannon? Which two main questions did the court consider? What is the essential function of a trademark?

What confusion must the public be protected against? What kind ofcompetition does the Treaty aim to establish?

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Ssomummawn B Understanding details Answer these questions. The Court of Justice of the European Communities so held. Article 4 1 b of the Directive of 21 December relating to trade. In the course of the proceedings, it was held. Article 4 1 of Directive The first question was whether the distinctive character of the earlier mark. O'Driscoll Nina. Pearson Longman, Sara Helm.

Tricia Smith. Market Leader: Business English with the 'Financial Times' in Business Law

B1 - C1. Accounting and Finance is one of a range of new specialist titles designed for use on its own or with the Market Leader series.

Pdf business market leader law

Ideal for students who need to learn the language of more specialised areas of business English, the book focuses on the reading skills and vocabulary development Johnson Christine. Market Leader is an extensive new Business English course which brings the real world of international business into the classroom.

Developed in association with the Financial Times, it offers the widest and most Pilbeam Adrian. Pilbeam Adrian, O'Driscoll Nina.

Intermediate - Upper Intermediate. This new range of specialist titles extends the scope of the Market Leader series and allows teachers to focus on specific areas of business such as law, banking and finance, logistics and human resources. These titles can be used on their own or