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Finding books And type 7 secrets of vishnu You'll find EPUB version Where can I download a free PDF of "My Gita" by Devdutt Pattanaik?. To help readers unravel the secrets of Vishnu, the chapters have been arranged as The seventh chapter is about the wisdom of letting go,with faith in renewal. 7 Secrets of Vishnu PDF, please access the hyperlink below and save the In this book, 7 Secrets Of Vishnu, he goes into Vaishnavite philosophy and stories.

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Rituals and prayers for the worship of Vishnu (Hindu deity). destroying the world with meteolille.info secrets of Vishnu. when Krishna wanted to board an aeroplane. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Dr Devdutt Pattanaik is a medical doctor by training, meteolille.info: Seven secrets of Vishnu eBook: DEVDUTT PATTANAIK: Kindle Store. For Hindus, Vishnu is God who inspires man to discover humanity by engaging with the world. Artists have visualized him with as curlyhaired, dark.

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After thousands of years as hunter-gatherers, humans learned to tame and breed animals. These pastoral communities valued all the cows but realised they do not need all the bulls to maintain numbers.

Many bulls could be castrated and turned into beasts of burden, pulling carts and ploughs. Could this apply to human society too? Not all males were necessary for reproduction. That a tribe needed women, not men, for its survival manifests in Stone Age art where we find an obsession with fat fertile female forms, or images of bejewelled women with their genitals exposed, while men are either reduced to the phallus or worshipped as the alpha bull, ram or goat.

This is the same reason why, in the Bronze Age, we find images of groups of women worshipped alongside a single male. Similar thoughts gave rise to the Yogini shrines found across India with just one male, the Bhairava, and the practice of Kanya Puja, which involves worshipping a group of young girls accompanied by a single boy in north India during vasant navaratri or spring festival of the Goddess. In such female-dominated cultures, the male could not refuse the woman: Any man who forced himself upon a woman was killed: But there were always men eager to kill rivals and take their place as lovers: Greek mythology tells the story of Adonis, the boy-lover of Aphrodite, goddess of love, who is killed by the more virile and jealous Mars, god of war.

These tales hark back to a pre-patriarchal, matriarchal, society.


To ensure that the dominant males did not have exclusive and eternal rights to women, the ritual of killing the chosen males at regular intervals emerged.

The chosen one came to her during the sowing season and he was sacrificed at harvest season. The woman had no say in the matter. She could choose her lover, but her choice was fatal.

Secrets of vishnu pdf 7

The triumph of the dominant male was in fact a march to death. So we find in Sumerian mythology, Innana mourning for her lover Dumuzi who comes to her every spring but departs in winter.

Diana of Ephesus Ishtar of Babylon Greek mythology: Adonis and Aphrodite The only way to survive being killed at the end of the term as king and consort of the Goddess was by castrating oneself. Some anthropologists trace similar thoughts to the practice of male priests dressing up as women and carrying pots during the worship of many grama-devis, the village goddesses of India.

In Vaishno-devi, the Goddess is a virgin who kills the Bhairava for approaching her sexually, but then, after beheading him, she asks her devotees to worship him too.

We can only speculate if this can be traced to the ancient rejection, or subjugation o the male sexual gaze. It was perhaps at this phase of human culture that the Goddess came to be addressed as virgin mother, an ironical phrase it seems today, for how can a virgin bear a child?

Today a virgin is a woman who has never had sex. But earlier it meant a woman who was ready to bear a child. Every woman then was a virgin between menstruations at the time of ovulation. This virginity was restored after childbirth. Polynesian mythology: Maui and Hine We also find the virgin being referred to as a whore, which means a prostitute.

She was like the earth that accepts seeds from all plants freely; she was no field where the farmer controls the sowing and claims the harvest. The shift in meaning reflects a shift from an older time when women were free to a later time when women were bound to men. Yami, the sister, approaches Yama, the brother. I, particularly, liked the last three chapters where Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and Kalki are discussed in brief about what is their prominence in our modern society.

Many incidents from Mahabharata have been discussed which clears lots of myth and lets us know about the small incidents that lead to the bigger events.

The way author stays democratic in his views and discusses both the good and bad points about the Lord and his differences against Lord Shiva is worth-appreciating. I rate this book 4 star out of 5. Good level of research Author has focused on Vishnu and his avatars as obvious from the title.

Unfortunately, he has covered only common topics so that it does not look abstract to those new to Hindu mythology. However, he has provided his interpretation of various symbols which are not likely found in any ancient scripture.

Moreover, this is what we like about Devdutt Patnaik, he has pr Good level of research Author has focused on Vishnu and his avatars as obvious from the title.

Moreover, this is what we like about Devdutt Patnaik, he has provided photos of various statues and explained them. Must read to know more about vishnu The book tells a great deal about vishnu. The stories included are great and so is the language used. I finished this book while conducting bhagwad puran in our family. I would say if you are and ardent follower then you will certainly read it but if you are just a spiritual person who goes to the temple once a month then you wont find it interesting.

Its all a matter of faith and your inclination. Nov 05, Vishwanath Rathod rated it really liked it. This is first book I read by Devdutt Pattanaik.

This book takes us through various avatars of Vishnu assumed by Hindu mythology while relating it to human society, code of civilization and nature flow.

Vishnu 7 pdf of secrets

Divided in Seven chapters, each one help us in understanding key concepts and in delving into the mysteries of the divine. If you are a mythology buff, you will come across many unknown things or stories and will enjoy reading this.

Superb Read The author does justice in describing the existence and conduct of the preserver of the world. The journey from Brahma to Brahman, Prakriti to Purusha, Material reality to Spiritual reality is the crux of the book. It tries to justify the difference in function of Vishnu and Shiva and their interdependence.

Of pdf vishnu secrets 7

It is a well researched work and a must read for people wanting an insight into the meaning of life. Mar 10, Mahesh Docherla rated it really liked it. Further exposition in understanding the Hindu mythologies extending beyond what is described in My Gita by Devdutt Patnaik. This book is just as good but some topics are repeated from the other book and hence, a lower star rating. But, rest assured that there are more revelations in understanding Hindu mythological stories and thus understand human behaviour and psychology better.

This isn't exactly mythology, more like a demythification of mythology. The author explains his understanding of the tales from mythology we're aware of, by association with emotions like desire, or material things like wealth. Perhaps it's an attempt to make it more believable, I'm not sure.

7 Secrets Of Shiva Books

I liked reading it. Devdutt Pattanaik feels like he is writing the same stuff again and again in all of his books. The last chapter about kalki just tells about kalki and didn't reveal any hidden secret. Give it a miss if you have already read his mithya book. Also, if you want to know more about hindu mythlogy I would rather say that you go through Vedas and Puranas. A quick refresher - not much that was new.

I'd have preferred some insight into the origin of a few of these like that in the chapter on the kalki avatar for instance , I liked the pictures from various temples, calendar art and cultures around the world and of course I do like the central philosophy. Can't say there's much to the writing quality though which is purely functional. Secrets of Vishnu Devdutt Pattanaik has beautifully interpreted and narrated the entire vishnu avatars in the context of spiritual and material realities.

Also, the purpose of Vishnu avatars and the nuances of dharma are very often explained in the book convincingly. Kind of Revisiting! Different perspective on idols and the way things are presented. Though it can be someones truth or beleif but did not sense much other than kind of informatuon been written.


Nov 27, Neha Sharma rated it liked it. Feb 18, s. Vishnu Superb. Anybody wants to know about Krishna in true meaning plz read this book. Simply superb. A beautiful interpretation of the Hindu Way of Life As usual, the master at work. Explaining the interpretation of hindu scriptures and images without clouding it with any bias.

Dec 29, Vineeta rated it really liked it. Well explained concepts from mythology. I loved this reading. Sep 06, Manali Talele rated it it was amazing. Nice book. Masterwork Clear and very simply understanding of hindu dharma mahabharat ramayan and bhagvatgita very good words for mythology very impressive wotk. Indeed a good-read! Very informative and a fast-paced, easy to read book! Liked all books in this series! Worth a try! Mar 10, Brijesh rated it it was ok. It's just a refresher.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Readers Also Enjoyed. About Devdutt Pattanaik. Devdutt Pattanaik. Devdutt Pattanaik born December 11, is an Indian physician turned leadership consultant, mythologist and author whose works focus largely on the areas of myth, mythology, and also management.

An Illustrated Retelling of the Mahabharat Dr. Feb An Identity Card for Krishna. Female Gods. Hinduism was the religion of the elite-based complex rituals known as yagna and esoteric speculations captured in texts known as the Aranyakas and the Upanishads. Seated on Adi Shesha. All because he did not have an identity card.

Hindu deity. Village Gods. An exploration of 99 classic myths of India provides a fresh understanding of the Hindu spiritual landscapes and pantheon of gods and goddesses. Manohar Laxman Varadpande. Seven secrets of Shiva.

Nanditha Kirshna. Personal Gods. They Also Have Million Gods: Male Gods. Household Gods. A prince discovers on his wedding night that he is not a man..

Smeared with ash. Apr Prior to that. It is significant that the stories of Vishnu rose to prominence after the rise of Buddhism.. Devdutt Pattanaik.. Another king has children who. Mythology of Vishnu and His Incarnations.

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Varadacharya Swami. Then his friends Garuda and Sesha took him to meet Lata. Rituals and prayers for the worship of Vishnu Hindu deity.


Gods Of. Jul Avatars Religion Seven secrets of Vishnu. One day. Family Gods. A king becomes pregnant. Suresh Chandra.

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