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Touchstone Student's Book Level 1 (Touchstone) Nov 20, 3. 1 get impatient! impatiently in long lines. 4. I take school and work Do you Diapositiva 1. Touchstone Student's Book Level 1 (Touchstone) - PDF Free Touchstone Touchstone Level 4 Student S Book B With Audio Cd Cd Rom. Touchstone. The Audio CD/CD-ROM in each Student's Book offers students a Self-study listening .. 36 (Unit 4 SociaJizing ___ 2_Grammar inseparable phrasal verbs _" !.

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Book 4 pdf touchstone student

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Touchstone workbook 4 1. Circle the correct verb form to complete the conversation. Claire Really? Claire Cool. I mean. Alex Well, my uncle showed l was showing me how to use this old camera. It was really easy to take pictures with it. Alex I just started this nature series. You know, trees that have cool shapes.

Alex A lot. Alex Well. I Write the questions using a correct verb form. Then write true answers. I,' Complete each conversation with the correct form of the verb given.

Sometimes more than one correct answer is possible. Kumi Well, mostlyl horror movies. I usually three or four horror movies a month. Actually, I a great horror movie last night. Joel Yes, I in two other countries. I in Canada for three years after I left college. I a lot of vegetables and whole grains lately. And I always six small meals a day. I just a salad for lunch. Kim Um. I guess I poetry for about four years.

I almost every day if I can. Yesterday, I for almost three hours nonstop! I Grammar l Answer the questions with true information. How long have you been studying English? Have you ever lived in another country? What kinds of music are you listening to these days?

What kinds of TV shows do you watch? What did you do during your last vacation? I Grammag I Circle the correct words to complete the paragraphs. I the company for over five years, and now I'm a senior editor. After I finished training, 7 , f. I opened a small restaurant. And that was 15 years ago now! I was taking I ,7; 5- av. You're such a good dancer.

You should do it! Dreams really do come true. A lot of people ask me how I ended up llylgg live in New York City. Well, actually, I wasn't planning on be here. It's just that the opportunity came up when my friend Samuela happened move here for college. Sheneeded a roommate, so I agreed share an apartment with her in the city. We were only in the apartment a couple of months when Samuela started miss home. She said she missed be with her family. I guess she couldn't imagine stay three more years and be happy.

So, she decided complete the semester, and then she transferred to a college back home. Anyway, I kept the apartment and found a great job. I've been here for over six years now, but Samuela and I are still great friends. We just live in different cities — that's all! I I-kink I'll egal up liyigg in Bowl; oxlli-ev I llinigln school. What are you planning on doing when you finish this English course? Have you started reading a new book recently?

What's something fun you remember doing as a child? Have you ever decided to do something and then regretted it? Do you expect to get a good grade in this class? What do you intend to do this weekend? Freda This pie reminds me of the time my sister made me eat a mud pie. Chris You're kidding! What happened? Freda Well, when I was very little, she and I used to play together.

Touchstone Books

Chris Yeah. We always played outside, too. Not like kids nowadays. It's so good. I was three years old, what did I know? Chris Oh, no! What did it taste like? Chris Really? Freda No. But I remember being sick afterward. Change some verbs in Sarah's story to the simple present '- -- or present continuous to highlight key moments in the story. Lisa No. Sarah Well, I wa traveling through South Korea, way out in the middle of nowhere, and I that I had no cash left and no way of getting back to Seoul.

Lisa Really? You didn't have any traveler's checks or anything? Sarah Well, I had one check for 20 dollars, but I was in the mountains, and there was nowhere to exchange it. Lisa Oh, no! So, what did you do? Sarah Well, I was getting pretty nervous. I was walking around and couldn't find an ATM. Finally, I met this really nice French man. So I explained the situation, and he agreed to take my traveler's check in exchange for Korean money.

So then I had enough money to get to the nearest town, where I found the most expensive hotel. Lisa Why the most expensive hotel? Sarah Because I knew they took credit cards. Lisa And? Sarah 80, I ended up booking a room, and I had the hotel overcharge me and give me back the difference in cash. That way I had enough money to get back to Seoul. My friends went bike riding one day on HM; great bike path in the country.

The bike path is really old railroad track that isn't used by trains anymore. Suddenly they see big goat running toward them. So they jump back on their bikes and ride away, you know, really quickly. Then guy starts yelling at them. Use the simple present or present continuous to highlight ,. Use this and these to highlight important people, things, or events. You know, a friend of mine is always seeing famous people when she's out.

One time, she was checking out a computer in a computer store. And all of a sudden, she looked up and saw her favorite basketball player. He was standing next to hcr— checking out the same computer! You know, my cousin Adam met his fiancee because of his dog.

He has an enormous dog called Scruffy. Well, one day they were in the park. Anyway, Scruffy started chasing a squirrel and pulled my cousin right into a woman.

So, Adam apologized, and he and the woman started talking. I remember one time my friend Linda had a party.

It was for her graduation, I think. Anyway, the weather was beautiful at first, but after an hour or so, some dark clouds started coming in, and it started to rain really hard. We had so much fun. It was the best party ever. Against the odds g t. A Read the article. Then answer the questions. What was Reeve doing when he hurt his neck?

What does the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation do? He was a successful actor — famous for his roles in the Superman movies — and happily married with three children.

He had everything to live for. Then on May 27, , his life changed dramatically. Reeve fell off his horse while riding in a horse—jumping competition. The accident left him with serious injuries — a fracture in the second vertebra of his neck — and Reeve was left paralyzed from his neck down. He could no longer walk, hold anything in his hands, or feed or wash himself. He also relied on a respirator to help him breathe. Many people may have given up hope and felt sorry for themselves.

But not Christopher Reeve. Who did Reeve have to rely on for help? But most importantly, he became an activist for ' people with spinal cord injuries. He raised money for research and started the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation, which awards money to people researching cures for paralysis. He wrote an autobiography, Still Me. He even testified before the U.

Senate to encourage funding for stem-cell research. By not giving up hope, he has given other people with disabilities hope that in the future, recovery won't be against all odds.

Pdf 4 student touchstone book

Unit 1 interesting lives A Read the anecdote. Then put the story in the correct order by writing each number in the correct box. Link the events to now. D So with that memory in my mind. I was nervous because there were so many talented students at my school. But I d: I go shopping as. I go almost every other day. You can't look your best if you get ready as as possible.

Jeans can look just as as pants if you wear them with a cool top. For me, comfort is not as as style when it comes to choosing clothes.

I try as as I can to look great every day. I pay a lot of attention to how 'j;: I almost always wear black. He really needs a makeover. How late for work. What should ldo? Gently let your i Mornings are always difficult. You need to boyfriend know that you want to help him look l spend as as better. So to save time. Your boyfriend might not want your help at the night before. Pick out your clothes before first.

That way your mornings won't be as rushed. How are they alike? Write 1 ll 1. They both love fashion. Use as. Do you generally wear bright colors as often as dark colors? Do you spend as much money on clothes as your friends? Do you try as hard as you can to be trendy and fashionable?

Do you have as many shoes as your best friend? Do your parents care as much about their appearance as you do? Do you find stylish clothes to be as comfortable as casual clothes? A Oh, look at that dress. It's what's in style. Not really. Are you? Kind of. But look at this dress. But being fashionable isn't cheap.

Are you ready yet? Yes, almost. You should wear a jacket. Oh, yeah. You're right. I need to find socks now, too! Leather jackets are cool. Most sneakers cost far too much nowadays. A tie is a great way to complete a man's outfit. It's hard to find jeans that fit well.

Neon green and orange are great colors. Two things in each description are wrong. Underline the wrong word s , and correct the sentences. Luis is stylish in denim jeans and a short-sleeved shirt. His neon striped tie completes the outfit. His eolka-Aer He covviglgl-es i-he cud-Pit-.

Kate looks great in a plaid silk skirt. Her cashmere turtleneck sweater is one of the most popular looks this year. Tiana is wearing fitted, dark blue straight-leg jeans. Her jacket never goes out of fashion. His fitted casual pants are available at stores everywhere. Hehas really broad tastes. A I like music that's quiet — something that 3.

They're too loud and fast for me. You must not like classical music. You like relaxing music. Sounds like you have broad tastes. They're all I listen to. I've 4.

They're always seen them in concert five times! So, you're a big fan of Coldplay. I don't like it, either. You like a lot of bands, then. I strategies I. You like songs that you know the lyrics to. You like clothes that you can wear every day. Russ So anyway, you asked me what kind of music I like.

Well, I like jazz, but I don't like blues. And I like rock, but I'm not really into pop. I guess I listen mostly to classical music, though not new stuff. Russ Yeah. I guess. What about you? Liza Well, I like music I can dance to, music that makes me feel good. I love it when I can sing along. Russ I know what you mean. Liza Exactly. I like music that puts me in a good mood. Rirss Yeah, I know what you're saying. Liza It's the same with art. I like to be able to look at a picture and recognize what it is.

Is it a flower or a car? Is it a man or a woman? You know what I mean? Russ I know. Liza That's right. Russ That's kind of how I feel about fashion. I like all the new fashions, but I'm not sure I'd ever wear them. Some styles are a bit too weird for my taste, you know? They're just not practical.

Liza Right.

Russ Yes. I'm just conservative, I guess. Change the l. Avery I guess I'm pretty traditional, you know. I have conservative tastes in most things, like music and fashion. Mike Really? I guess you don't listen to techno music, right? Avery No way!

Book pdf 4 student touchstone

Mike Are you the same about food, too? Avery Actually, I like trying different foods. I guess I'm not as conservative when it comes to eating. Mike Interesting! Have you tried sushi? Avery Yes, I have. And I love it! Kay I listen to all kinds of music — jazz, classical, hip-hop, rock.

Kay No, I pretty much like everything! Kay Isn't this weather terrible? It's been over 90 degrees for at least eight days in a row! I'm a skier, so I love cold weather. Kay My car is so old, so I always worry that it's going to break down. I never know if it's going to start or not. Maybe I need a new one. Anything ifit's reliable. My style? It's casual and easy. I wear things that aren't , ,, too fussy —. What does your style say about you? My style says I'm easygoing. I like to look good, but I'm not going to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror.

It says you should try to get to know me in a deeper way than just looking at the outside. There are other things more important than clothes. How do you express yourself through the clothes you wear? I don't, really. I don't spend a lot of time thinking about my clothes. I'd rather express myself in other ways. Who is the least interested? How would you describe your style? For example, at parties I usually talk to one person at a time, rather than trying to be really outgoing and the life of the party.

I'm more laid-back. My clothes are a way of showing the outside world what to expect. When I go out, people can guess that I'm relaxed and friendly.

My clothes make me look approachable. I mix lots of different styles together to make my individual style. Some days I'll wear a lace skirt with a plaid wool vest and tights in a cool pattern. And sometimes I'll put on a —. My style says I'm whimsical. I change from one day to the next. It's fun to wear things that make people guess about you. I like to be a little mysterious, to keep a few secrets about myself.

B Find the words below in the interviews, and circle the best meaning. Unit 2 Personal tastes C Read the questions. Check I the names in the chart. Sadie varies; 9 1. Who likes to stand out in a crowd? Who likes to wear comfortable clothes? Who likes to change their lack the most? Who likes to look nice, but not too different? Ll Ti if. A Read the fashion tips, and add the appropriate punctuation: If you want to take care of your clothes you should wash them regularly dry them carefully and store them properly.

Choose clothes that make you feel good clothes that reflect your individual style. Buy clothes that you can wear for more than one season that way you can afford to buy more new clothes.

Mix classic designs with trendier pieces wear simple black pants with a fun belt a trendy shirt and a classic jacket. You'll never be out of style. B What is your fashion advice? Write three of your own fashion tips. T0 F9VieW. Kerstin Hmm. Kerstin Yeah. I've never heard of it. Santa Lucia consider to be the symbol of light. Ken Oh, I see. So what do you do to celebrate? She wears a white dress, and a crown of candles put on her head. Then the Santa Lucia song sing by all the class.

Touchstone 4 teacher_39_s_book_red

And in some families, the girl serves her parents breakfast in bed. That not do in all homes, though. Ken So, is there a special kind of food that eat? They usually serve with coffee — or juice for the kids. Ken Sounds nice. Alli I Rewrite each sentence using the simple present passive. Some Native Americans carve totem poles out of wood.

They make the traditional Spanish dish, paella, with chicken, seafood, and saffron. In Mexico, they celebrate the Day of the Dead on the first two days of November. In Taiwan, parents give children red envelopes with money inside on New Year's Day.

Use the simple present passive. One traditional sport in Ireland is Called hurling. Sticks, or hurleys, to hit a ball, a sliotar. Matches are usually 70 minutes long and between two teams. Women play a similar sport, which camogie. A typical musical event a "session. Sheet music at a traditional session because the tunes and songs by heart.

Student Book Touchstone 4

Some of the oldest songs without musical accompaniment. It in separate pots.

What sport is considered a traditional sport in your country? Page 54 View. Page 55 View. Page 56 View. Page 57 View. Page 58 View. Page 59 View. Page 60 View.

Page 61 View. Page 62 View. Page 63 View. Page 64 View. Page 65 View. Page 66 View. Page 67 View. Page 68 View. Page 69 View.

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Page 70 View. Page 71 View. Page 72 View. Page 73 View. Page 74 View. Page 75 View. Page 76 View. Page 77 View. Page 78 View. Page 79 View. Page 80 View. Page 81 View. Page 82 View. Page 83 View.

Page 84 View. Page 85 View. Page 86 View.

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