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In case you do not found a download as pdf button on the site it means that the author do not allow users to download their publications on their devices. meteolille.info is a free online tool for downloading as images or pdf any document from Issuu service. So I did not find a way directly download PDF, but there is a way around it. So basically each publication has a twiter meta tag.

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6 days ago How can I change my document name in the document URL? 5. How can I keep a track of number of documents downloaded in Statistics?. =begin. running from terminal to download any pdf from meteolille.info, given. - magazine name puts "How many pages does it have?\n ie \n". Download Scribd Documents, Issuu Magazines quickly for free.

I will be as concise as I can, but the platform has many problems. Nobody visiting your website on an iPhone or iPad will be able to read the work you care so much about. Issuu uses Flash, and there is no Flash on those devices. In fact, Adobe has stopped developing mobile Flash plugins for any phone. A second, related problem is that Flash is clunky in the Mac OS. Even then, there would be reasons to avoid them.

I had in mind that they WERE books, they should stay books…with pages to turn. It not only contains articles of interest to dog owners in general, but specific organizational information as per the By-Laws of AKC it is the official form of communication to the member clubs.

Now The Gazette is only available in digital form as for example http: I felt if readers were used to flipping pages of The Gazette, it would make sense for us to use the same type of format.

It was suggested that I put them in some order in a catalog. This is the reason that big-name periodicals put their pieces up as web content, on pages rather than in magazine-style interfaces. For things that used to be books, I would just go with PDFs.

Looking for an issuu alternative?

When I click one of those links, I go to a subsidiary page, also created in WordPress, containing all the logos in that category. Each logo, in turn, would be hyperlinked to the corresponding site.

Again, this approach is easier for users of all devices and physical abilities—and way better for your search engine results. Hope you find these thoughts helpful. When is someone going to come up with the app to add more hours to my day???

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Your other concerns have some merit, especially for a magazine that is text focused. But on the surface there are a few things that raise red flags based on an ad-hoc review of the Issuu interface. Your comment regarding more than one click is more of a personal issue.

It is also a technical matter. In order to launch the magazine it has to pass through JavaScript. Something a PDF is not going to address for most publications. It should be a simple web page with text. Good post nonetheless. Thanks for the thoughtful reply, and sorry again for the delay. First, on the mobile question: Checking a few sites that I know use Issuu from my own iPhone confirms that the content is still rendering in Flash, which is to say, not rendering.

I agree a photo-heavy magazine might want a different interface for viewing content. This piece on usabilitypost. That said, those tests were small components of larger studies, not the focus of the research—and my own gut feelings also certainly play a role, a more primary one, in my arguments.

Which is to say, it does frustrate me and the small handful of people I surveyed informally for feedback here.

The PDF fallback is a stop-gap compromise and should be taken as such. Anyway thanks again for your thoughts and for mentioning MagCloud—a great platform for the purposes you mention. Donald Norman would win a game of design-chess with Jakob Nielsen any day in my world. Thanks for the interesting article. Check it out for yourself.

Upload something, the search function does not work at all, not for me, not for anyone. An extraordinary problem like this should be receiving extraordinary attention and communication. It has been broken for nearly a year, yet they still advertise it as a core function, and have made no public comments about it. Caveat emptor. Double-tap on text or drag your finger across it to enhance for mobile reading using our EasyRead beta technology.

Double-tap on images to zoom currently only works for some images.

Scribd Downloader, Issuu Downloader

Tap once to bring up the main navigation menu. Click the Menu button to bring up more actions. I use Instapaper and Reeder on both my phone and my laptop and love them both.

What are its merits? Who prefers it to more platform-native interactions? I suggest them as a last-ditch stop-gap that for very specific reasons elucidated above is better for readers of literary magazines than Issuu. I think it emulates the real world feel, and the joy of flipping through a cool magazine where things as paper quality, ink, etc. The feeling of getting what was once on screen in your hands is just amazing. Uploading things to Issuu gives kind of the same thrill.

It feels as the flat InDesign document comes to life. This is definitely an important concern. Keep me posted on those alternatives. Or, perhaps the PDF alone is sufficient?

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I mean the PDF suggestion as a temporary alternative to Issuu when a plan is in place to present all content as web content—on web pages with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, perhaps generated by a content management system or blogging platform, as the case may be. It may help some and maybe issuu is gonna fix it, but for now you can embed using an iframe and the magazine address followed by?

Thanks Juan. Got an example of a site where this is in use? Thanks for the comments over the last few weeks. Glad to have your thoughts. It looks great. It is exactly how I want my community newspaper to look. Please share. The closest is magcloud. Thanks for this interesting post on Issuu. I have been considering them as a platform but have had some concerns and trying to find alternatives.

I basically need the page turning effect for displaying wedding albums on my website. I did find a service called Uberflip- do you have any feedback on their services? Not sure I like their payment structure. You raise an interesting case, where your prospective clients might be attached to browsing your work in album format.

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So thanks for commenting. My address is near the top-right corner of this page. You can view the PDF magazine online or via the app; download the PDF; set a price for the digital and print version if you wish. I am planning to launch a new magazine in January. MagCloud certain seems to be coming up often. Very interesting discussions going on here. Issuu is an attractive platform though, but as you and some have argued, there are minus points.

Thanks for this post and generating an argument about this topic. Easy solution. Stop being a mac fanboy and use something that actually works. You ask a minority of users to abandon a site because you enjoy inferior products.

Want to embed PDF files - ? about issuu and are there other options?

Makes sense to me. These are the only three posts on the site, I believe, that address Apple in any depth:. In fact, until a move into a smaller space a few years ago, I kept a Linux media server in my house—and I still have a dual-boot setup on my main machine. At any rate, to argue that my appreciation of Mac products biases me is probably fallacious, since I make very specific claims you could take issue with if you thought they were off the mark.

As it happens, only two claims I make in the post has anything to do with platform: Again, your argument is that some needless devotion to Apple products is blinding me here.

But whatever platform or platforms I happen to use, iOS devices command almost one-quarter of the domestic cellphone market and over half of the tablet market. That still leaves seven reasons that I obviously find compelling for lit mags not to use Issuu. I am redesigning my website and wanted to embed a book complete with page turning look and feel on my wordpress site. I was getting excited about Issuu and its easy embed code to existing document.

Clearly if Issuu uses Flash, this is not the tool for me.

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Thanks for flagging this up. Back to jQuery I guess. Best wishes Sarah. Also, depending on your particular needs, you might consider a more portable method, like a PDF or an eBook. I currently faced similar problem and im thinking about how i can come up with a solution.

I just wondering do you think a reader that is portable, SEO friendly and is mobile aware would help? Hi Eric—A reader that does all those things wold certainly help with the specific issues you mention, but there are more that going with a reader experience as opposed to standard web content on standard web pages introduces. Are you saying that we should avoid all these readers together and go for just web?

First let me ask what is your idea solution apart from pure wordpress setup Thanks. In other words, what evidence do you have that these readers make a better experience for your users? I think the burden of proof is on the one who wants to add the complex feature set….

I think the even bigger issue with Issuu is the extremely inappropriate content that will surround yours. A big corporate client of ours is hosting some reports on Issuu, with soft pron and pirate copies of legit mags. Obviously, we will not allow this to happen again, even if it means cancelling our service with the site.

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We sincerely regret this incident and are working diligently to ensure that this is resolved, permanently. We had this issue, also once you get more items up — on the related items if you access through issuu directly — it improves the recommendations once you have more items up.

I found Issuu to be very easy to use and the publications look really sleek. Eye-to-carrier distance. The effect of of these on your reader are that in any circumstance, your magazine appears much smaller than you intended to when you were designing it for print.


Not only are your images smaller, but also your text size is a lot smaller and therefore arduous to read. This becomes a real issue on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. So at best your magazine is hard to read, and at worst it requires additional zooming, scrolling and swiping by your reader to read a portion of a publication.

Conclusion While it is easy to get started from a production viewpoint, the end product, your Issuu publication, is ok for a start, but offers a sub-optimal experience for your audience on all devices.

And this includes Issuu. Learn more about Yumpu on their website. Learn more here: Visit the Joomag website to learn more.

Readz supports advanced marketing techniques such as exit intents, contextual welcome messages or timed popups to bring in new subscribers, etc. You can start collecting email addresses through forms, and grow your email marketing DB issue by issue. Readz also takes great care of optimizing your website for search engines, and be up-to-date with all the latest technical recommendations and requirements of Google.

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Nicola Taylor Fine Art Photographer. With our product overlay, your customers get all the information they need without having to leave your publication. If they like what they see they can click through to your online store to purchase the item there.

Check out this example to see what that looks like. Your readers can download your PDF without having to create a user account first. It's also possible to disable the PDF download option—your choice. Looking for an issuu alternative? Publish your PDFs in a beautiful and clean viewer.

Ad free and without related publications.

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