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This is an actor's perspective on film, which is different from a manual on how to act on camera. I have a theatre background, so it was helpful for me to hear tips. Acting in Film - Michael Caine - Ebook download as ePub .epub), Text File .txt) or read book online. acting. (Applause Acting Series). A master actor who's appeared in an enormous number of films, starring with everyone from Nicholson to Kermit the Frog, Michael.

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Book Michael Caine - Acting in Film: An Actor's Take on Movie Making (The Applause Acting Series) Revised Expanded Edition by Michael Caine PDF Books. Michael Caine answers these questions and more as part of a film acting workshop broadcast on the BBC. You can watch the hour-long special. Downloads PDF Michael Caine - Acting in Film: An Actor's Take on Movie Making (The Applause Acting Series) Revised Expanded Edition.

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There are a lot of funny stories, but each of them is a lesson, so young actors better read this twice. Non-actors will be delighted by the humanity of the book. There are plenty of books called "how to be successful", usually very pedestrian. If you are tempted to buy one, try "Acting in film" instead; it is full of advice that applies to scientists as well as it does to actors. Indeed I had to laugh several times when I read it: For instance: Still relevant in ! I'm a young guy so that's where I know Mr.

Caine from: This is a great read for actors looking for knowledge and tips on acting in film. Good for filmmakers, too. Highly recommended! A great book, straight to the point! It is a book about movie acting and it will teach you exactly that - how movie acting is different from acting in the theater. Michael Cane uses a lot of vivid examples to prove his point and to give a number of priceless tips on how to improve your acting. His passion for acting is contagious and inspiring!

Enjoyable book for actors in general, even if they're not appearing in movies. Lots of good advice, even about basic things like learning your lines. I thought the book was rather bitsy in the sense that it seemed to deal with one topic then skip suddenly to another. Apparently it's a transcript of a masterclass that Caine did some time ago, which explains its style. And it's quite short there are a lot of photos , something that isn't obvious as an ebook until you find it's suddenly ended!

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I originally intended just to watch the first until tomorrow, but alas it's 1: Amazing stuff, not just on how to be a better actor, but how to get the most out of your actor-actresses in their performances. This masterclass is actually considered a really good example of what NOT to do.

Yes Michael Caine is a highly regarded actor- he is great no doubt- but the point is that he is an actor not a director and that the way he speaks to the actors to get a performance is actually completely dreadful.

The technical points with regards to marks and eye lines at the beginning are great but when he comes to directing the actors, it's goes downhill. He tells them what to do, he performs for them after their performance and is effectively saying, "copy what I do". If Michael Caine gets you to perform a scene from one of his previous performances and then performs it himself in front of you- do you think that will make you perform better? No, you'll just be thinking "shit I have to copy Michael Caine".

That is the number one rule for how NOT to work with actors. He's leading by demonstration when you should lead by the emotional honesty of the scene and character, which the actor should access themselves, you simply guide them to these questions and motivations. Look at the oldest actor, he doesn't trust him and is showing up defenses and his performances doesn't really grow any better after his input.

I covered this a year ago in a directing class, where the lecturer used it as an example of what not to do. It is historically bemusing because he is such a highly regarded actor but the fact that he has trouble directing actors is a testament to how different the skills involved are between directing and actor.

It is a very good watch when taking this into consideration, nonetheless. I recommend Judith Weston's book "Directing Actors". She covers the mistakes in this attitude to directing extensively. I give credit to the current popular theory that all acting must come from the actor, it is not the only way to direct.


The micromanaging of actors lines is not currently popular, but it does and has produced great results. The current theory has led to problems like Will Smith. He really only has a few emotions and reactions.

[PDF] Michael Caine - Acting in Film: An Actor s Take on Movie Making (The Applause Acting Series)

I like watching Will Smith, but he, and other actors need to be told how to deliver some lines outside their comfort zone. Wait twenty years. All arbitrary trends like this swing back and forth eventually. Making your currently held belief unpopular. Neither one is superior, just which one is popular. It is my job to tell them what I need. They are nowhere near in terms of story, working with the writer and shaping the full product throught a global view and in the editing room, that's my job.

Their job is to perform under my direction, doing what I want as I want it. I have been on set with some A-list actors and many directors.

Michael caine in pdf acting film

They always listen to the director, even if he is 25yo. They know it's their job to do so. The fact that they are so experienced that they do not need to be given basic direction does not change the fact that they will try to get the performance you need when you specifically ask them. Are you serious about Will Smith having a limited amount of "emotions". If you're calling it emotions, firstly, that already shows how much you know of the acting craft.

That comes after technique. Amateurs believe the opposite. Look at any actor and you will see their reaction in one scene and I guarantee you, you can find that same reaction somewhere else repetitively in other works. There are only so many ways a human being can rejoice, celebrate, defeat, etc. So the fact that you're saying a 'limited emotions' is immature and cannot be taken seriously. By the way, do you have an infinite number of emotions? I think it's a very fine line to walk as a Director.

If an Actor is clearly pouring their heart out and giving an emotional take that you might not have been wanting, let them have it. You know what you want but it's your job to steer their enthusiasm and emotion to fit your vision without sounding negative.

So instead of "Let's try that again but this time", which just sounds negative from the start, you use the "Wow, that was great. I think we almost got it, what if we just tweaked this last bit a little.

Acting in Film: An Actor's Take on Movie Making by Michael Caine

That's my personal style and it doesn't work for everyone, that's why I love Directing! It's a challenge but that's what makes it exciting. In my experience there are two types of actors and every one falls somewhere in between. They direct themselves are they are looking for direction. It's up to the Director to figure out which they are. If they have a bad take and go "That was no good, let me try that again", your job is easy. They are policing themselves and they are into the character.

On camera, the actor must condense one's body and voice down to specific gestures and movements Blinking on camera is not recommended for those who wish to portray strength. A keen awareness of picture continuity is essential in insuring an actor's valuable time on screen, in addition to increasing a thespian's chances of being hired again. All this plus an awareness of breath, relaxation, and human psychology will help turn a stumbling film and television actor in a great one.

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The author also goes into the importance of professionalism and behavior on and off set with members of the cast and crew, as well as the Do's and Don'ts of how to deal with troublesome actors and directors, as well as dangerous stunts. Again, "Acting In Film: An Actor's Take On Movie Making" felt more like an extended pamphlet rather than an actual book, yet Michael Caine's advice to the actor, however brief it may be, holds enough merit to make the tome not a complete waste of time.

Caine michael acting pdf in film

Aug 29, Alex rated it really liked it. Great advice on acting and life I read this in one sitting. It's mostly pictures and the type is large. In all it's a quick read with some interesting ideas especially for people who want to be actors. Jul 19, Jon Schiefer rated it really liked it. It's hard to imagine a stage in an actor's career when this wouldn't be useful. Michael Caine is brilliant.

How often does an actor of his caliber talk about how it's done? Yeah, I liked it. May 14, Yosef Beyene rated it it was amazing.

If you're interested in being an actor for film, this is essential reading. Dec 02, Arash Kamangir rated it did not like it Shelves: Mar 14, Trevor Mazzaglia rated it liked it Shelves: I was hoping for more insight on techniques in front of the camera - similar to Michael Caine's great acting masterclass from I believe , which can be found on YouTube.

Instead, I found most of the book explaining how to professionally conduct yourself on a film set and less talking about acting specifically. I think if you can find this book for cheap, it's worth a read.

Definitely, check out his masterclass on YouTube. Most of the acting topics that are covered in the book are explained I was hoping for more insight on techniques in front of the camera - similar to Michael Caine's great acting masterclass from I believe , which can be found on YouTube. Most of the acting topics that are covered in the book are explained in more detail in the masterclass.

Nov 04, Sheldon Watkinson rated it it was amazing. I found this book gets the reader to understand more than the acting itself but a better understanding of everything going on around the set with the crew to better prepare oneself with each scene. Very straightforward advice from an accomplished actor. Apr 11, Salli rated it really liked it. This was a great read- even if you are not into learning about the acting process. I found it insightful and funny and really useful and delivered in the way only Michael Caine can.

I will definitely try and incorporate some of his tips in to my acting classes. Quick read, but I wish it was longer! Jul 05, Shaun Mazerall rated it it was ok. Short and basic. Oct 02, Michelle rated it it was amazing.

A short book with practical tips about working in the film industry. Worth the read if you want to work in the film industry in some way. Oct 21, Xander rated it it was amazing. Jul 13, Jane rated it liked it Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Nov 21, Mike rated it really liked it. This was a shorter book than I expected.

Nevertheless, it has a great deal of valuable advice, especially for actors working in the movies. I don't anticipate doing this myself in the near future, but I do a bit of acting on stage as an amateur and some of what Caine says here is applicable to that. I like his basic down to earth approach, no frills, just good solid hard work. It's his professionalism that shines through in this book. Don't think of being an actor a professional one, anyway This was a shorter book than I expected.

Don't think of being an actor a professional one, anyway if you're not prepared to give your all to the time you're being paid to work. He's helpful with learning lines, and with working on a character; while he's not a method actor, his 'method' is sound and useful. He's very helpful in making the distinction between stage work and screen work. There are still very good stage actors who get caught out when they first work in a movie.

The book started life as transcripts from a masterclass Caine did, which explains it's rather bitsy style. However, it's a good little book for actors, and I'm certainly glad to have come across it. Sep 21, Julia's rated it really liked it. Loved it!! I read a lot of acting books but not to many are as good as this one.

Most acting books have annoying step by step instructions but they don't give any examples!!!

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