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Our website pdf-giant. Please wait Home Our mission Books. Serbian Turkish Thai Ukrainian Other. Find magazine. Playboy Gold Spain - Playboy Hungary - February Playboy Romania - January February Playboy's Magazine - January Slovenia. Playboy Romania - September Playboy - February Mexico. Playboy's Natural Beauties - December January Playboy Czech - June MDI helps Time and again I hear a similar refrain: The my own way.

It had helped men quit smok- attended—exchanges that are best described tells me he came to MDI seven years ago, when ing or watch less porn. Or confront their own as men publicly calling each other out on their his marriage was cratering.

Jack had been fathers, which is the central struggle of basi- bullshit. This approach may be cally every male coming-of-age story what separates MDI from more tra- ever told in this town. Professor Rabinowitz,. The team team grill him about it. At one point during the. If you thanked him for living his truth. His father The meeting ends at 10 P. Each to be effective, if not exactly polite. For exam- past trauma.

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You are the com- concrete new life skills is just one way the group move may be to shut up and listen. What MDI own story with me, and it was sobering. Go, team. The offense—an immature or insecure guy clown- scription of an American patriarch. My dad first time he did it, my mother thought he was ing for his friends, that this type of behavior was good at his job.

From where I was stand- being careless and told him that his friends had promotes bonding and friendship among men. I assumed trusting. She complained bitterly from then of all the ways it can be harmful.

And I on, sensitive to every instance of abandon- After my father died two years ago, my thought being a husband and a dad required ment. By envied him. Naturally, I responded in kind and pro- his friends, who knew the candy belonged ex- Not many people, anyway, knew my father in- duced a family drama that took no account of my clusively to him. Even still, I catch myself some- only compounds the horror it represents. My wife called behavior.

His death made me—an ed- the candy-bowl excuse a lame distraction. Maybe I was just arguing for my mother thought I would be indepen- a lesser charge. The way I saw it, my mother was dent enough in my thinking to receive incidental.

To my father, she was an object to be her stories about my father objectively. I conceded that my mother suffered Getting stuff off her chest may have been a kind of symbolic violence in the process, but cathartic for my mom, but her stories felt felt that it was unintentional.

Insensitive, sure, like a list of charges against me. My wife insisted there I had convinced myself that the candy- was nothing symbolic about it: It was violence bowl incident was harmless because in fact. I agree with used an actual candy bowl and gotten the same prove their manhood in the eyes of other men. I play tennis. Alas, this so far the company of other men.

I reasoned that the bitch. Another case in point: Whether or not women and children are men. The obvious lesson I take is that human be- that photo of Al Franken pretending to honk a treated as objects, as long as masculinity is ac- ings should not be the object of my actions. To be challenge now is to envision a kind of masculin- grab the attention of other men.

Pdf march playboy usa 2012

Not long ago, I domineering, we need people to dominate. Rocking She stared at her phone. It had been eight Harvey Weinstein scandal began toppling the boat means risking your reputation and years since Gyore filed an internal sexual- the Hollywood hierarchy, and Gyore sud- your livelihood.

She new storm. October saw the assembly member. He was elected to the assembly him- reports about pervasive sexism in nearly every and thereby make it more accessible to more self in and again in Through whisper networks—private alleged rapes. These networks are necessary she had started the list.

Incidents are often intimate and behind up within 24 hours of its initial appearance. At closed doors, and perpetrators have been com- Donegan promptly took it down. In addi- one know about them? In late Octo- tion to government and the well-publicized still invited to these things.

Bruce Rauner signed legislation requiring are parlaying our once-private conversations Through word of mouth, McRobert and annual sexual-harassment training. Similar into open letters, shared Google documents, other women in digital media organized a training was held in January for Rhode Island naming of perpetrators and all-female hiring group of about 30 people, predominantly.

Terms such ing Women in Technology, Women 2. McCloskey and her peers, meanwhile, Saru Jayaraman, president of Restaurant the role of media in shaping rape culture—such decided to tackle the problem more directly.

A survey conducted by the or- The Writers Guild group plans to meet women in venture roles, more women starting ganization found that up to 80 percent of res- again; in the meantime, several of the individ- and running companies, joining boards of other taurant workers experience sexual harassment uals on the Shitty Media Men list have resigned companies. So how do we make that happen?

Because servers work primarily for or been fired. An online marketplace for beauty and wellness services, the com- to stop this from not. Because so many women begin their careers as servers, bartenders or cocktail pany helps customers connect with beauty professionals in their area and now serves happening.

She was among a handful of activists ran into men who repeatedly dismissed her to Silicon Valley as it has to government or Hol- who appeared on the red carpet at the Golden idea. Some pulled their female executive as- lywood. But even outside these circles of female Globes to protest sexual harassment, and sistants into the meetings to help them decide activists, an awareness, says McCloskey, seems she plans to push even harder on legislation whether or not to fund McCloskey.

As a deluge Brooklyn. Jenny Watwood wanted to see the world, and nothing was going to stop her. The pouty- lipped brunette grew up in Mesa, Arizona, the youngest of seven kids. As soon as I could get a passport, I filled it up as much as I could. Four years later, she had a new language, a new home base and a new outlook.

When you have nobody to fall back on, you just figure it out. I thought, You know what? Los Angeles, California. For one thing, you I have smile lines because I laugh ion industry. And I ac- all the time.

I want to be thought smoke, I paint. I smoke, I go hiking. I want to go to Asia I was on a variety show in Rome and eat scorpions on a stick. I like whiskey and I love to write. I write every day iconic. All my friends I need for inspiration. It was nuts. Great, now no just like a real flesh-and-blood dungeon SON: Then pause, fecal matter. The attempt was not successful: The robot had a With their wedding date finally set, the headache.

Entering a casino restroom to purchase condoms for what he hoped would be a pleas- ant end to the evening, a young man found a drunk standing at the vending machine, pouring in a steady stream of coins and tossing the condoms into a hat. Most people will never see asked if he could use the machine just once. Among them, Are You There, God?

His dad stops him at the door. Before you go, I want to give you a tential employers in their area. Sure, Dad. And in the new dark comedy film Game Night, the towheaded Texan once again marries creepiness and charisma. What is it that attracts you to those Q3: Do you feel you have to like at least part of a eyes.

That look in your eyes as that captain.

You kind of have to love your char- it when my character dies. Breaking Bad was quite what they seem, because that feels more acters in some way.

Playboy USA - March, April 2018

Two come to mind. Pennywise—I the dots and try to figure them out yourself. I think so. Breaking Bad that stands out for me is the one I just…no. And then there was a part in this Do you relate on any level? Remember the episode with the ATM ma- other kid right now. There are true monsters or TV show you saw as a kid that made you say, playing.

That happened once: I watched Lonesome Dove before say which character it was, but it was a real Q5: Is it safe to say that a lot of your work is hard I could talk. I was drawn to it as a toddler, person, and it was shocking. Not really. I remember authentic. And even down to the old guys watching the spending an hour and a half on it once. You get I love Larry McMurtry. My father and his side junior varsity games so they know which into this hole, and then you snap out of it, like, of the family are all cowboys.

I grew up riding players are coming up. What just happened? Where did that hour and and roping, so being in that world was pretty Q What did you learn about devotion something enticing about it. In terms of Twit- Stephen F. Austin, the so-called Father of Texas. When I met with Noah Hawley rather be where I am and read the news— throughout my childhood. Then my mom for the first time, I needed to make sure Ed which is now coming from Twitter.

But yeah, started doing Ancestry. There was a line in the script Q Black Mirror digs into a lot of techno anxiet- a second. What are yours? Why would you wait until now to his true nature is not inherently aggressive or ing further away from basic human connec- give us this piece of information? Did your Hollywood career as a kid give you different people who have that unflinching said before, but that is scary to me, thinking any street cred with your classmates back in devotion, and my dad is one of those people.

There Q What I mainly was something I immediately understood been timed better, with the MeToo movement remember are the trips when I would go out about that. Basi- to Los Angeles and not get a job, and all my ter to my dad. The cow motif is also apt considering the co-workers into a Star Trek—like game and abuses you do? How did you do research for the part? Pivoting off that, who or what scares you?

I watched a lot of documentaries auditioned for several things. Well, not to get political, but the about gamers and video game programmers ing, I was never in either place long enough. I was more inter- It felt like I was perpetually playing catch-up.

March 2012 pdf playboy usa

He scares me. There were it…online outrage. I think there are a lot of something people in my graduating class. I Q Is Mart anything like the Dillon, Texas of all your frustration and rage and anger to—and felt strange finishing work some days because Friday Night Lights? Was that a con- places. One stoplight. Aside from the scious decision?

The charac- ter is not a good person, but. Are you into games? Do you get competitive? Yeah, definitely. Some good, clean fun. I love playing poker. Recently this HQ game—have you done. Game Night seems like it was a fun set.

How much was improvised? There was a decent amount, but the script was so funny to begin with. There were little moments here and there, but it was probably 85 percent scripted.

I was shooting Black Mirror when I got the script. Everyone tested the waters in the first few episodes, and then it became a game to see who you could crack up. Something possibly in psychol- ogy or…English literature. I love writing songs and playing music. It was kind of accidental. We would have all these great house parties where musicians would come over and play. We played a lot, probably from to And I loved it. I grew up listening to what every- one listened to in Mart: I always go back to John Prine.

I love his songwriting. And the Stones if I want to kick it up a little bit. Learning about him changed the way I look at music, and even at movies— just the devotion he had to songwriting. He was obviously tortured, but he reworked what I thought you could accomplish. You turn 30 this year. How are you feeling about it? Is it scary? Is it a relief? I feel like I should be I guess when I was younger I always felt older than my age.

Thirty feels right, you know? Consent in Degrees takes sonalized sexual world in which we transform find that the relationship between sex and tech- you on a VR journey through the lens of a young from passive consumers to active participants.

An encounter with a peer that starts out Likealltechnology,sextechcomeswithunique nerds building their dream girl in a garage. It also raises questions: How does sex- with just about anyone with a vibrator; the only sent. Similarly, researchers at Emory Univer- ual harassment translate into virtual worlds? Want to be better in bed? Download that leads college-age students through a night- preferences than we know ourselves?

And do we an app to connect with a sex coach. Want to feel club experience; the program is aimed at young care? From cosmetic innovations like scrotox to better in bed? The long and storied marriage of sex and take things beyond the club.

How do we hone these skills the fastest growing is virtual reality. Virtual-reality speed- Scientists have proven that touch is impor- in their pockets, VR offers a creative combina- dating is expected to arrive this year. We might ing from health to gender swapping to consent. See technology for what friend and the drug dealers were probably the by Chris Hadfield it is: Can it replace only people who knew how bad it was.

Playboy USA - March, April | Feminism | Ethnicity, Race & Gender

What Way out in interstellar space, a tiny satel- the real thing? Would you want it to? Voyager 1 Probably not. I hated myself and had no purpose. Just me and my drugs. But my truth helping us understand the rest of the universe. And humans have taken just the small- addiction. Six astronauts are currently orbit- claims an unprecedented number of lives.

More tells me not to tell anybody so I can keep using. I tried people who have ever lived have flown in space. We are facing a public- for years, stuck in the cycle of addiction. But that is about to change. But there made.

Playboy USA - March 2012

And space. Boeing has built the Starliner and SpaceX that will help us move in the right direction.

Numerous physicians need help. I wish I had been introduced to the times faster than a Boeing It programs. It minutes as they glimpse the blackness of space diction history before prescribing drugs. It never is. We Chances are your family is touched by addiction come a billion-dollar industry by , is still know opioids are extremely addictive, and we in some way.

I know from personal experience high, but risk and price are dropping as the tech- need to find a better way to treat chronic pain. I have a community of people who un- tury of danger-filled research and testing, but recognizing it as a disease that needs to be derstand me, my story and what I go through on it is now taking advantage of it.

With low Earth treated, not a crime that needs to be punished. Our drug of choice might have been orbit accessible to commerce, the space agency Too many people are in jail as a result of drug different, but we speak the same language of ad- can focus on what lies beyond. Recent policy an- use and addiction, and they are disproportion- diction. What do we still need to invent, and why And maybe most important, we need better how far gone you are.

I was know that millions of other people are struggling We are all explorers. You learned to walk long lucky: I could afford high-quality treatment when too.

A huge part of my recovery is finding others before you learned to talk. The necessity to go I needed it. We can make development and understanding.

For me and so many others, this Ben Haggerty a. Macklemore is a four- dered the world, from Tasmania to Tierra del could be the difference between life and death. In , the Fuego. I went to rehab in Pills, lean, weed for the MTV documentary Prescription for cently discovered. The first humans paddled and alcohol had led me into isolation. I had Change: To get to space we still burn needs a concentrated power source, such as a until Elon Musk has been im- launch. To coastal sailing ship era of spaceflight.

Energy has laboratories across the U. We are tantalizingly make clothing and construct shelter. We built still takes six months, each way, with no op- close to rocket engines that can take us farther, rafts to ferry us to islands and eventually ships tion to turn around if something goes wrong. And for from paddles to sails to propellers.

Where tory near Houston, a magnetoplasma rocket nearly there to stay. Rocket engines. The astronaut and best- below me as recently as were basically potential to cut the travel time to Mars to less selling author currently hosts National the same technology that John Glenn rode in than two months.

Some make a distinction the quality of our lives. So it pays to cultivate an The meaning of monogamy itself has deeply between sex for love and sex for fun, reserving erotic intelligence, which is less about sex than changed.

Today monogamy The possibilities are endless, but they are with a sense of aliveness, curiosity, playfulness. People tell you they rarely discussed. Not long ago, when people were Erotic intelligence is sexuality that is trans- are monogamous in all their relationships, plu- divorced they were embarrassed to talk about it. In have 50 years ago. Now people have no problem other words, sex is not just something you do, that has fundamentally changed its meaning. But derings of monogamy are not open about it.

In the fills desire. That continuum needs to be explored, negoti- Tools to help people build healthy relationships We need this intelligence in order to navi- ated and defined by every couple. They must ask: I think podcasts repre- gate accelerating changes in the way we con- Where do we draw the boundaries?

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Where would sent an amazing technology. Sex is no longer just for we experience a breach of trust? Plenty of people couples allow a one-time therapy session with me nection for both partners. People at 60 act as if consider themselves deeply monogamous even if to be recorded and edited with names changed they were Relationships have become much they are not sexually exclusive.

The only way to for their privacy. It has become a sort of pub- more egalitarian, and there is a much greater in- know what your partner thinks is through safe lic health campaign for relationships.

Millions terchangeability of roles. Social media and the conversations about difficult questions. People love it because they temptation. Today you can have an affair while coming established, and alternative arrange- can learn from listening to others, from hearing lying next to your partner in bed. You can escape ments are burgeoning. Couples are exploring the conversations they may want to have.

And the without having to leave the house. A healthy relation- sual or emotional connection with others out- In the years ahead, we will see the roles of apps, ship will have fluidity, adaptability. A system side the relationship to totally open in which websites and even robots and dolls continue to that is alive and healthy can respond flexibly both partners may fully explore these connec- expand at the intersection of technology and to changes—to change that comes from within, tions with people besides their primary part- relationships.

Relationships are changing so rapidly, and there is a tremendous need for guid- ance. That is one thing likely to remain the same. Her latest project, Rekindling Desire 2. All these problems are linked to human activity, as science has unequivocally shown. As sur- prising as this may sound, women are still not guaranteed basic equality under federal law.

Big deal. Well, not wrong, but not enough. Enter the Equal Rights Amendment, or ERA, a year-old piece of legislation that was bur- ied in Congress in , three states short of the state ratification requirement. Its exclusion from our foundational law doc- industry to find some profit motivation to save heard the warnings and quit buying products ument has major negative implications in all Earth?

How can we ensure that our planet re- containing CFCs. Today the ozone hole is healing. Ice caps cultural shifts can take place with remarkable work of the same or greater value. Meanwhile, reconnecting with nature The ERA can kick off the change; without rate. Government and helps motivate us to protect it. Taking friends it, no real change is possible. Constitutional industry will need to step up and take bold ac- snorkeling in a river can open their eyes to a amendments, unlike laws and statutes, can- tion to protect our environment.

But the truth world of conservation. Beachcombing with a not be changed by a simple majority vote. They is, we cannot wait to be saved. Each one of us, in- child can instill a lifelong love for nature. Shar- cannot be dismissed with the flick of a pen or dividually, must become the superheroes of our ing photos and stories about the environmental the wave of an arched wrist or used as a politi- own story.

And we need to begin now. They are the only guarantees that The good news? This is doable. We can all be- generate interest and change minds. Posting last from one generation to the next. American come advocates for a sustainable environment. We need it now. Stop using single-use plastics such as community. It matters. So pull on your imagi- With women performing more than mil- drinking straws, water bottles and ear swabs.

We can save our home. Department of Labor, Changing our behavior to help save the national League of Conservation Photographers. Remember the ozone layer? Scientists, alarmed by data showing a by Kamala Lopez three women die every day at the hands of in- growing hole in that segment of the atmosphere, Did you know women do not have equal rights timate partners, in part as a result of the Su- were the first to raise the red flag; soon the story under the U. In fact, though 94 percent may respond to mandatory restraining orders ban on ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons, of Americans believe that men and women are at their discretion.

But the public lieve that constitutional equality is guaranteed, ments that sound like an Archie Bunker rerun.

We are somehow opens the door to abortion rights— now only two states away from the 38 needed MUSIC is ignorant. In reality, abortion rights are al- to finish the job. From warnings that women would risk tee and put it on the floor for a vote this legisla- most in music. Activists are gearing up to I have a few guesses as to how you and I will widows would forfeit their rights to social secu- do the same in Arizona, Illinois, North Caro- experience music a few years down the road.

But the remain unratified. In the past, it was far eas- sonance for women has reached its breaking stand and that the federal time line trumps ier and far cheaper to download music illegally point.

March playboy pdf usa 2012

Supporters and legal than legally, but now listeners are able to enjoy tradiction of electing a Pussy Grabber in Chief experts are confident of legal victory based on music through services that are relatively inex- while filling streets, cities and countries with precedent, including recent Supreme Court pensive, convenient and easy to use.

Better yet, our bodies, our outrage, our multitudinous rulings favoring basic civil rights protections they work. Thanks to these streaming services, demands and our MeToo movements. What despite strong opposition. I wish these ernment, systems and institutions operate on Amendment is not going away.

The bottom line: The game is rigged, equality for women. Step one: Rat- source of revenue for artists, and albums have ify the ERA. Kamala Lopez is the creator of the become less relevant from a commercial point So where is the ERA today and what can we documentary turned movement Equal Means of view.

In , when Equal. She is currently producing the All Girl ists will stop shaping their work into cohesive the deadline Congress imposed on the ERA ex- Full Equality comedy special with artist- packages. I keep making albums for artistic pired, so did most efforts to complete ratifi- activist Natalie White and Carolines on Broad- reasons, because I believe this format allows cation.

After more than 35 years of inaction, way founder Caroline Hirsch. The formats and econom- ics might change, but the satisfaction of a killer full-length never will. Electronic music festivals are still successful and are evolving with the times. Tomorrowland is an- other festival killing it right now, along with many others, but multi-genre festivals are re- ally on fire at the moment. Now that connecting and collaborating with artists across the globe is as easy as opening your laptop, I expect festi- vals to feature more and more fresh sounds in more and more places.