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PDF | Abstract Over the past few years, mobile marketing has generated an increasing interest among academics,and practitioners. PDF | This paper covers a review of the definition of mobile marketing, summarizing their characteristics compared to traditional marketing. a result, MMS provides mobile marketers with additional tools, such as the .. 12Available at meteolille.info

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The MMA is here to promote, advance and support all mobile marketing . Mobile is clearly the future of media, but marketers have some catching up to do with. Review of the the tactics: e.g., SMS, Mobile Web, QR Codes, Mobile Apps, Less experimentation in mobile, more mass market deployment (SMS, mobile. Understand how mobile marketing became an important eMarketing tool. . , meteolille.info meteolille.info

Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. Piedah Besh. Harold uqam. Literature Review Behavior by developing a research agenda based on a census of recent articles published between and Mobile Marketing articles were categorized and analyzed revealing 53 articles According to the Mobile Marketing Association, that dealt with Consumer Behavior and whose research the worldwide mobile marketing trade association, questions were extracted to provide an overview of future mobile marketing can be defined as:

This article strongly as mobile SMS, mobile, Internet, voice, mobile email or encourages mobile marketing research in these areas. Bluetooth and concepts like mobile advertising, SMS Keywords: Mobile marketing, Mobile marketing, Mobile marketing, mobile advergaming and location-based consumer behaviour, Research agenda. With the recent rise in based retailer Target [11] have incorporated these new adoption of mobile devices and particular smartphones, mobile practices into their marketing activities.

Based mobility is quickly becoming a normal way of life. The previously agreed to participate to the marketing concept of ubiquity has arrived and mobile devices can program receive text messages and mobile coupons be considered as the most ubiquitous personal item in the offering a rebate at a nearby branch.

(PDF) Mobile Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Current Research Trend | Piedah Besh - meteolille.info

The company also world [22]. The platform that will enable them to reach their consumers through a enables consumers to compete with friends and other new communication channel.

In selected locations, consumers can also use their mobile However, since the field of interest is recent few phones to pay for coffee. Target also provides academic articles have focused on how this new form of consumers with mobile coupons redeemable at checkout technology-led marketing affects consumer behavior.

For example, walking Our collective knowledge is thus limited which warrants into selected stores, iPhone users will automatically more research on the topic.

The article aims at providing receive loyalty points and instant mobile coupons [54]. This enables a quicker shopping experience when searching for product information or when building a product list or International Journal of Latest Trends in Computing gift registry. Methodology Mobile marketing taps into the potential of mobile 3.

Classification Model devices that have very quickly become daily necessities The first step in our approach to develop a research for many teenagers and young adults [53] who agenda was to build a classification model that would be continuously carry their mobile phone within reach and used to classify the articles and proposed research regard it as status symbol as well as for adults who question. For companies, they hold the enticing promise of being a We opted to use a recent classification [58] that was direct and constant connection to consumers thereby already published on the topic of mobile marketing and nurturing a more frequent relationship with the brand that already incorporated consumer behavior, the focus potentially leading to increased long term sales and a of our research.

Marketing pdf mobile

Considering that younger presents an overview of mobile marketing research consumers are difficult to reach through traditional topics during the periods. It divides research channels of communication [7], mobile marketing offers into 4 categories: The consumer segment. We great deal of business value, harnessing such a potential evaluated that it provided an adequate reference for the has proven to be challenging.

Many obstacles related to purposes of our research. We decided thereby establishing a potential network pipeline of to group them under 5 topics that emerged naturally communication between companies and consumers. The from our analysis of the articles. The resulting consumer challenge resides in connecting these two access points behavior in mobile marketing research classification by developing a desire from the consumer to grant model is as follows: A second challenge resides in managing how 1.

Mobile Marketing Research 2.

Pdf mobile marketing

Trust 3. Attitudes interest. A classification of academic research published 5.

Mobile Marketing Solutions

Data Collection and Analysis published yearly in the last 4 years [58]Error! Having defined the categories and subcategories of Reference source not found.. This demonstrates that our classification model, we then proceeded to find very little research has been done on this emerging and relevant peer-reviewed articles on the subject of mobile trending topic. The classification also revealed the marketing. The other keywords presented in Table 1 and which were categories include: This classification, although not the only [25], [34], [37], [61] stands out Table 1 - Keywords used in the data collection because it was designed to present 9 years of research Abbreviated on the matter.

Unfortunately, the classification has not Keyword Keyword been recently updated and did not present research Mobile marketing m-marketing topics that could serve to guide upcoming research.

The overarching theme Mobile services m-services covered in these articles is that Mobile Marketing is still Short Message Service Marketing SMS marketing an emerging technology and that its widespread use is an important field of interest. At the end of the spectrum Isolating academic peer-reviewed journals, we was the Perceived Value sub-category with only 3 selected articles that were relevant and removed those articles published on the subject during the 3-year that did not cover the topic of Mobile Marketing as period.

Our classification methodology contributed to defined provided by the Mobile Marketing Association. Since Perceived Value articles were As such, we did not include in the results 3rd party often theoretical, we decided to classify most of them mobile services used by consumers.

We reviewed the under the Theory category hence they are mostly absent articles, categorized and analyzed them. Then, from Table 3 but included in the results presented in suggested research avenues presented in articles Table 2. Table 2 - Yearly frequency of Mobile Marketing articles by category Some abstracts of articles whose full-text versions Legal were not available appeared in our search results.

Considering the Year Behavior Public important number of articles retained, we feel that the 6 Privacy missing articles do not affect the overall reliability of 12 21 20 2 55 the results. Great effort was taken into categorizing the 9 10 21 4 45 articles and their research questions into the appropriate 6 7 11 2 26 category and sub-category. A third Table 3 - Yearly frequency of Consumer Behavior researcher validated the harder to categorize articles articles by sub-category thus contributing to increasing the validity of the results.

Sub- Perceived 4. Other topics 31 1 6 9 3 53 included Theory 27 , Strategy 38 and Legal and public privacy 8. Table 2 presents the yearly It is important to note that an additional 66 articles publication frequency of each category for the 3 years not included in the retained articles were borderline covered in the study.

Most of these Taken at face value, the census indicates that the articles covered topics of mobile banking 3rd party quantity of research seems to be following a mobile payment, user acceptance of mobile banking, diminishing trend.

In the Strategy category etc. These adoption of mobile services, etc. Since they did not focused mainly on practical and managerial advice. Figure 1 illustrates how the retained Marketing category. Table 3 presents the yearly mobile marketing articles fit in the classification model. Research Trends Innovation 1 This section presents consumer behavior research avenues in the field of mobile marketing. They are Delving into the specific journals that published based from the review of the retained articles and are mobile marketing articles reveals a mostly scattered organized by the sub-category under which the paper field of interest.

The possible research questions that they have been grouped Journal of Advertising Research is the third journal in under 5 topics: Table 5 presents the journals that have Technologies. For example, the International Journal of text message or analyse key factors of SMS consumer Mobile Marketing, which represents the journal with the acceptance. These articles focused mainly on Strategy.

Consumer Behavior sub-category presented by the 2 What is the effect of consumer innovativeness journal. Other journals accounted for a fraction of the and compatibility in SMS adoption?

What factors users? If so, what would be that concept? We define it as using a wireless handheld email and Bluetooth? Previous researchers present many questions related to explaining 4. Articles classified under this category [35], [38], [57], focus on the matter of trust in mobile marketing. Trust 1 What attitudes and socio-demographic factors has been proven to be a key facilitator in electronic characterize mobile phone users and their commerce and now also in mobile commerce [67].

These questions are directly related to trust in a mobile 2 What influence does targeted advertising have on marketing context. On what should that 5 Do the different characteristics of mobile service segmentation be built? They mostly deal with adoption category [58]. Articles that are classified under this models and the effect of privacy issues. Mobile Marketing Solutions 0 Comments. Here are some things to review before starting: Research and create a competitive study of your market, including comparing mobile marketing statistics — does it make sense for your business, and how?

What types of mobile marketing media is viable for your particular niche and industry? Do you need to hire a mobile marketing consultant to work with you develop the vision and execution of your mobile marketing plan?

What type of mobile apps might you be able to integrate with your existing company IT infrastructure? Are there any existing mobile marketing case studies that match your business segment that you can learn from? Visit a mobile marketing conference and blogs to get to know some of the industry experts and mobile marketing companies — watch for emerging trends A mobile marketing solution option starts with the above.

Are your readers squinting or are they able to read naturally when browsing your website on a mobile device? Can they easily find the pages they need?

Is the navigation clear and easy to access? This includes the ability to find your phone number, and click to call ease of use. Is your website load speed turning them away? Are they having to wait? Is your website design responsive?

Or, are pages returning high bounce-rates?

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