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THE CUBE METHOD. 6. Brandon Lilly has quickly become an icon in powerlifting through his no BS attitude and crossover success in raw and geared lifting. The Journey to the Cube. -How the Cube method was formed. -Why it became the training method of Elite Level Powerlifter Brandon Lilly, and. CUBE CALCULATOR. Brandon Lilly is a beast with huge raw and geared powerlifting totals. Launching The Cube Method calculator. Thanks to Ronald.

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Brandon Lilly, one of the greatest powerlifters (raw and geared) still competing, published the Cube Method “out of my absolute frustration with my training. Cube Method spreadsheet- brandon lilly - Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls / .xlsx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Brandon Lilly's the cube. A QUICK INTRO TO THE CUBE METHOD For those of you that don't know how I model my training, this is my second week of my deadlift wave so it is a speed.

To be clear, I am going to be focusing on his most recent release of the program also known as the Cube Boss Method, Cube Kingpin, and Cube Strong. I am personally neither a fan of the method nor the book. Buy at your own discretion. Essentially, Lilly had become fed-up with the never-ending carousel of bands, chains, and movements that is Westside Barbell programming; Lilly had become fed-up with overreliance on powerlifting gear; Lilly had become fed-up with thinking harder than he was working. He did this by designing a program that centered on compound barbell movements minus all the bands and chains.

Following his advice seems like a good idea.

The Cube Method – Brandon Lilly

Lilly gives you a lot of freedom when choosing your assitance work for this program. You are responsible for your own success and tayloring the program to suit your strengths and especially your weaknesses. If you are new to powerlifting-style workouts, check out Starting Strength.

Lilly the cube pdf brandon method

The bar weight input in the form now allows you to enter any weight. Honest folks using 20 kg bars can enter 44 lbs. Others at freaky gyms can enter Thanks to Ronald Mauldin and the folks at The Iron Temple forums for encouraging to build this calculator.

Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method: Complaints and Criticism

If you encounter any problems, please let me know petermichaux hotmail. Show your appreciation. During the 10 week program you will go through waves. Each wave is 3 weeks for bench, squat, and deadlift.

On week four you will recycle the wave. You will never train heavy on two lifts in the same week. After you perform your main lifts, pick exercises and perform them bodybuilding style.

During your bodybuilding day you will want to focus on your weaknesses. Pick a few exercises that focus on your weak points and perform each exercise for roughly repetitions.

Brandon always adds in military presses and leg presses. You will want to perform these exercises with lighter weights and higher repetitions. Brandon Lilly created The Cube Method after spending hours in the gym and not seeing the results he wanted. After training the same way for the past 11 years, Brandon decided to start training the way he did when he first started going to the gym, bodybuilding style. He then figured out the last three pieces to the puzzle he calls The Cube, heavy work, explosive work, and repetition work.

Cube pdf lilly the brandon method

Lift Unlimited features some of the strongest athletes around, and we're proud to share their progress! Cube Method No Comments.

Brandon Lilly’s Cube Method Program Spreadsheet

Advanced , Beginner , Intermediate Days per week: Four , Three Equipment: Everyone , Powerlifter Focus: In fact, per lift, you also get substantial variation in volume and intensity from week to week. Because of this, The Cube can be used profitably even by advanced athletes. At the same time, late stage intermediates can still get a lot out of the program because of the concurrent periodization aspects contained in the assistance and due to the rotation of qualities trained throughout the week.

This program is thoroughly aimed at powerlifting. The entire program is structured around the Big Three and the vast majority of assistance comes through closely related movements such as block pulls, deficit pulls, closegrip bench, Olympic squats, and other similar variations.

The one knock I would give the program in terms of specificity is that, in my opinion, a bit too much of the overall volume of the program comes from the assistance rather than coming from doing work on the competition lifts.

I also think there is probably a bit too much bodybuilding fluff, but this is typical of virtually all American programs. American powerlifters generally get their start through bodybuilding and, because of this, much of American powerlifting culture is informed through bodybuilding.

Many of these guys never drop the supersets and giant sets for their arms, lateral delts, and what have you. The Cube Method is a percentage based program.

That is, you need to know your maxes in order to run the program properly.

Method lilly brandon cube pdf the

After each training cycle, a new max is taken and your next training cycle is calculated based on this number. This is progressive overload. The lifter is progressively taken from slightly more volume at lighter percentages to heavier weights at slightly lower volumes.

The program goes to pain-staking lengths to ensure program recovery. I doubt very many people will have trouble recovering on this program.

The Cube Method

You perform each lift only once per week and, each week, you only go heavy on one movement. They generally need much more frequency than hitting a lift one time per week. They generally need more volume than can be done in a single session. They cannot rely as much on anabolism to drive progress.

Pdf brandon lilly method the cube

They have to put in more work. Essentially, this just means that more experienced lifters will use that experience to autoregulate and less experienced lifters will ignore autoregulation and suffer the consequences. The saving grace is that at least the rep days have rep ranges so there is SOME built-in autoregulation. As far as I know, it is still the only program that actually systemizes and teaches you HOW to autoregulate.

You have to figure it out for yourself.

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