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The 3 scraping against her throat. If a doctor was coming, that meant they were forgoing her retrial. It shouldn't have come as a surprise. According to. Nearly years after the holocaustalnuclear war the remains of mankind is living on threegigantic spaceshipsnamed Phoenix, Walden, and. A young 3rd generation of one hundred juvenile prisoners was sent on an all or nothing mission to the Earth to test its habitability. Download The by Kass Morgan [PDF] [ePub] or you can purchase the book from Amazon. All soft copy books of The by Kass Morgan acquired.

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The Book Pdf Kass Morgan Free Download. Reads 0 Votes 1 Part Story. pechaapingmic By pechaapingmic Ongoing - Updated Dec 16, The by Kass Morgan (SAMPLE) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Coming mid-season to the CW! In the future. Every part on this station is over a hundred years old and it shows. The exterior is pockmarked and covered in grime. CLARKE (V.O.).

In the future humans lived in city-like spaceships orbiting the Earth because of its toxic atmosphere, resulting from a nuclear apocalypse. Where, of course, no resources can be renewed or made. And no one knows if they will be able to inhabit their beloved, long-abandoned home again. But due to a lack of resources and growth in population aboard the ships, the leaders know they must try to reclaim the earth before it is too late. A young 3rd generation of one hundred juvenile prisoners was sent on an all or nothing mission to the Earth to test its habitability. The teens had a shaky start with a crash landing but arrived on the apparently beautiful planet which they have only ever seen from space.

She turned over her shoulder and caught his eye, shaking her head slightly, a clear warning not to do anything stupid. But Bellamy had been doing stupid things his whole life, and he had no intention of stopping now. The Chancellor nodded at a woman in a black uniform. She turned to the control panel next to the dropship and started pressing a series of buttons.

Large numbers began flashing on the screen. The countdown had begun. He had three minutes to get past the door, down the ramp, and onto the dropship, or else lose his sister forever. As the final passengers loaded, the mood in the room shifted. The guards next to Bellamy relaxed and began talking quietly among themselves. Across the deck on the other ramp, someone let out an obnoxious snort. Bellamy felt a tide of anger rise within him, momentarily overpowering his nerves.

How could these assholes laugh when his sister and ninety-nine other kids were being sent on what might be a suicide mission? The woman by the control panel smiled and whispered something to the Chancellor, but he scowled and turned away. The real guards had begun trudging back up and were filing into the hallway.

Either they thought they had better things to do than witness humanitys first attempt to return to Earth, or they thought the ancient dropship was going to explode and were headed to safety.

Bellamy took a deep breath. It was time. He shoved his way through the crowd and slipped behind a stocky guard whose holster was strapped carelessly to his Bellamy snatched the weapon and charged down the loading ramp. Before anyone knew what was happening, Bellamy jabbed his elbow into the Chancellors stomach and threw an arm around his neck, securing him in a headlock. The launch deck exploded with shouts and stamping feet, but before anyone had time to reach him, Bellamy placed the barrel of the gun against the Chancellors temple.

There was no way hed actually shoot the bastard, but the guards needed to think he meant business. Everyone back up, Bellamy shouted, tightening his hold. The Chancellor groaned. There was a loud beep, and the flashing numbers changed from green to red.

Less than a minute left. All he had to do was wait until the door to the dropship started to close, then push the Chancellor out of the way and duck inside. There wouldnt be any time to stop him. Let me onto the dropship, or Ill shoot. The room fell silent, save for the sound of a dozen guns being cocked.

In thirty seconds, hed either be heading to Earth with Octavia, or back to Walden in a body bag. Glass had just hooked her harness when a flurry of shouts rose up. The guards were closing in around two figures near the entrance to the dropship. It was difficult to see through the shifting mass of uniforms, but Glass caught a flash of suit sleeve, a glimpse of gray hair, and the glint of metal.

Then half the guards knelt down and raised their guns to their shoulders, giving Glass an unobstructed view: The Chancellor was being held hostage. Everyone back up, the captor yelled, his voice shaking.

He wore a uniform, but he clearly wasnt a guard. His hair was far longer than regulation length, his jacket fit badly, and his awkward grip on the gun showed that hed never been trained to use one. No one moved. I said back up. The numbness that had set in during the long walk from her cell to the launch deck melted away like an icy comet passing the sun, leaving a faint trail of hope in its wake.

She didnt belong here. She couldnt pretend they were about to head off on some historic adventure. The moment the dropship detached from the ship, Glasss heart would start to break. This is my chance, she thought suddenly, excitement and terror shooting through her.

Pdf the 100

Glass unhooked her harness and sprang to her feet. A few other prisoners noticed, but most were caught up watching the drama unfolding atop the ramp. She dashed to the far side of the dropship, where another ramp led back up to the loading deck.

Im going with them, the boy shouted as he took a step backward toward the door, dragging the Chancellor with him.

Im going with my sister. A stunned silence fell over the launch deck. The word echoed in Glasss head but before she had time to process its significance, a familiar voice pulled her from her thoughts. Let him go. Glass glanced at the back of the dropship and froze, momentarily stunned by the sight of her best friends face. Of course, shed heard the ridiculous rumors that Wells had What was he doing here? As she stared at Wellss gray eyes, which were trained intently on his father, the answer came to her: He must have tried to follow Clarke.

Wells would do anything to protect the people he cared about, most of all Clarke. And then there was a deafening cracka gunshot? Without stopping to think, to breathe, she dashed through the door and began sprinting up the ramp.

Fighting the urge to look back over her shoulder, Glass kept her head down and ran as fast as shed ever run in her life. Shed chosen just the right moment. For a few seconds, the guards stood still, as if the reverberation from the gunshot had locked their joints in place. Then they caught sight of her.

Prisoner on the run! The flash of movement activated the instincts drilled into their brains during training. It didnt matter that she was a seventeen-year-old girl. Theyd been programmed to look past the flowing blond hair and wide blue eyes that had always made people want to protect Glass. All they saw was an escaped convict.

Glass threw herself through the door, ignoring the angry shouts that rose up in her wake. She hurtled down the passageway that led back to Phoenix, her chest heaving, her breath coming in ragged gasps. Stop right there!

If she ran fast enough, and if the luck that had been eluding her all her life made a final, last-minute appearance, maybe she could see Luke one last time. And maybe, just maybe, she could get him to forgive her. Gasping, Glass staggered down a passageway bordered by unmarked doors. Her right knee buckled, and she grabbed on to the wall to catch herself. The corridor was beginning to grow blurry.

She turned her head and could just make out the shape of an air vent. Glass hooked her fingers under one of the slats and pulled. Nothing happened. With a groan, she pulled again and felt the metal grate give.

The Series by Kass Morgan

She yanked it open, revealing a dark, narrow tunnel full of ancient-looking pipes. Glass pulled herself onto the small ledge, then scooted along on her stomach until there was room to bring her knees up to her chest.

The metal felt cool against her burning skin. With her last milligram of strength, she crept deeper into the tunnel and closed the vent behind her.

She strained her ears for signs of pursuit, but there was no more shouting, no more footsteps, only the desperate thud of her heart. Glass blinked in the near darkness, taking stock of where she was. The cramped space extended straight in both directions, thick with dust. It had to be one of the original air shafts, from before the Colony built their new air circulation and filtration systems.

The 100 by Kass Morgan

Glass had no idea where it would lead, She started to crawl forward. After what felt like hours, her knees numb and her hands burning, she reached a fork in the tunnel.

If her sense of direction was right, then the tunnel on the left would lead to Phoenix, and the other would run parallel to the skybridge onto Walden, and toward Luke. Luke, the boy she loved, who shed been forced to abandon all those months ago. Who shed spent every night in Confinement thinking about, so desperate for his touch that shed almost felt the pressure of his arms around her. She took a deep breath and turned to the right, not knowing if she was headed toward freedom or certain death.

Ten minutes later, Glass slid quietly out of the vent and lowered herself to the floor. She took a step forward and coughed as a plume of dust swirled around her face, sticking to her sweaty skin. She was in some kind of storage space. As her eyes adjusted to the darkness, shapes began to materialize on the wallwriting, Glass realized. She took another few steps forward, and her eyes widened. There were messages carved into the walls.

Rest in peace In memoriam From the stars to the heavens. She was on the quarantine deck, the oldest section of Walden. As nuclear and biological war threatened to destroy Earth, space had been the only option for those lucky enough to survive the first stages of the Cataclysm. But some infected survivors fought their way onto the transport podsonly to find themselves barred from Phoenix, left to die on Walden. Now, whenever there was the slightest threat of illness, anyone infected was quarantined, kept far from the rest of the Colonys vulnerable populationthe last of the human race.

Glass shivered as she moved quickly toward the door, praying that it hadnt rusted shut. To her relief, she was able to wrench it open and began dashing down the corridor. She peeled off her sweat-soaked jacket; in her white T-shirt and prison-issue pants, she could pass for a worker, someone on sanitation duty, perhaps. She glanced down nervously at the bracelet on her wrist. She wasnt sure whether it would work on the ship, or if it was only meant to transmit data from Earth.

Either way, she needed to figure out a way to get it off as soon as possible. Even if she avoided the passages with retina scanners, every guard in the Colony would be on the lookout for her.

Her only hope was that theyd be expecting her to run back to Phoenix. Theyd never guess that she would come here. She climbed up the main Walden stairwell until she reached the entrance to Lukes residential unit. She turned She couldnt imagine what hed say, the look hed give her when he saw her on his doorstep after her disappearance more than nine months earlier. But maybe he wouldnt have to say anything. Perhaps, as soon as he saw her, as soon as the words began to pour out of her mouth, he would silence her with a kiss, relying on his lips to tell her that everything was okay.

That she was forgiven. Glass glanced over her shoulder and then slipped out the door. She didnt think anyone had seen her, but she had to be careful. It was incredibly rude to leave a Partnering Ceremony before the final blessing, but Glass didnt think shed be able to spend another minute sitting next to Cassius, with his dirty mind and even fouler breath.

Pdf the 100

His wandering hands reminded Glass of Carter, Lukes two-faced roommate whose creepiness only slithered out of the darkness when Luke was out on guard duty. Glass climbed the stairs toward the observation deck, taking care to lift the hem of her gown with each step.

Itd been foolish to waste so many ration points collecting the materials for the dress, a piece of tarp that shed painstakingly sewn into a silver slip. It felt utterly worthless without Luke there to see her in it. She hated spending the evening with other boys, but her She couldnt understand why Glass hadnt snatched up Wells.

No matter how many times Glass explained that she didnt have those types of feelings for him, her mother sighed and muttered about not letting some badly dressed scientist girl steal him away. But Glass was happy that Wells had fallen for the beautiful if slightly overserious Clarke Griffin. She only wished she could tell her mother the truth: May I have this dance?

Glass gasped and spun around. As her eyes locked with a familiar pair of brown ones, her face broke into a wide smile. What are you doing here? I couldnt let those Phoenix boys have you all to themselves, Luke said, taking a step back to admire her dress. Not when you look like this. Do you know how much trouble youll get in if they catch you?

Let them try to keep up. He wrapped his arms around Glasss waist, and as the music from downstairs swelled, he spun her through the air.

Put me down! Glass half whispered, half laughed as she playfully hit his shoulder. Is that how young ladies are taught to address gentlemen admirers?

Come on, she said, giggling as she grabbed his hand. You really shouldnt be here. Luke stopped and pulled her to him. Wherever you are is where Im supposed to be. Its too risky, she said softly, bringing her face up to his. He grinned. Then we better make sure its worth our while. He placed his hand behind her head and brought his lips to hers. Glass raised her hand to knock a second time when the door opened. Her heart skipped a beat.

There he was, his sandy hair and deep-brown eyes exactly as she remembered them, exactly as theyd appeared in her dreams every night in Confinement. His eyes widened in surprise. Luke, she breathed, all the emotion of the past nine months threatening to break through. She was desperate to tell him what had happened, why shed broken up with him and then dis appeared.

That shed spent every minute of the nightmarish last six months thinking of him. That she never stopped loving him. Luke, she said again, a tear sliding down her cheek. After the countless times shed broken down in her cell, whispering his name in between sobs, it felt surreal to say it to him.

But before she had a chance to grab hold of any of the words flitting through her mind, another figure appeared in the door, a girl with wavy red hair. Glass tried to smile at Camille, Lukes childhood friend, a girl whod been as close to him as Glass was to Wells. And now she was here Of course, Glass thought with a strained kind of bitterness. Shed always wondered if there was more to their relationship than Luke had admitted.

Would you like to come in? Camille asked with exaggerated politeness. She wrapped her hand around Lukes, but Glass felt as if Camilles fingers had plunged into her heart instead.

While Glass had spent months in Confinement pining for Luke until his absence felt like a physical ache, hed moved on to someone else. Even if she managed to find the words, it would be impossible to tell Luke the truth now.

Seeing them together made it all the more ridiculous that shed come so farrisked so muchto see a boy who had already moved on. I just came to say hello.

Kass Morgan

You came to say hello? Luke repeated. After almost a year of ignoring my messages, you thought youd just drop by? He wasnt even trying to hide his anger, and Camille dropped his hand. Her smile hardened into a grimace. I know. ImIm sorry. Ill leave you two alone. Whats really going on?

Luke asked, exchanging a look with Camille that made Glass feel both desperately foolish and terribly alone. Nothing, Glass said quickly, trying and failing to keep her voice from trembling.

Ill talk to you Ill see you She cut herself off with a weak smile and took a deep breath, ignoring her bodys furious plea to stay close to him. But just as she turned, she saw a flash of a guard uniform out of the corner of her vision. She inhaled sharply and turned her face as the guard passed.

Pdf the 100

Luke pressed his lips together as he looked at something just beyond Glasss head. He was reading a message on his cornea slip, Glass realized. And from the way his jaw was tightening, she got the sickening sense it was about her. His eyes widened with understanding, and then horror. Glass, he said hoarsely. You were Confined. It wasnt a question. Glass nodded. He shifted his gaze back to Glass for a moment, then sighed and reached out to place his hand on her back.

She could feel the pressure of his fingers through the fabric of her thin T-shirt, and despite her anxiety, her skin thrilled at his touch.

Come on, he said, pulling her toward him. Camille stepped to the side, looking annoyed, as Glass stumbled into the flat. Luke quickly shut the door behind them. The small living area was darkLuke and Camille had been inside with the lights off.

Glass tried to push the implications of that fact out of her head as she watched Camille sit down in the armchair that Lukes great-grandmother had found at the Exchange.

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Glass shifted uncomfortably, unsure whether to take a seat. Being Lukes ex-girlfriend somehow felt odder than being an escaped convict. Shed had six months in Confinement to come to terms with her criminal record, but Glass had never imagined what it would be like to stand in this flat feeling like a stranger.

How did you escape? Glass paused.

100 pdf the

She had spent all her time in Confinement imagining what she would say to Luke if she ever got the chance to see him again. And now she had finally made her way back to him, and all the speeches shed practiced felt flimsy and selfish.

He was doing fine; she could see that now. Why should she tell him the truth, except to win him back and make herself feel less alone?

And so, in a shaky voice, Glass quickly told him about the hundred and their secret mission, the hostage situation, and the chase. But I still dont understand. Luke shot a glance over his shoulder at Camille, who had given up pretending that she wasnt paying attention. Why were you Confined in the first place?

Glass looked away, unable to meet his eyes as her brain She couldnt tell him, not now, not when hed moved on. Not when it was so obvious he didnt feel the same way for her. I cant talk about it, she said quietly.

You wouldnt underst Its fine. Luke cut her off sharply. Youve made it clear that there are lots of things I cant understand. For the briefest of moments, Glass wished shed stayed on the dropship with Clarke and Wells. Although she was standing next to the boy she loved, she couldnt imagine feeling any lonelier on the abandoned Earth than she did right now. This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously.

The author skillfully fills the text with wonderful and precise details, including the description of everyday life. The boys and girls, who are going to put off on a long journey were never meant to be heroes, but now these guysare the last hope for all mankind.

Thanks to the absence of heavy and dull descriptions, the book is read in one breath. The resolution is surprisingly unexpected and gives us pleasant feelings.

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