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Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Find out about customs, history, and Islamic law. From faith, prayer, and fasting to charity and pilgrimage, understand . 1 Why Has Islam Become So Important? 3. Get to know who Muslims are and why there has been such a misperception about them. 2 Food for the Soul. Islam: in a nutshell. “Islam” is the Arabic word meaning 'submission'. It started with the prophet Mohammed from Mecca and follows the. Quran (Koran) holy book.

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Read Islam For Dummies PDF Ebook by Malcolm meteolille.infohed by For Dummies, ePUB/PDF , meteolille.info .PDF). Understanding Islam begins with looking at the basic beliefs (Five Pillars of Faith) and required rituals (Five Pillars of Worship) of Muslims as well as the different. After reading this page you should be able to have a decent conversation about islam. Islam for beginners: First off: the definition of “ISLAM” (the religion.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Islam for Dummies , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Aug 09, Tamer rated it did not like it. The write should first fix his own preconceived ideas about Islam before he tries to fix it for his readers.

As a Muslim, it was very annoying to read even from page one! Oct 08, Czarny Pies rated it liked it Recommends it for: Beginners who want to know what the good points are. Recommended to Czarny by: The Dummies series has consistently excellent bookies on religion. Islam for Dummies is an excellent introduction to Islam for someone contemplating joining this faith in North America. It explains the practices and beliefs of this system in a simple, positive manner.

Thus it is of great assistance not only to the beginning Muslim but also to a curious person of good faith who wishes to understand the strong points of Islam which now has over 1. Dec 26, David Horney added it Shelves: Good information. Unlike many of the religious topic "Dummies" books this was not written by a follower of the particular belief system.

He is undoubtedly an "expert" on comparative religion and historical Islam itself but I have to wonder how some topics would have been presented by a "true beliver". Apr 07, Rex rated it liked it Shelves: As one who was rather unfamiliar to Islam, I thought this book was a pretty good introduction. As usual, the "For Dummies" format lends itself well to providing a comprehensive overview to the topic. It did seem incongruent, however, that the author was not a Muslim himself.

I think they should have selected an author who believes in the religion to be the voice. View 1 comment.

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Jan 03, Sheryl Hill rated it did not like it. The dummies who edit this series found a non-Muslim to write this book who turned out to be pretty ignorant on the subject.

If you want an overview book on Islam, read the Complete Idiot's Guide, which is no perfect, but at least is written by a Muslim. This book is so bad I ripped it up and threw it away because I didn't want anyone else to buy my copy! Oct 09, Isaac Gallaway rated it did not like it Shelves: When one goes to zoo, they look at the animals through a pane of glass.

A tiger may be dozing in the sunlight on the other side and seem all warm, cuddly, and cute. The bear may place his face right next to the glass and a child theirs, but in reality - the placards that explain the animals' habitat are nothing in reality with actually living with these creatures in the wild.

There's nothing like living in the jungle with the Tiger deciding whether or not to have you for breakfast. For Mr. Clark When one goes to zoo, they look at the animals through a pane of glass.

Clark who is quite fond and proud of his accomplishments as he lists out the menagerie of academic achievements, PhDs, and other 'qualifications' this is quite the lack of credible sources for a research book.

If this is the best America has to offer in form of religious understanding, we are in a dire place indeed. Based on inferences from comments made by the author one would almost believe he comes from the "all paths lead to god" mentality. When one also realizes that the majority of the statements on perspectives are taken from American Mulsims and even written by an American non-Muslim author, one begins to question the validity of this book.

Everyone knows that because of America's isolation and power America has developed a more liberal viewpoint than many other nations around the world - regardless of what religious preference one takes Christian, Jewish, Islam, Buddhist Reading through this book was arduous and strenuous as I had to constantly gag my gut reactions having known many friends and family who have lived in Muslim controlled nations Bangladesh, Ivory Coast, Uganda, Pakistan, Indonesia and the watered-down version this book gives is nothing to the reality people daily endure.

Yes, the book describes taxes levied on non-Muslims allowing them the practice their own faiths and the 'open-mindedness' of certain Islamic rulers - but that is the exception, not the rule, in Muslim nations contrary to how this author would have you believe. Overall, I wish I had skipped this book until the final 3 chapters that actually I could see relevance in. I suggest reading a book actually written by a Muslim author in order to better understand Islam and get a better perspective.

Jun 13, Rachel rated it liked it. Feb 21, Craig Patton rated it liked it. First, the author of this book was a college professor and this "dummies" book reads as if it was written for a college course. Second, the author does have a tendency to repeat himself in several places within the book and sometimes within the same paragraph which can be a little confusing and frustrating at times. Third, if the reader can get past the first two points, this is a good starting point for someone who would like at least a basic knowledge of Islam and the opportunity to take what th First, the author of this book was a college professor and this "dummies" book reads as if it was written for a college course.

Third, if the reader can get past the first two points, this is a good starting point for someone who would like at least a basic knowledge of Islam and the opportunity to take what they have from this book to continue to pursue a more in depth study into this religion.

Nov 18, Mark rated it really liked it. This is a very helpful guide in gaining a basic understanding of the people, culture, history, and faith of the Moslems. As all "Dummies" books, written in a compact and concise manner that allows one to gain understanding of some very complex and ancient conflicts within and without the world of Islam. A longer review appears at: Jul 23, Kurt rated it did not like it. It may have been accurate, but this book was dry as dirt.

I gave up on it at least three times over the course of two years but finally finished. It read like a college textbook, with pages of names and dates but no real sense of what life is like as a Muslim today. I do not recommend this for anyone with a casual interest in the beliefs of Islam. It was a good read finished it 24 hours I liked the book and thinking about getting the three religions Jewish Christian and Muslim.

Read this book on kindle text to read it helped me finish so fast. Dec 30, B. Of course I will be reading this. Koran 9: This word appears in koran 9: A male owner may have sex with his slave-women, even prepubescent slave-girls. Apostasy laws, including execution, may be imposed on anyone who leaves islam — an apostate.

Blasphemy laws, including imprisonment or execution, may be imposed on critics of islam or Mohammed. Koran 3: An injured plaintiff — a private citizen — has the options of forgiving or exacting legal and literal revenge — physical eye for physical eye qisas. Koran 5: False accusers of sexual crimes may be flogged eighty times.

Koran 2: A wife may re-marry her ex-husband if, and only if, she marries another man, has sex with him, and then this second man divorces her. A mature man can marry a prepubescent girl — Mohammed himself was 53 years old when he married the 6 year old Aisha. Sharia police are the authorities that people report information to.

These are also the men who implement the punishments such as floggings and stoning of women. Many times women are even arrested for doing things like making their husbands angry.

Many can not understand islam. We, in the West, are so accustomed to the Western way of thinking based on the Judeo-Christian culture, the 10 commandments, equality for all, the golden rule the principle of treating others as one would wish to be treated , tolerance and forgiveness we assume that these mandates are automatically common to ALL religions.

Unfortunately, they are not. The doctrine of islam clearly goes against almost everything we in the West believe in and stand for. No equal rights. No critical thinking. No freedom of speech. No democracy. No liberty. No atheism. Extreme cruelty in punishments and for animals, and much, much more. Blocking it from their minds. This is why we see that so many people in the West including ignorant westernized muslims!

Politicians, media, liberals and educators… Much like an ostrich with its head in the sand. Luckily, there is hope… People all over the world are slowly but surely starting to wake up.

And eventhough, for most people it takes some time before the penny has dropped. The process of indoctrination that poisons minds is called: Almost all muslims are brainwashed, most of them since birth generation after generation after generation. You know nothing about islam. What you are saying is taken out of context. Others have done bad things as well Christians, Jews, America, Crusades….

Look at the Bible. It almost never goes any further than this, no facts, no arguments. That is what happens when people want to defend something that is indefensible. There are good things in the koran. But, the koran is dualistic — otherwise islam could never have survived. The koran says: It has everything to do with following the prophets actions. Third, the reason for killing: We must not forget that the jihadists who kill in the name of islam justify their actions ONLY by the existence of non-muslims.

For pdf islam dummies

This means, just because a person is not a muslim he must be killed. That is different than fighting for peace or for example fighting to liberate Europe from Hitler. Because of islamic terrorists were trying to take over the Christian world.

The crusades did not start the muslim belief that everyone who is not a muslim must die, they were a reaction to muslims acting on that belief. A racist is someone who excludes a race, islam is NOT a race , it is an ideology. An ideology, with a little bit of religion. The Sharia even is a complete handbook for a civilization.

A phobia is an unjust fear of something, the fear of islam is absolutely justifiable. The islamic doctrine is full of hate speech, appointing the hate speech of islam may be uncomfortable but is not hate speech, it is telling the truth. There is a huge difference between the violence in the Bible OT and the violence in the trilogy of islam, being: The Bible OT is a history book, there are no eternal laws in the Bible other than the 10 commandments.

The Bible does not call for eternal violence and the koran very clearly does. The koran however is a book of laws and commands, and because the words of Allah spoken by Mohammed, of course are the highest, are perpetual, are to be taken literally and can never be doubted, there is no other interpretation possible. Not years ago, not now, never.

Therefore, the fundamental difference is: However, if a muslim kills in the name of Allah, he has full justification to do so from the life and teachings of Mohammed, and from the koran. That is exactly why nowhere in the world Christians are murdering muslims in the name of the Bible. We see Christians around the world building hospitals, orphanages, universities, etc. Actually, the world would be quite a peaceful place without islam. Well, the answer kan be found in the islamic sripture, Koran Tafsir Ibn Kathir:.

They also abandon what Allah made obligatory and doubt His religion. So it is actually ok to kill a person in retaliation of murder, all unbelievers non-muslims , and all muslims who disobey Allah, all muslims who doubt islam, or all muslims who have disbelievers as friends note: That is their disgrace in this world, and a great torment is theirs in the Hereafter.

Muslims who are islamists themselves.

islam for dummies

Muslims or non-muslims that are scared of islamists. Muslims or non-muslims that know nothing about islam. Muslims or non-muslims that have not lived in muslim dominated areas. You may still think islam is just like any other religion and therefore it is wrong to be against islam. It is only in the last 20 years or so that all the major islamic sources have been translated and not so long ago islam was mainly something from the Middle East far away. Now it is coming closer rapidly to the west and people are starting to slowly wake up.

The fact is, most Western people have had very little personal interaction with muslims so far. Most Westerners are completely blind to the fact that islam does not share the Western values or basic worldview. For many it is far easier to act as if critics of islam have a problem with muslims, than it is to accept the uncomfortable truth that islam is different. Emanated from schools, universities, news rooms, vips, politicians and so on…. So when your muslim friends tell you islam is peaceful, they may actually truly believe it.

Unfortunately, islam is NOT defined by your neighbour, your co-worker or any other peaceful Westernized muslim, islam is defined by Allah and Mohammed. If violence and mayhem seem to follow muslims wherever they go not to mention plague the entire islamic world!

And eventhough: It is only in the last 20 years or so that all the major islamic sources have been translated, people muslims and non-muslims are starting to wake up. So education and information is the key: Did you know this?

The koran is just one book a trilogy , it is full of hate speech and it is written by just one man: Islam has not so much to do with religion and cannot be compared with the Bible Bible means library: The koran contains at least verses that call muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of islamic rule.

Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, the verses of violence in the koran are mostly open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by the historical context of the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the koran.

Islam is based upon two principles: Duality is a major principle of islam since islam would never have survived without it.

First comes the part of the koran written in Mecca, where Mohammed is still just a religious preacher, Mohammed says: Then comes the part of the koran written in Medina, where Mohammed became a jihadi warrior, Mohammed says: The two positions clearly contradict each other, so which one is true? And still you see that much of the violence in the world is perpetrated by muslims….

One part was written in Mecca and one part was written in Medina: The abrogation principle of the koran says: Unfortunately, there are very few verses of tolerance and peace to abrogate or even balance out the many that call for nonbelievers to be fought and subdued until they either accept humiliation, convert to islam, or are killed.

Besides this: Mohammed was once a refugee taken in by the Jewish city of Medina. Within 5 years he had driven out, executed, or enslaved every Jew there… In Mecca, before jihad, islam only grew at the rate of 10 new muslims per year, the religion of islam was clearly a total failure. But when Mohammed went to Medina and turned to jihad, islam grew at an average rate of This is stated in the koran no less than 91 times!

Mohammed is pure islam: Is sex slavery islamic?


Look to Mohammed. He said that women could be beaten, had to always obey their husbands and could be part of a harem. According to islam Mohammed is the perfect human being, the divine prototype. In islam, muslims are intended to emulate the behavior and example of Mohammed directly and literally, and every muslim needs to speak as Mohammed and act like Mohammed.

So, to understand islam, you must first know the life of Mohammed. Also he was a child molester, a narcissist, a pedophile, a mass murderer, a terrorist, a misogynist, a polygamist, a lecher, a cult leader, a rapist, a torturer, an assassin and a looter. The reward has gone unclaimed. Mohammed beheaded a whole tribe Banu Qurayza , even children were killed. He killed people himself with his hands and sword, and many many more were butchered in his name. Have sex with a 9-year-old girl?

Advocate beheading? Require women to cover their faces? Befriend Christians and Jews? Own slaves? Marry his daughter-in-law? Approve of prostitution? Recommend wife-beating? Hit his own wife? Kill prisoners of war? Advocate suicide attacks? Kill apostates? Tell sick persons to heal them-selves by drinking camel urine? Have boys as young as years-old beheaded?

Have eleven wives? Approve of Sex with Minors? Enslave women and children? Stone adulterers to death? Torture a man out of greed? Consider men and women equal partners? Kill someone for insulting him? Preach love for people of all religions? Extort money from other religions? Keep women as sex slaves? Yes Force conversions to Islam? Encourage acts of terror?

Kill a woman? Capture a woman and rape her? Encourage the rape of women in front of their husbands? Ask yourself: Mohammed was an orphan who rose from poverty to become the first ruler of all of Arabia. Mohammed was qua religion this in addition to his military career no more than just a dangerous cult leader like Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh etc.

A dangerous madman in his time who proclaimed himself! We all know how it ended with the other cult leaders. And that is unfortunately also the ONLY real solution for islam.

How sad it may be for some liberals and semi-muslims who would like to celibrate ramadan and eid but otherwise totally know nothing about Islam. Mohammed was a warlord, mass murderer, pedophile, thief, fascist, and rapist. And the less radical in the eyes of Westerners muslims are in fact NOT good muslims if you read the sources carefully.

No one today wages war in the name of Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon or any other military leader. Mohammed said that one day all of the world would live under his rule of law.

Make no mistake: After Nazism and Communism, islam is now the third totalitarian ideology that threatens humanity and it is extremely important for everyone muslims and non-muslims not to increase the percentage of muslims in a free country for there will be a point of no return. Islam rates emigration so highly that the islamic calender only started when Mohammed emigrated from Mecca and went to Medina.

Emigration is a very essential way to spread islam all over the world and is seen as a highly important form of jihad in islam. Kill and be killed in the name of Allah jihad. Die while emigrating to spread islam hijrah — jihad by emigration. But since it impossible for any person to count their good and bad deeds, this one is all but useless for any muslim. PHASE 1: PHASE 2: PHASE 3: In Dr. Islam has religious, legal, political, economic, social, and military components.

The religious component is a beard for all of the other components. Open, free, democratic societies are particularly vulnerable. When politically correct, tolerant, and culturally diverse societies agree to muslim demands for their religious privileges, some of the other components tend to creep in as well. The takeover of a country begins when the population of muslims reaches a critical mass, and they being to agitate for various privileges.

This is how it works:. They will push for the introduction of halal clean by islamic standards food, thereby securing food preparation jobs for muslims.

Islam For Dummies Cheat Sheet

They will increase pressure on supermarket chains to feature it on their shelves along with threats for failure to comply.

The bigger the muslim population in any country will be, the bigger the influence of islam will be on the muslims living in that country. No person muslim or non-muslim in the world is BORN as a devout muslim. Know this: Even if this seems unlikely to you now: History has shown us time and time again that when the muslim population grows radicalism will start growing rapidly among muslims, like a cancer.

Eventhough the majority of muslims in a country are moderate today, that does not mean that radicalism can not be majority someday.

As long as there is interaction with other muslims, ANY moderate muslim will still have the potential to become a radical. Just waiting for somebody who reads the koran cover to cover, knows and practices islam perfectly and knows exactly how to live and how to behave as a muslim, then sooner or later he WILL become a radical. No freedom of speech, no freedom of press and no freedom of religion. Death sentences for apostates, hypocrites moderate muslims , unbelievers atheists , believers of other religions Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Christians, etcetera and all non-muslims, blasphemers, homosexuals, etcetera.

There are however non-practicing passive muslims, partial-practicing moderate muslims, and practicing devout muslims, just like in any other religion. But how do we know when a non-practicing or partial-practicing muslim will become a practicing one? We can never know, but the bigger islam is growing in a country the bigger the chance that they will. So, we can never point at a single non-practicing or partial-practicing muslim and say that they represent islam, for clearly they do not.

Islam means to submit and muslim is one who has submitted. Allah 2. Mohammed 3. The muslim man 4. The muslim woman 5. The kafir non-muslim 6.

The dhimmi 7. The slave. The Sharia and the status of a dhimmi are the root cause of the disappearance of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism and Hinduism in islamic countries. In muslim dominated areas and countries, till this very day, muslims are enforcing a dhimmi treaty with kafirs non-muslims.

Here are some examples of the conditions under which kafirs in islamic countries are subjugated how the dhimma treats the kafir as a dhimmi:. Kafirs are prohibited from issuing their call to prayer any louder than can be heard from the sidewalk of the church. Kafirs are prohibited from serving in the military, police force nor hold any government position.

Kafirs shall not manifest any other religion but islam publicly, they shall not attempt to convert any muslim, and they will not prevent any non-muslim from leaving their religion to become a muslim if they so wish. Any act of disobedience by an individual kafir could result in collective punishment and nullify the treaty dhimma and cause the muslims to riot, murder and burn down the homes and churches of the kafirs.

It should be absolutely clear that these laws are enacted and enforced with one goal only: The same thing happened to the Buddhists and the Hindus when they were forcibly subjected to rules just like these and so, after a while, in utter desperation, they converted or escaped from the totalitarian islamic countries… if they had the chance.

On the example of Turkey we can see perfectly how submission works. Today Turkey is Over a period of time every single last Christian in Turkey will be gone. They will have immigrated or have been killed in a street riot. Kill them wherever you encounter them. And drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if desist, then lo!

Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah. As to those who reject faith, I will punish them with terrible agony in this world and in the Hereafter, nor will they have anyone to help. Not equal are those believers who sit at home and receive no hurt, and those who strive and fight in the cause of Allah with their goods and their persons. Allah hath granted a grade higher to those who strive and fight with their goods and persons than to those who sit at home.

Unto all in Faith Hath Allah promised good: But those who strive and fight Hath He distinguished above those who sit at home by a special reward. And be not weak hearted in pursuit of the enemy; if you suffer pain, then surely they too suffer pain as you suffer pain. Punished by death, crucifixion of the amputation of an alternate hand and foot. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them.

The disbelievers should not think they have won — they cannot escape. Wherever you find the polytheists, kill them seize them, besige them, ambush them. You have in Mohammed a beautiful pattern of conduct. O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness. Those with him are harsh, hard and ruthless towards the disbelievers and merciful among themselves. Muslim 1: Bukhari O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him.

Islam is taking over Europe without a fight, and America is next. Just because we let it happen and maybe rather not speak — or even wanna hear — about it. We need to understand that the average muslim living in the West knows next to nothing about islam. So when you know some muslims that tell you islam is peaceful, they may actually truly believe it despite what it says in the koran and the sunna, despite years of violence, and despite what is happening in all muslim countries.

We need to understand what islam means: No free press. No tolerance or forgiveness. Fear, cultural degradation, extreme cruelty in punishments and for animals, and much, much more. We need to understand that living under the islamic religious police is similar — or worse — than living under the Gestapo or Stasi. But nevertheless… we are doing nothing to stop it.

We are welcoming it in. We are even inviting it! We need to understand that islam is not defined by your neighbour, your co-worker or any other peaceful Westernized muslim you might know. Islam is defined by Allah and Mohammed. And Allah and Mohammed say clearly: We also need to understand that islamization is almost always irreversible, only a civil war will reverse it. We need to understand that there will be a point of no return, soon.

And that there will be no second chance after that. Is this what we want for the next generations? A second Lebanon, Bosnia, Iran, etc.. In Europe? In America? In Australia? We need to wake up! Do the right thing, before it is too late. The truth about Jesus and Mohammed: Mohammad did all of those things.

Mohammed said: Islam, sharia Law and islamic terrorism is all born from the words of the koran and the actions of Mohammed. Many Muslims are innocent misguided believers, but Mohammed was a merchant turned militant terror war-monger who slaughtered many innocents from AD, in bloody raids, battles, invasions and crusades for power, territory and profit. Three hundred and sixty gods became one god: Allah, symbolised by the black stone Kaaba in Mecca and the crescent moon-god and denied and rejected the divinity of Jesus Christ: The koran espouses oppression and abuse against women and children, violence and death to non-believers and apostates, and dominance over all other religions and the world.

He is loved because He first loved us, and not because of any threat of punishment. But all will be held personally accountable. The two greatest commandments are, to love God and love your neighbour as yourself, on these two hang all the laws and prophets. Western societies are shaped by Judeo-Christian centric western culture: You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor — Exodus Islamic societies are shaped by islamic culture: It is violence and unrestrained savagery.

In Christianity, Christians are not expected to emulate Christ. In islam, muslims are intended to emulate the behavior and example of Mohammed directly and literally. Jesus preached compassion and love. Mohammed was a vicious warlord, a pedophile, a polygamist, and a murderer. He killed people himself with his hands and sword.

Allah is NOT God.

For dummies pdf islam

Allah to begin was a moon god. It is satan. This allah even admits he is satan. Allah even says he wants to bring as many people to hell with him. Even down to the fact that they yell allahu akbar. Even down to the fact that they behead people. Even down to the fact that they force people to join their satanic religion or kill them.

Islam for Dummies

The islamic anti-Christ which the Bible told us about. Their return of the fake Jesus Christ which will fool many people. Islam is the most demonic satanic thing. Who in their right mind will worship and kill for a paedophile? What type of sense is that. Mohammed was a mass murder, a rapist and a thief. He raped a woman the same day he slaughtered her husband and an entire village. He raped Aisha when she was 9 years old.

That is the best person muslims look up to and will kill for and die for. There is a reason why muslims must bow down towards hell with their asses facing up towards God. Christians praise the Lord standing up with their arms outstretched towards heaven, looking up. Muslims break all the 10 commandments. Satan is their god. Allah is a moon god not the almighty God. Those who know nothing of islam pretend that islam counsels against war. Islam says: KILL all the unbelievers just as they would kill you all.

KILL the [the non-muslims], put them to the sword and scatter [their armies]. KILL in the service of Allah those who may want to kill you. People cannot be made obedient except with the sword. Mohammed further said: The laws of sharia are being implemented step by step everywhere in the West. Headscarfs everywhere, muslim-only swimming pools, prayer rooms etc.

The list goes on and on…. In some countries like Germany and England you can even go to prison for insulting islam. Back then all the warnings were also ignored. In the beginning huge parties continued into the night, and even after Hitler started jailing Jews and shipping them off to the gas chambers the older Jews still kept saying: Just a few weeks later, those same people were pushed like cattle into rail cars headed for the concentration camps.

They thought the good times and prosperity would last forever. Most people today are also oblivious regarding the islamic invasion of the West that is under way. They too have a false sense of security. They seem to be believing the narrative that islam means peace. All ex- and non-muslims in the east in muslim majority countries already know this too well. Islam plans to take over Europe and Africa first… then America and then to turn the world against Israel and jews.

We are being deceived through our own system. Our leaders just can not — or will not — comprehend that the world will regress to dark ages under islam, despite all the advances humanity as achieved.

Cruelty and injustice will reign but will be claimed as just and right. We already know islam and muslims all too well. The West does not want to know but prefers to believe in comforting and placating lies and deception.

Dummies pdf for islam

The worst part is the west is not helping the poor or the victims but instead has taken in mostly the pepetrators of cruelty and injustice and given them sanctuary and much aid.

What an irony. And the anti-christian liberals that so fiercely support the muslims, as they hate Christ and Christians even more, do not want to understand that they too will be subjugated by muslims. We have already seen many, many non-muslim provinces and states turning into muslim states and provinces, were only the strong remain as followers of other religions until they die or suffer.

It will happen, not because islam is good but because the methods used to turn people to it. Until this is renounced by so-called peaceful muslims, they can never be trusted, and why should they be? What will happen when they find out the truth? No matter how difficult it may seem, it will never get any easier, only harder, harder and before you know it it will be impossible.

The point of no return is now. Here are some ideas. Firm anti-sharia laws and anti-jihad laws in the constitution and a strong ban on the propagation of islam. A Meccan koran published in the Arabic language should also be prohibited. Even though this will mainly be a symbolic measure, it does send a message and makes things clear for all. All mosques should be closed since truely only hatred is preached.

No more islamic schools. No more islamic meeting places or neighborhood centers. No more islamic foundations. No more Arabic language should be taught on the universities.

There should be more integration, mixing and dispersion of western moderate muslims with the population of the country to avoid or in some cities it is allready dissolve muslim ghettos with sharia law. All muslims must forswear political islam and political islam should be forbidden. Also they must forswear all the violence of islam and the Sharia since it is simply incompatible with human rights and a free society. Every citizen of 18 years and older in the country muslims and non-muslims should sign a statement and give a pledge to the constitution of the country they live in.

And including: If anyone is unwilling to do this there is obviously no place for them in a free society and they therefore should be deported if possible and their passport should be revoked.

Besides this there should be much more heavy penalties for extremists. There should be mandatory lessons and education at all schools about the dangers of islamisation just like there is on the holocaust. No people with dual passports in government or as a civil servant in managerial positions to avoid any conflict of interest. Nobody is born into the world as a radical muslim.

Every baby is a blank page. It is the teachings of islam, the influence of the islamic doctrine, that makes people a Mohammedan. There are also millions of good and decent muslims in the world today not BECAUSE of islam but IN SPITE of islam but as long as the doctrine of islam is not prohibited you just can not trust that they are not sooner or later drawn to the extremist side not only in terms of Jihad but also in terms of extreme thinking like Sharia etc.

There is thus only one REAL solution: No one is born as a terrorist, islam makes terrorists and radicals. To remain silent in the suffering of persecuted Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists is to side with the oppressors and participate in evil. But, we can probably be sure of this: Not for today, not for tommorow, but for 20 years from now, or maybe even much sooner than that.

Years pass quickly! Today is not too late, but it will take all of us to stand as one voice against the islamization of our countries in the West. Take this message very, very seriously since the death of the free world begins with submission and it will be very hard to regain lost hard-won freedoms once they are gone. Think again. The world we live in will not be the world our children and grandchildren will live in.

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