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How to find my VIN? Your 17 Characters code is listed in numerous documents, including your vehicle title, registration, finance statement and insurance. View and Download Ford Figo manual online. Figo Automobile pdf manual download. Owner's Manual Ford Motor Company All rights reserved. . Figo (CDU) , E4B5 19A ZCA enIND, Edition date: 06/, Second Printing. Table of.

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Ford figo manual book pdf packard bell screen replacement meteolille.info s8 user meteolille.infor lcbk user meteolille.infoy guidewire User guide samsung nexus meteolille.infoi hometec manual - Ford figo diesel service manual meteolille.infor t user meteolille.info the East. Timorese. Download Figo - Owner's Manual (PDF), Download English Ford Owner's Manual (PDF) for Figo - Car Total size is N/A. Ford Figo.

Also See for Figo Owner's manual - pages. Page of Go. Page 81 - Under Bonnet Overview - 1. Page 82 - Engine Oil Dipstick - 1. The information contained in this publication was correct at the time of going to print. In the interest of.

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Ford figo service manual 1. It's suggested to learn the Intro section first and then the next part. To get more short and precise content material, you could start via the Glossary page to get your particular topic. Listing ID: If you're a student, you can discover extensive collection of textbook, paper, report, and many others.

With regard to product buyers, you could surf for a whole product instruction manual as well as guide and then download it for free. Hopefully one of the data files on the related list might be complement to your need and requirement. We have a large number of PDF, eBooks and manuals guide. Simply follow the URL provided above POSITION position the shoulder strap of the seat belt over the centre of your shoulder and position the lap strap tightly across your hips.

Make sure that your driving position is comfortable and that you can maintain full control of your vehicle. Adjusting the head restraint 2. Push the seatback forwards. Adjust the head restraint so that the top Creating a level load floor of it is level with the top of your head. Page 55 Seats E E Insert your fingers between the seat cushion and seatback and fold the seat cushion forwards. Push the unlock levers. Audio jack Audio jack is provided in the audio panel.

It is used for connecting MP3 players, iPod's, etc, to the audio system. Usb Port Convenience features Note: Do not store heavy and bulky items in the glove box as it may lead to failure of the glove box securing lock.

If the battery has been disconnected the Position I vehicle may exhibit some unusual driving characteristics for approx. Starting A Diesel Engine Starting and Stopping the Engine If the engine does not start within 10 Switch the ignition on and wait seconds, wait for a short period and try until the glow plug indicator goes again.

If the engine does not start after three Note: Do not touch the accelerator pedal. Additional fuel will fill the expansion space in the fuel tank which could lead to fuel overflowing. Refuelling Note: It is available usage. Engage reverse gear only when the vehicle is stationary. Driving speed and gear selection Do not apply any undue lateral force 1. Have the braking system checked by an expert before continuing your journey.

Authorised Ford Dealers are recommended.

Your vehicle is fitted with a diagonally split, dual circuit brake system. If a brake circuit fails, the other remains operational.

Ford Figo Manual

Do not press the release button when you apply the parking brake. Press the brake pedal firmly. Make sure that you secure all loose items properly.

Place luggage and other loads as low and as far forward as possible within the luggage or loadspace.

Ford figo service manual

E Do not drive with the tailgate or rear door open. If you Drive through water in an emergency continue driving without refuelling, the only, and not as part of normal driving. It contains spare fuses, spare bulbs and emergency medical treatment kit.

Use it under emergency situations. Fuses Have repairs to the electrical system and the replacement of relays and high current fuses carried out by a Ford authorized dealer personnel.

Switch the ignition and all electrical equipment off before touching or attempting to change a fuse. Side and tail lamps Central locking E Hazard warning flashers and direction indicators Page 76 Fuses Open the glove box and empty it before continuing.

Press the side clips of the glove box inwards and swivel the box further down. The steering lock will engage and the direction indicators and brake lamps will not work if you do not. Maintenance Have your vehicle serviced regularly to help page See Brake and value. There is a large network of Ford Clutch Fluid Check page Authorised Repairers that are there to help you with their professional servicing Washer fluid level.

Page 79 Maintenance 4. Open the bonnet. Support the bonnet with the bonnet stay rod. Raise the bonnet slightly and pull the catch towards you. Lift the bonnet from the lock. E Closing the bonnet Note: Make sure that the bonnet is closed properly.

Pdf ford figo manual

Under Bonnet Overview - 1. See Engine Coolant Check page Brake and clutch fluid reservoir: See Brake and Clutch Fluid Check page Engine oil filler cap: See Engine Oil Check page Engine compartment fuse box. See Engine Oil Dipstick page Power steering fluid reservoir: See Power Steering Fluid Check page The filler caps and the engine oil dipstick are coloured for easy identification. Engine Oil Dipstick - 1. See Fuse Labels page No maintenance necessary.

Ford EcoSport

Windscreen and rear window washer fluid reservoir: See Washer Fluid Check page Air cleaner: Engine oil dipstick: Page 83 Do not top up further than the MAX reaches its normal level after approximately mark. Checking the oil level Top up with fluid that meets the Ford specification.

Do not top up further than the MAX mark. Top up with fluid that meets the Ford specification.

Figo manual pdf ford

See Technical Specifications page Topping up Top up with fluid that meets the Ford specification. See Technical Remove the filler cap. Specifications page Technical Specifications Do not use oils which do not meet the specifications or requirements.

Use of unsuitable oil may lead to engine damage which is not covered by the Ford Warranty. Topping up the oil: Page 87 Maintenance Variant Item Capacity in litres gallons 1. Page 88 Maintenance Engine type 1. Vehicle Care We recommend that you use Ford service Use a clean, lint free cloth or a damp wheel cleaner.

A choice of products is available from your Ford Seat belts Dealer. The fluid level is checked regularly during the routine service inspections. Always use booster cables with insulated clamps and adequate size cable. Page 92 Vehicle battery Vehicles with a petrol engine 3. Do not switch on the headlamps when Make sure that the jump leads are disconnecting the cables.

Use only approved wheel and tyre sizes. Using other sizes could damage the vehicle and will void the warranty. Vehicles with a tyre repair kit or run flat tyres are not equipped with a vehicle jack or a wheel brace. E It is recommended to use a workshop type hydraulic jack for changing between Set up a warning triangle.

Make sure that the vehicle is on firm, level ground with the wheels pointing straight ahead. Make sure the wheel and hub contact surfaces are free from foreign matter.

Make sure that the cones on the wheel nuts are against the wheel. Tyre Care Wheels and Tyres 4. Lower the vehicle and remove the jack.

Tyre rotation without spare wheel 5. Fully tighten the wheel nuts in the sequence shown. Install the hub cap or cover using the ball of your hand. Jump-Starting the Vehicle Climate Control Changing a Bulb Page Index Cleaning the Exterior Front Fog Lamps Page Index Hazard Warning Flashers Page Recommendation Information Displays Windows and Mirrors Page Index Tyre Care Technical Specifications Wheels and Tyres Hyderabad Mody Ford , Shivaganga Chandigarh Saluja Ford , Industrial Area, G Road, Opp.

Union Bank of India, Panchwati, Ahmedabad Sonepat Libra Ford Jamshedpur Jayashree Plot No: Kerala Bangalore South, lathangiford. Bangalore Metro Ford No: Page gmail. New Mumbai Mumbai S C Ford Autoland, service scford. Excel Compound, Opp. Ahmednagar Salasar Tamilnadu Chennai- Thanjavur Lakshmi No: Coimbatore Rajshree No:

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