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Get your digital subscription/issue of Myanmar Internet Journal Magazine on Magzter and enjoy reading the magazine on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and the. The Journal of Internet Technology (JIT) accepts original technical articles in all double-spaced, in ps, doc, or pdf formats to the executive editor for review. PDF | Muhammed S Alnsour and others published Journal of Internet Banking and Commerce Internet Banking and Jordanian Corporate Customers: Issues of .

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The early Internet was devised and implemented in American Internet History . Article (PDF Available) in International Journal of Technoethics Vol. 2(2) Starting from the end‐to‐end principle, a founding element of the internet's technical architecture, the paper aims to discuss its extension and effects at the social. The effect of Internet service quality on consumers' purchase behavior: The role of satisfaction, attitude, and purchase intention. Zarei et al. Published online: 2.

Manuscripts are submitted for review with the understanding that they have not been published elsewhere. Each author is advised to submit the manuscripts, typewritten, double-spaced , in ps, doc, or pdf formats to the executive editor for review. Original drawing need not be sent until the paper is accepted. Once accepted, the manuscript should be submitted as a Microsoft Word or other WORD-processing file and send it through electronic mail along with short biographies and photographs for all the authors. Authors need to pay the publication fee.

Journal of Internet Services and Applications The processing and power-consumption constraints of the Internet of Things devices hinder them to offer more complex network services than the simple data transmission in smart city scenarios. The lack of comp Human activity recognition using embedded mobile and embedded sensors is becoming increasingly important. Scaling up from individuals to groups, that is, group activity recognition, has attracted significant a Amin B.

Abkenar, Seng W. Loke, Arkady Zaslavsky and Wenny Rahayu. Microservices are a popular method to design scalable cloud-based applications.

Adalberto R.

Pdf internet journal

Sampaio Jr. The design of flexible and efficient mechanisms for proper placement and chaining of virtual network functions VNFs is key for the success of Network Function Virtualization NFV. Most state-of-the-art solu A federated cloud storage setup which integrates and utilizes storage resources from multiple cloud storage providers has become an increasingly popular and attractive paradigm for the persistence tier in clou In an era of big data, online services are becoming increasingly data-centric; they collect, process, analyze and anonymously disclose growing amounts of personal data in the form of pseudonymized data sets.

Power and the internet | Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society | Vol 8, No 4

Geoffrey K. The smart city model is used by many organizations for large cities around the world to significantly enhance and improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, improve the utilization of city resources, and Journal of Internet Services and Applications 9: Due to the omnipresence of the Internet and Social Media in current society, it has become easy to find groups or communities of people discussing the most varied subjects in discussion forums, social network Loures, Pedro O.

Pdf internet journal

Vaz de Melo and Adriano A. Decades went by since Mark Weiser published his influential work on the computer of the 21st century. Over the years, some of the UbiComp features presented in that paper have been gradually adopted by industr Leonardo B.

The imbalance between the quantity of supply and demand in public transport systems causes a series of disruptions in large metropolises. While extremely crowded vehicles are uncomfortable for passengers, virt Online social networks are major hubs of communications that are used to share information by societies worldwide.

However, the ability to freely communicate on these platforms is increasingly restricted in co The identification of power groups that act within the political structure is a tool for citizens and also a challenging research topic as an unstable and complex force of interests system.

This paper presents Tie strength allows to classify social relationships and identify different types of them. For instance, social relationships can be classified as persistent and similar based respectively on the regularity wi Jeancarlo C. Vaz de Melo and Alberto H. Although major advances have been made in protection of cloud platforms against malicious attacks, little has been done regarding the protection of these platforms against insider threats.

This paper looks int This paper proposes an analysis of political homophily among Twitter users during the American Presidential Election. We collected 4. Josemar A. Lima, Mateus F.

Santos and Humberto T.

This article examines organization and governance of commercially influenced Open Source Software development communities by presenting a multiple-case study of six contemporary, hybrid OSS projects. The findi Connected cars, freely configurable operating rooms, or autonomous harvesting fleets: Daniel Schneider and Mario Trapp. Recent developments in telecommunications have allowed drawing new paradigms, including the Internet of Everything, to provide services by the interconnection of different physical devices enabling the exchang Assis, Carlos Senna, Diego F.

Pdf internet journal

Aranha, Luiz F. The weaknesses of the Internet led to the creation of a new network paradigm — network virtualization. Virtualization is a very successful technique for sharing and reusing resources, which results in higher e Machine Learning ML has been enjoying an unprecedented surge in applications that solve problems and enable automation in diverse domains. Primarily, this is due to the explosion in the availability of data, Raouf Boutaba, Mohammad A.

Distributed firewall systems emerged with the proposal of protecting individual hosts against attacks originating from inside the network. In these systems, firewall rules are centrally created, then distribut Edmilson P.

The Debian project is one of the largest free software undertakings worldwide.

It is geographically distributed, and participation in the project is done on a voluntary basis, without a single formal employee The reconstruction is especially useful when the Salman Hooshmand, Gregor V. The Internet of Services and Things is characterized as a distributed computing environment that will be populated by a large number of software services and things.

Within this context, software systems will The use of cloud computing has become common due to advantages such as low cost and sizing of computing resources according to demand. However, it also raises security and privacy concerns, because critical da Leandro V. The key idea in EZ-AG is to introduce a token that performs a self-repelling random walk in the netwo Kulathumani, M.

Nakagawa and A. There are several educational resources distributed in different repositories that address to a wide range of subjects and different educational goals. The proper choice of these educational resources is a cha David and Regina Braga. Juho Lindman and Imed Hammouda. IP lookup is a core operation in packet forwarding, which is implemented using a Longest Prefix Matching LPM algorithm to find the next hop for an input address.

This work proposes and evaluates the use of p Drummond and George Teodoro. The literature regarding attacks in Networked Control Systems NCS indicates that covert and accurate attacks must be designed based on an accurate knowledge about the model of the attacked system.

In this co Alan O. Connecting multiple and heterogeneous hardware devices to solve problems raises some challenges, especially in terms of interoperability and communications management.

Journal of Internet Services and Applications

A distributed solution may offer many adv Thiago W. Silva, Daniel C. Morais, Halamo G. Andrade, Antonio M. Lima, Elmar U. Melcher and Alisson V. Cloud computing is a ubiquitous paradigm responsible for a fundamental change in the way distributed computing is performed. The possibility to outsource the installation, maintenance and scalability of server All copyright ownership of the paper will belong to the Journal once it is published.

There are six issues a year for this Journal and reviewing results will be provided within six month for most of the submitted manuscripts. Details of electronic submission are shown in the journal homepage.

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