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World War Z second draft - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. the rejected screenplay for the movie World War Z written by J Michael. Read, review and discuss the entire World War Z movie script by Matthew Michael Carnahan on meteolille.info WORLD WAR Z. Still over black. Chest-felt reverbs of a helicopter. Then: UNKNOWN VOICE. I HAVE NO IDEA, HON, AND RIGHT NOW. I DON'T CARE - I JUST.

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Daddys Home aka Worlds Greatest Brad () Brian Burns [] WORLD WAR Z () J. Michael Straczynski [] ยท World War Z () J. World War Z () Movie Script. Read the World War Z full movie script online. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands of free TV show episode . Now that Marc Forster's World War Z has hit theaters (earning both a respectable- enough $66M since its Friday release and a newly-revitalized.

Wait a sec It is. But the guys adapting it got stuck on the front cover, so congrats, you're starring in a summer blockbuster based on a title. And I see we have two adorable little escort missions, er I mean, daughters. Can't wait to holler your names through panicked crowds later. I swear, if is this is another one of those make-work construction projects I'm gonna

Well, it's. Authorities have. Forecast, cloudy skies This will be a different scenario. Yet again today,. CO2 emissions have. Are there any. At alert level six,. Your socks are so cute! I like them. The U. It's a little bit unsettling. They think it's just gonna go away. They live in a fantasy parallel universe. Right on top. Twenty-one confirmed cases. The subject growled at him. MAN 1: Monitors have arrived,.

MAN 3: They're trying to move us on,. Since the Zekes are drawn by sound, we'll use creaky old bicycles to take a path ten times as long as we took before. As you see, we built an enormous anti-zombie wall all the way around the city, with a nice smooth top just in case they ever reach it.

And all the time you've had this, it never struck you to add spikes or barbed wire to the top, or to have guards there, or use any of the other hundreds-of-years-old techniques that exist to stop people from going over walls? But we DO have mesh tunnels to let tons more humans inside, because we have limitless food and water and space.

Yoiks, the zombies are cresting the wall! But you must have a fallback position, or a Plan B, or something, right? I know it's tradition for zombie-movie characters to shrug off severed limbs like paper cuts, but I think I'll buck tradition and actually go into shock for a while.

Look, Sandler's "Zohan" movie was not entirely accurate, okay? Let's get to your plane and Best of luck though!

Okay, that's taken care of. So what's the theory about saving everyone and hello? Thought I heard something I wonder what it could possibly be. Let's have a look. Quick, stack some luggage here, that way when the zombies burst through you can be pinned down by zombies AND luggage!

I'm alive! But arrgh, my left arm is a mangled pulp of exposed sinew and I have the obligatory nonlethal Shrapnel-Through-The-Torso. Hee hee. Quiet, Peter. We have to be hugely suspicious of Brad, even though his companion is awake and should have explained everything to us already. Uh no, it's me. I made the crazy decision that if you could call only one person, it should be the guy who sent you to retrieve information crucial to the survival of all humans. I've moved your family to a secure location in Nova Scotia.

You don't think Nova Scotia is an island do you? Anyway with the last ounce of battery please tell these guys who I am, instead of me telling you my theory to save everyone. If we give ourselves deadly diseases, the zombies will avoid us. It'll be That's a brand new word I just made up. Good idea. Thing is, the way to our deadly-virus room is full of zombies.

We should figure out a way to broadcast this idea so that another WHO lab can We have to distract the audience from realizing that this whole trek around the globe didn't mean squat, and I could have solved everything by watching assorted surveillance footage from the safety of the original fleet! Brad, it's me, I can see you on the security camera. Better put the crowbar down.

And it's clearly beyond the limits of human endurance and ingenuity to take the crowbar inside the room with me, better leave it outside. Yay, Brad found the viruses!

Z pdf script war world

But oh crap, a zombie is outside the door now! He's trapped! He's going to have to inject himself to escape, but he doesn't know which viruses we have cures for. We got enough! We need to detach the fuel line! Israel better pay off. All right, I have instrument, but only on single prop. You'll have to talk me through it. Okay, we're clear. Give me all the lights. Flaps All right, we are all set.

Let's get out of here! Make it steep. I tried to call you. I know, I was It was bad timing, I was running around. Are you okay? Yeah, everything's okay. I'm okay. That's the spirit. Listen, Korea didn't work out. Now it looks like we're gonna have to go to Israel. Try to get some rest on the flight. How are the kids? I think They're really They're good.

I got Connie right here.

World War Z second draft

Attention, unidentified aircraft. You are in a restricted airspace and not clear for landing. Jerusalem tower, Reach Pan, pan, pan. Request immediate landing. Contact Mossad, office of Jurgen Warmbrunn. Special Envoy, United Nations.

Stay with the plane. Be ready to bug out. I'll be back before dark. The problem with most people is that they don't believe something can happen until it already has. It's not stupidity or weakness. How did you know? Gerald Lane. Wrote a self-defeating Jeremiad about his employer, the U. Caused a few ripples.

Sidelined your career. Thought you'd have parlayed those ripples into a self-righteous book. No nose for profit. How did Israel know? We intercepted a communique from an Indian general saying they were fighting the Rakshasha. Translation, zombies. Technically undead. High-ranking official in the Mossad. Described as sober, efficient, not terribly imaginative. And yet you build a wall because you read a communique that mentions the word "zombie"? Well, when put like that, I'd be skeptical as well.

In the '30s, Jews refused to believe they could be sent to concentration camps. In '72, we refused to fathom we'd be massacred in the Olympics. In the month before October , we saw Arab troop movements, and we unanimously agreed they didn't pose a threat.

Well, a month later, the Arab attack almost drove us into the sea. So we decided to make a change. A change? The Tenth Man. If nine of us look at the same information and arrive at the exact same conclusion, it's the duty of the tenth man to disagree.

No matter how improbable it may seem, the tenth man has to start digging on the assumption that the other nine are wrong. And you were that tenth man. Since everyone assumed that this talk of zombies was cover for something else, I began my investigation on the assumption that when they said "zombies," they meant zombies.

Was patient zero from India? That's the problem. There's so many potential sources in play that no one knows where it began. The organ trade in Germany. Strange examples of violent behavior across the Asian peninsulas. Meanwhile, the zombie plague keeps spreading, and we do what we can. These are the Jerusalem Salvation Gates. Two of 10 portals through the security perimeter into fortified Israel. You're letting people in.

World War Z Movie Script

Every human being we save is one less zombie to fight. Who would I speak with? India's a black hole. Forget about patient zero. I can't do that. It's too late for me to build a wall. I need specifics. All you can do is find a way to hide. It's too loud! They're coming over the wall! She'll get you out of here, she'll get you to your plane!

Wrong way! Go to landing point B. Roger, we are inbound to landing point B. Hawk 5. Hawk 5, you're patched in. This is Hawk 5. Listen carefully. The city is breached, and they're heading towards the airport. One thousand one. One thousand three. One thousand four.

One thousand six. You're not gonna turn. You're not gonna turn! Chopper 5 is down. I say again, chopper 5 is down. Tower, Reach Requesting immediate departure. Tower to Proceed to runway four. Good luck out there. That one! Get them out of here! Stay calm, please. Stay calm. I don't know. We were headed here, but I don't know.

First or last? Just Segen. So, what we're doing, we've got to change this bandage and we're gonna clean it. Come on, gut up. Gut up. Here we go. We're almost there. Big breaths. Let's get this over fast. Last step. Big breath. There it is. Okay, I think you've earned this. Very good. You a doctor? I've had some training in the field. Cutting it off How did you know it would work? I didn't. Now, the hard part is seeing the crumbs for the clues they are.

And sometimes the thing you thought was the most brutal aspect of the virus turns out to be the chink in its armor. I don't have answers. Where are you, baby? What's happening? I love you. I'm sorry. But you've got to get Thierry now. I'll find him. Gerry needs you. On the last flight out. Listen, my phone is dying and I need some quick intel.

You gotta locate the closest medical research facility. Just make it happen, man. Okay, okay. But, Gerry, I still don't know where you are. You're gonna want to take this. Take it. Your battery is dead. We made contact with Cardiff Airport, Wales.

Your people directed us. There is W. This is location. Can we make it? Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain. I'm glad to report that we are on our final approach to Cardiff Airport in Wales. All European airports are under lockdown. But we have been given priority status and cleared for landing. We will be allowed to disembark. We are very, very lucky. Who do you belong to?

We need trolley and bags. Bravo heavy. Emergency descent! Sir, Cardiff Airport lost contact with the plane. Lane is M. I'm sorry, sir.


Chopper inbound for immediate relocation. I say again. All non-essential personnel given F-6 status need to report for immediate relocation. Thierry would like a word with you. Captain, it's only been 48 hours. He's a resourceful man. There's every chance he could have survived. Sir, I gave him my word we would look after his family.

Yes, sir. I understand. Let's go. We're good. You're a tough bastard. And a lucky one. Who are you? With a woman. Is she still Why have you come here? Why do you keep looking at him?

You know what this place is? Of course I do. That's why I'm here. Then you understand how this must look to us. This is important to you? Three days. Give me the phone. Just give me the phone. Give me the God damn phone! Give me the phone! As soon as you answer my question. Call it. Call the number, they'll tell you who I am. I'm here. We thought you were dead. Gerry, where are you? Thierry, I'm with a couple of nervous gentlemen. They need some bona fides before I can speak with you.

Of course. This is Thierry Umutoni. Deputy Secretary-General. United Nations. To whom am I speaking? Where's Karin? Thierry, why didn't Karin answer? I did what I could. What does that mean? You've got to calm down. No, stop! You're going to hurt yourself. His family has been sent to a refugee camp in Nova Scotia.

I'm sure they'll be safe.

Script world war pdf z

Are you? Thierry told you who I am and what I used to do, right? Then trust me when I tell you they're not safe. I understand how you feel. Do you have a family? Then you couldn't possibly understand, could you? I lost my son and wife in Rome. Rather, I lost my son to something that had once been my wife. We have all lost someone, Mr.

In your case, there is hope at least. Now, why did you come here? What do you need from us?

Your worst disease. He wants a what? Deadly pathogen. With a high mortality rate. You'd want a bacteria rather than a virus, I would think. Scarlet Fever. Rocky Mountain Fever.

World War Z (2013) Movie Script

Anyway, excuse me, what's this for? Lane believes we can use such a disease against the undead. Lane, if we hadn't already tried that, first thing. One of the many things a virus or bacteria needs to thrive is a live host. A functioning circulatory system. I'm afraid it boils down to one simple fact You can't make a dead person sick.

It's for us. I believe these things have a weakness. And that weakness is weakness. Walk right around them like a river around a rock. I think, because those people were sick. I think they were terminal. And these things could sense it. I think they're spreading a pathogen, and they need a healthy host. But even if you're right, I mean, infecting the populace with a lethal illness is not exactly a cure. It's not a cure. It's camouflage. There's a natural precedent. Hungry predators will avoid diseased bodies.

Equipped with the right pathogen, our troops would be essentially invisible to the enemy. You understand the only way to prove this theory of yours is for some idiot to infect themselves with a lethal pathogen and then Do we have what we need to try it? We have all he could want. The problem is, they're all stored in B-Wing. What's the matter with B-Wing? Our chief vaccinologist. Within hours of the outbreak, he'd been sent blood samples to try and isolate the pathogenic cause.

This is B-Wing now. How many? How many are there? There were 80 people working there. I've never seen them move like that. They're dormant. They're awaiting stimulus. Now, this is vault That's where your samples would be. This is the skybridge. That connects B-Wing to the main building here. And this, is the only thing standing between us and the skybridge.

So, what do you propose, Mr. You are not serious. B-Wing's a maze. They'll never make it back alone. We don't even know if his theory is correct. Well, I know I'm not asking one of you to take him there. Each has its merits. Try not to kill one. It only makes the rest of them more aggressive. You sure you want to do this? Of course I'm not. Good luck.

War script pdf z world

If anything comes down this hall before we do, you seal these doors for good. There they are. They're fine. Oh, my God. Left, left, left! What are you doing? She'll get you to the vault. You heard what Javi said, we cannot open it.

They're not alone, we can't open it! They are coming back! Open the door! Faster, come on! Nowwhere is Gerry? Where is he, where is he, where is he? Come on, come on, where are you? What happened to Gerry?

War script pdf z world

Not that one.

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