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Chapter 11 Arthur. Chapter 12 The Egress. Chapter 13 The Witch Trials. Chapter 14 Queen of the Bees. Chapter 15 A Hat Full of Sky. Author's Note. About the. pronounced Ah-wij!' A Hat Full Of Sky. 'Oh, I wish I had a blackboard' Wintersmith. A peripatetic witch who travels the country looking for girls with talent who. A Hat Full of Sky is a comic fantasy novel by British writer Terry Pratchett, set on the Discworld .. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version.

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It is worth pointing out that the boats on that day actually set out from what was at that time a part of Hynish, although it historically belonged to Balephuil. Shortly. Even at those hours when the grey Petersburg sky is completely overcast and .. of his sooty side against him and blackened all his shoulder; a regular hatful of. A Hat Full of Sky. Discworld (Series). Book Terry Pratchett Author Stephen Briggs Narrator (). cover image of The Long War.

A hat full of sky, p. A Hat Full of Sky, p. Movement without a body tired it, and it drifted very slowly. It wasn 't thinking now. It had been months since it had last thought, because the brain that was doing the thinking for it had died.
Sky pdf a hatful of

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Sky pdf a hatful of

Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Book details Author: Terence David John Pratchett Pages: HarperFestival Language: English ISBN Full description https: If you want to download this book, click link in the last page 5. You just clipped your first slide!

It would have sniffed the air, if it had a nose. It found. Such a strange mind, like a lot of minds inside one another, getting smaller and smaller!

Terry Pratchett

So strong! So close! It changed direction slightly, and went a little faster. As it moved, it made a noise like a swarm of flies. The sheep, nervous for a moment about something they couldn 't see, hear or smell, baa 'd.

Tiffany opened her eyes. There she was, a few feet away from herself. She could see the back of her own head. Carefully, she moved around the room, not looking down at the 'her' that was moving, because she found that if she did that then the trick was over.

It was quite difficult, moving like that, but at last she was in front of herself and looking herself up and down. Brown hair to match brown eyes. At least her hair was clean and she'd washed her face.

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She had a new dress on, which improved things a bit. It was so unusual to buy new clothes in the Aching family that, of course, it was bought big so that she'd 'grow into it'. But at least it was pale green, and it didn't actually touch the floor.

Sky pdf a hatful of

With the shiny new boots and the straw hat she looked. It'd have to do. From here she could see the pointy hat on her head, but she had to look hard for it.

It was like a glint in the air, gone as soon as you saw it. That's why she'd been worried about the new straw hat, but it had simply gone through it as if the new hat wasn't there. This was because, in a way, it wasn't. It was invisible, except in the rain. Sun and wind went straight through, but rain and snow somehow saw it, and treated it as if it were real.

She'd been given it by the greatest witch in the world, a real witch with a black dress and a black hat and eyes that could go through you like turpentine goes through a sick sheep.

It had been a kind of reward. Tiffany had done magic, serious magic. Before she had done it she hadn't known that she could; when she had been doing it she hadn't known that she was; and after she had done it she hadn't known how she had. Now she had to learn how. The vision of her. It had been a shock, the first time she'd done this.

But she'd always found it easy to see herself, at least in her head. All her memories were like little pictures of herself doing things or watching things, rather than the view from the two holes in the front of her head. There was a part of her that was always watching her. Miss Tick - another witch, but one who was easier to talk to than the witch who'd given Tiffany the hat - had said that a witch had to know how to 'stand apart', and that she'd find out more when her talent grew, so Tiffany supposed the 'see me' was part of this.

Sometimes Tiffany thought she ought to talk to Miss Tick about 'see me'. It felt as if she was stepping out of her body, but still had a sort of ghost body that could walk around. It all worked as long as her ghost eyes didn't look down and see that she was just a ghost body. If that happened, some part of her panicked and she found herself back in her solid body immediately.

Tiffany had, in the end, decided to keep this to herself. You didn't have to tell a teacher everything. Anyway, it was a good trick for when you didn't have a mirror.

Sky pdf a hatful of

Miss Tick was a sort of witch-finder. That seemed to be how witchcraft worked. Some witches kept a magical lookout for girls who showed promise, and found them an older witch to help them along.

They didn't teach you how to do it. They taught you how to know what you were doing. Witches were a bit like cats. They didn't much like one another's company, but they did like to know where all the other witches were, just in case they needed them. And what you might need them for was to tell you, as a friend, that you were beginning to cackle.

Start on.

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