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PDF | On Jan 1, , Payal Kapoor and others published Save the Girl Child Initiatives The second article is on Save the Girl Child Initiative. “Save the Girl Child”. Organized by: Women's Cell, Narula Institute of Technology . Implemented by: Narayantala Mass Communication Society. Save girl child. 1. Would you like to see women achievers inthe future? 2. save the girl childsay no to selective sex selection of anymethods and.

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October each year as “International Day of Girl Child”. Acknowledging the Save Girl Child, Girl Child Day, Educate The Girl. Cite This Article. Save Girl child, Save Earth. India is different from rest of the world in many ways, from culture to population, beliefs to religion etc but the thing which places India. Essay on cleanliness drive objectives offenbach dessay lucia essays of africa instagram for pc essay on hurricanes preparedness ways to.

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Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. Save girl child 1. Would you like to see women achievers inthe future? The murder of a female infant. It occursoften as a deliberate murder or abandonment of a young girlor infant. Also called gender-selectiveabortion, sex-selective abortion, or female feticide-selectiveabortion. It involves the abortion of a fetus because it is agirl. Many women from communities or cultures with apreference for boys practice selective abortion. The Girl Child formsof discrimination 4.

The practice that involves theremoval or the alteration of the female genitalia. It is acenturies-old practice found in many countries among peoplefrom various religions and beliefs, most prevalent in Africa. It has expanded to include transgressions, which are notinitiated by the girl, including rape and incest. The Girl Child formsof discrimination 5. Youth Advocate Program International: Amnesty International: The deliberate killing of a girl child.

Girl children who are born in societieswhere poverty, overpopulation, andmale biases are prevalent. In regions where poverty andoverpopulation are prevalent. Itpredominantly occurs in societieswhere girl children are not viewed aseconomically advantageous.

Lineage, Income, Dowry, Protection,Government 7. A video made by us in AGRAsahil fauzdar Infanticide of infant girls continues to be a problem. Laws have been passed against this practice but thishas led to more subtle yet even more cruel methodsof murder. I m a girl14Nov: I was DEAD! My mom and dad Killed me.

Is it just Because I was a girl? Why save the girl child?? Current status of sex ratio in Indiacensus What do we mean by Female Sex Ratio? There has been some improvement in the Sex Ratio of India but it has gone down badly in some states like Haryana. The state of Kerala with females for every males has the best sex ratio in India. It has shown a tremendous improvement in the last 10 years.

Haryana has the lowest sex ratio of females per So Sex Ratio of India varies from region to region.

Kerala and Puducherry are only two places in India where total female population is more than the male population. Other states like Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka are also showing an increase in their sex ratio.

The states of South India have the best Sex Ratio of females per males. Some important facts about Sex Ratio of India are presented here: O The Organization for Eradication of illiteracy and Poverty seeks to awaken the social consciousness of society towards its own ills.

Save Girl Child Project ISR

We are challenging the formation of conscience in order to bring about a social change where one lives in a classless and unbiased society. Bernard Malik is the Director of this organization. He has strong belief in the basic goodness of human beings. Human beings have a strong instinct to choose good over evil. Therefore Dr. Malik believes education is the key to resolve the evils of the society. The lack of education is the cause of many problems around.

Education provides freedom from illiteracy and poverty. Literacy serves as an instrument of poverty alleviation. By this he seeks to affect a worldwide campaign of educational empowerment. To provide education to the girl child and thus make her economically self-reliant. To highlight issues of the girl child and attempt to seek solutions of the same. To promote equality in terms of gender, education, and other opportunities. To work towards the all-round progress of the girl child at all levels.

THE AIM This plan seeks to prevent female feticide and infanticide, eliminate gender discrimination, provide safe drinking water and fodder near homes, rehabilitate and protect girls from exploitation, assault and abuse. Strengthening of the existing primary health care infrastructure Consolidation and maintenance of levels of immunization coverage Stepping up immunization where coverage is low Polio eradication through immunization Ensuring essential supplies and drugs Training of doctors and Para-medical health workers Educating women and girls on safe motherhood Providing primary education facilities in un served areas Providing child care services Community mobilization and involvement Steps The Balika Samriddhi Yojana in is one of the most important initiatives of the Government to raise overall status of the girl child.

The Yojana aims to change family and community attitudes towards both, the girl child and the mother.

Pdf save girl child

A series of incentives were included in the Yojana, including the likes of a gift of Rs. In another major initiative, in , the Government of India also announced free and reduced cost education for girls. A recent news story also reported a unique campaign being carried out by over people across five northern and western states of India, under the leadership of the well-known religious leader and social activist, Swami Agnivesh.

Chief Minister of Haryana India , Mr.

Pdf save girl child

Bhupinder Singh Hudda, also lauded the consistent efforts of Swami Agnivesh in the Campaign Against Female Foeticide and pledged to extend all possible infrastructural support and assistance. Other beneficial schemes include the Adolescent Girls Scheme, the Child Survival and Safe Motherhood Programme, the Universal Immunization Programme, special health check up schemes for primary school students, introduction of health cards in selected areas, evaluation of health programmes, the Mid-day Meal Scheme for primary school children and nutrition education.

Reports also indicate that the government aims to eliminate all forms of child labor by Child in Mother's Womb Abortion in India is legal only up to twenty weeks of pregnancy under specific conditions and situations which are broadly defined as: The continuance of the pregnancy would involve a risk to the life of the pregnant woman or of grave injury of physical or mental health, or there is a substantial risk that if the child were born, it would suffer from such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped.

An adult woman requires no other person's consent except her own. Abortion in India is controversially the cause of Gendercide. In many parts of India, daughters are not preferred and hence sex-selective abortion is commonly practiced, resulting in an unnatural male to female population sex ratio due to millions of developing girls selectively being targeted for termination before birth.

Before The Indian Penal Code, which was enacted in and was written in accordance with British law at the time of its creation, declared induced abortion as illegal. Abortion practitioners would either be incarcerated for up to three years, fined, or both; women undergoing abortions could be imprisoned for up to seven years and also be charged an additional fine.

The only exception was when abortion was induced in order to save the life of the woman. Despite the fact that this passage in the penal code was changed in Great Britain in , India did not change it until Countless women died attempting illegal abortions as a result of the penal code, and it was a combination of this and the growing population that made the country reconsiders its initial stance.

In , the Central Family Planning Board of the Government of India met and formed a committee designed to examine the subject of abortion from medical, legal, social, and moral standpoints. Shantilal Shah, spent the next two years studying the issue, and submitted a report with its suggestions in December This report considered the penal code to be too restrictive and recommended that the law's qualifications should be relaxed; many of these suggestions were included in the subsequent Medical Termination of Pregnancy MTP Act.

Pregnancies not exceeding 12 weeks may be terminated based on a single opinion formed in good faith. In case of pregnancies exceeding 12 weeks but less than 20 weeks, termination needs opinion of two doctors.

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy MTP Act of India clearly states the conditions under which a pregnancy can be ended or aborted, the persons who are qualified to conduct the abortion and the place of implementation. Some of these qualifications are as follows: A Lancet paper in said there were 6. Ipas has calculated this based on the latest population and crude birth rates CBR which peg the number of induced abortion at 5,, According to Census , abortion taking place in institution varies from Sex-selective abortion Pre-natal diagnostic techniques like Medical Ultrasonography are capable of determining the sex of the foetus.

In many parts of India, daughters are not preferred and hence sex-selective abortion is commonly practiced, a form of Gendercide, resulting in an unnatural male to female population sex ratio due to millions of developing girls being terminated before birth.

According to The Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Regulation and Prevention of Misuse Amendment Act, the following are cognizable, non-bail able and non-compoundable offences Conducting or associating or helping to conduct Pre-Natal Diagnostic tests.

Three years imprisonment and fine of Rs. Implementation Unsafe abortions continue to outnumber safe and legal abortions.

The Central government constituted an expert committee in the year to make recommendations. These would relate specifically to strict enforcement of laws against prenatal sex selection and the practices of female foeticide, female infanticide, child marriage, child abuse and child prostitution. It also lays down penalties for employment of children in violation of the provisions of this Act and regulates the employment of children with respect to working hours, number of holidays, health and safety in work place.

The other provisions relate to prohibition of traffic in human beings and forced labour Article Certain principles of policy to be followed by the State stipulate that children be secured against exploitation According to the Child Bill , people marrying children and people involved in these practices, people abetting or attending a child marriage would face up to two years in prison and a fine of , rupees.

Child Sexual Abuse Under the Indian law, those accused of child sexual abuse are currently charged under Section as a punishment for rape and Section , that defines unnatural sexual offences, of the Indian Penal Code. Any act of termination of pregnancy of normal female foetus, amounting to female feticide, shall be regarded as professional misconduct on the part of the physician leading to penal erasure besides rendering him liable to criminal proceedings as per the provisions of this Act Clause 7.

It is here important to note that the penalty for unindicted sex determination and female feticide is striking off the name from the register apart from criminal action. The Femina, January 31, 07 25 years back, a man in Punjab brought his wife to an ultrasound clinic to determine the sex of the foetus. The doctors informed him it was a female. He went home only to return a few months later, requesting for an abortion.

After the doctors aborted the foetus, they discovered they had made a mistake and that the dead foetus was a male child. The man was so upset that he went public, alleging that the hospital was responsible for killing his only male issue. It was then the investigations uncovered the truth behind the series of sex determination tests. Case Study II Source: HindustanTimes ePaper An extraordinary four-year research in the heart of rural India, post Census, shows that people living in areas with a higher level of education and affluence slaughter more female foetuses than those languishing in the social and economic backwaters.

The study carried out in five states - Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Uttaranchal - revealed wide differences in sex ratio in villages of Karnataka and Uttaranchal.

The less prosperous villages had a healthy ratio, while their wealthier neighbours, with higher indices of education and development, logged lesser number of girl children. COM Organizing plans, which lead to provision of sponsorships of the girl child. A mass grave of female foetus was detected today in a vacant plot owned by quacks Pritam Singh, an ex-serviceman and his wife Amarjit Kaur of this town, by a high-level team of state health authorities after it raided the premises of the local Sahib Hospital run by these quacks.

They had been allegedly involved in illegal abortions for the past many years. It is little surprising then, unless the citizens of India themselves wake up to the need, the evil of female foeticide and other such malpractices targeting the Indian girl child shall not be done away with. The common man on the road, the head of the family in a middle or an upper-middle class family, the intellectual human rights activist; conscientious citizens from all walks of life need to contribute to curb the menace.

Such a mindset revolution needs mobilization of action right from personal to governmental levels. As an individual, the most important and effective thing you can do is to influence the attitudes of those around you. Try to make the young girls around you aware of their self-worth, especially the under-privileged ones.

Women need to make an effort to reach out to each other through groups, share experiences and give support. Parents should also have an open mindset towards enrolling their children in co- education schools to ensure healthy exposure. Sex education should be imparted at an appropriate age by the parents or guardians themselves.

One of the earliest forms of support in the educated circles of our society,. Folk Song, Uttar Pradesh The current trends have even refuted the common belief that the practice of eliminating the female child will get discouraged with the economic independence of women on the rise. A survey by Action India of women in Delhi revealed that even the highly educated women have resorted to as many as a whopping eight abortions to ensure that they only give birth to a son.

The obsessive inborn hunger of the Indian patriarchal set-up to have a male child in its progeny has virtually brought the ethical systems of India into shambles. The prejudice finally takes its toll and shows itself in a drastically lopsided sex ratio in the country. It is shame then, that in a developing country, such norms of the society itself have victimized and endangered the very existence of the female child in India.

We give you an insight into the most crucial reasons: Menace of dowry Fear of loss of face in local community esire to keep the wealth within the family, through sons Fear of dependence of the girl on the family, for life Attempt to control family size Wish to appease Gods in times of crisis Administrative Measures India, as a country, needs a heroic administrative impetus to break the shackles and come out of the morbid shadows of such practices.

No amount of individual efforts or non-governmental movements can have an impact unless the administration takes up the cudgels. Here we list some of the main solutions possible: Through legislation, Nigeria prohibits the withdrawal of girls from school in order to ensure that they can continue and complete their education.

Bernard Malik Director Email: Navnish Bansal Country Director Email: I was cast upon thee from the womb: International Council of Evangelical Churches Federation of Indian American Christian Organizations of North America Save Girl Child Organization Organization for Eradication of Illiteracy and Poverty International Foundation of Minority Empowerment and Global Friendship Philanthropic work A true philanthropic soul, he has involved himself with many human rights issues and has always tried his best to champion the causes of the downtrodden, the voiceless, and the deprived, to the authorities in concern, so that an effective change may be brought about.

Numerous human rights and church related associations in US, Canada, India and Africa, have honored him.

Essay on save girl child pdf

He also has been felicitated with numerous awards and distinctions: Choudhry, State Immunisation Officer, Deptt. Additional Secretary Law , Govt. Worch, Secretary Health Panaji. Purnima Usgaonker Ponda-Goa.

Pdf child save girl

Vikasben Desai, Addl. Das, Joint Director, Deptt. Services, Anandarao Circle, Bangalore-9, Karnataka. Nagar , Bangolore, Ph. Badiger, Deputy Secretary to Govt. Chavan, Addl. Usha P. Dave, Road, Imhphal Manipur.

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