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MB PDF. RIP World Works Games Anonymous 09/18/16(Sun) No. So sad to see WWG go. And worse is the fact that the Terrainlinx system . Wormhole is a groundbreaking space combat game which allows anyone to build up a massive fleet without spending hundreds of dollars on PDF download. World Works Games meteolille.info downloads of cardstock terrain for roleplaying games. I saw their booth at GenCon last year and was really.

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Yep, here is the FREE Worldworksgames Catalogue, provider of http://www. meteolille.info WorldWorksGames PDF terrain sets offer gamers visually stunning and cost- effective gaming terrain solutions. "Print, Build & Play!"—it really is as simple as that!. Is their any way for me to contact the owner and download the rest of my tiles?.

We show you how to properly mount your tiles for added longevity and tie them all together with a unique series of tabs for on-the-fly game play. The Vault is a special archive of our "Print, Build, Play! Perfectly useable in their original format and an open archive of our continued terrain evolution. Click here for more detailed descriptions of the systems used in these products. Daniel K Scsavnicki Jr said:. I am a first time buyer of this website and product in general and some may agree that this deserves more than 5 stars.

If the rating system allowed I would give it six out of five stars. The Maiden is a massive square rigged ship, of indeterminate class, typically seen, when built, as a three master. In length she is over twenty eight inches, more if you include her masthead and jib. The Maiden dominates a table in a manner that is very seldom seen with cardstock terrain, the masts towering over even ogres standing on her deck, the cannon along her sides promising destruction if she is brought to battle.

Bigger than anything likely to be on the table, aside form a castle or fort.

Works games pdf world

Five out of Five stars. FORGE 1: Description SeaWorks: Maiden of the High Seas Whether you're gamers are die-hard swashbucklers or you simply need a ship for a crucial plot point, the Maiden will fill a long time void in many RPG genres A proud item to display on the gaming table and equally suited for the fireplace mantel ; But what makes the Maiden especially unique is her ability to separate decks "on the fly", allowing for multiple, simultaneous levels of game play and combat!

Multi-deck System: Masts and Sails: A great way to give players a sense of what state the sails are in during a bad stretch of weather ; Internal Props: Ink-Jet Transparencies: Masterboard To create a convincing ocean worthy of your creation we've put together a large format area of water with specular lighting, reflectivity's and wave effects. Huge Kitbashing potential Extend the central hull as long as you like, add more masts, change sail designs, make her stubby, make her long.

Product Line What Makes a Classic?

PDF Download. Reviews 11 Average rating: Viewing results of A Maidens Pirate Treasury. Fantasy Bunk Beds. Denny Unger. But there were problems with the library, with the dramascape thing. Noone ever took the mantle to reup everything. I am studying for boards currently and swamped. I have a decent splattering of the sets, and will re up and post the links.

But it will be up to someone to manage. We did have something in my opinion beating the main thread for awhile. Perhaps it is a decline in content that has prompted the slow death of the thread? I am unaware of any newish material of note. Does anyone else know of something worthwhile to discuss? They've been on Wargames Vault for yearrs. Does anyone have them? Hey, Arcticwolf, reading through old threads on various cache sites I note you desire to complete full collections. Did you manage?

I know it was in the old archive and I never downloaded it for some stupid reason. We might have the original collector relaunch this. I just helped organize and patch his collection. It's gig. He's claiming scrubs and reposts are coming.

Looking forward to it. Any of the horned ones would be nice to find but the dragon would be a real gem. I will try to figure out how to post old ones I found last year without running into the copyright bullying mentioned above.


Ok Ill try and restart this thread off with a few solid requests here: Highland Adventures http: The most recent 3 requests were included, kickstarter edition at that. So, just waiting on the receiver to finish sorting, adding his own, and getting it uploaded. So maybe be patient Anyone getting in on this? Once things settle down, would it be possible for someone to create a pdf or txt file of what is missing from each group? That way we can go through and fill in the blanks as it were? I have some more links, I will add in the near future.

I used mega, because if you make a account, you can easy copy the entire folder to that account quickly and anyone who wants to manage it, handle new uploads can do so easily. Additionally, I think you can copy the files, for your own personal use, quickly.

Wanted to have the stockpile out there for people to have, since it was taken down rather abruptly. A search using the key turns up an empty folder any ideas? I accessed it with the account logged off, it loads then asks for the keys and loads all the files. I noticed the other thread used Mega and the easy way to copy, literally a few clicks and all files get moved to "your" account.

Games world pdf works

When I first used the mega link, it asked for a key, so I put that in and voila! Then I just copied the bookmark so that it doesn't ask for the key anymore. Like an eejit I tried access using my Android tablet,followed the link and installed the Mega app then got nothing.

World works games pdf download

I'll stick to using the PC in future. That's one hell of a collection many thanks for making it available. Anyone is free to try and get the thread as active as it was.

Pdf games world works

If not, enjoy the collection we compiled. I had some more odds and ends to put up that I will get to when I get a chance. Another error found In general, MEGA is crappy, wobbly, and although the UI is moderately user friendly, the downloads are slow, and many of them takes attempts before it works.

Pdf world works games

Maybe a thing to consider next time you're choosing a filehost. But here's an idea,why don't you download everything and spend the 99 cents on Hermits Hutch,then upload it all to a site of your choice. Call it your good deed for the day. He, Einstein - I'm not the one that uploaded a bunch of files for otehrs to download. But if I did, I'd make sure that the site actually worked. I'm giving constructive critique, and if you can't handle that, just be quiet and sod off and do your homework or something.

Just so you know I'm not being a total eejit here's the Hermits Hutch in a zip,I've checked all the pages in multi and single layer and all open fine.

Here, let me recap it for you: Right now, MEGA is stuck at the little wheel at the login page. Has been for two hours, tried 3 different computers and 5 different browsers. And it seems to be a general problem, going by posts at Reddit about the same thing. I hope that wasn't too long for you to read too. If it is, get some help. Thanks for the mega file. Works for me on my crap internet. Let's get off whether mega is a good site or not, if you have a better site feel free to host the files yourself and share.

Until then let's show some appreciation for the person who did. While looking through the Microtactix folder in the Mega link I noticed the Starport Omega 3 model was missing. Was pretty certain I had it somewhere so here it is zipped and uploaded to ZS.

Thank you. Hi, Got CC3 from the trove. Can't get it to work, so there's only the "old" CC3. Can anyone help me out? On a different note, if anyone has any of the Lord Zsezse Works Template Packs I'd be interested to see what they offer prior to buying. Neither the homepage or their samples page on RPGNow doesn't show much info. Looking for Billy Bones Workshop paper minis.

I will buy more for sure to use for my gaming. Peter Dixon said:. I just discovered these products a few days ago and thought they would be perfect for a game I am arranging. This was the first set I bought, and after a few hours cutting and glueing a whole gaming environment just falls into place. I was impressed, the players were impressed and the whole thing looked And cheap: I can't wait to buy more!

John Morrison said:. Although I rarely play modern games I was very impressed with UrbanMayhem: Streets of Mayhem. The textures, props and tile design will allow you to get a thriving metropolis moving in no time. Well done set and worth the price of admission! Robert Luhrman said:. It has street tiles, parking lot tiles, a wasteland tile, train track tiles and elevated train track tiles with the support structure underneath.

There are odds and ends included with the set including a Billboard setup, railroad crossings, a pedestrian overpass, street lamps, traffic lights, street signs, and blockades. Since this is a PDF product you can print as many tiles as you need to create as large a city street setup as you want.

The street tiles are very well detailed with litter strewn around, etc.

The randomness to the litter is enough to where you cannot notice with out really trying to see a pattern. Quick glances and normal game play do not reveal any patterns.

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