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Anthony Robbins - Personal power II success journal. Report Document as copy-rights infringement · View All Pages For PDF Printing. All rights reserved to . ANTHONY J. ROBBINS Day 1 -The Key to Personal Power What changes, your life is making decisions and using your Personal Power, which is your ability to. 7-Day Program: Switch over to Part II: Personal Power Classic and listen to all It includes an orientation by Tony Robbins about how to get the most out of this.

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Anthony Robbins some people, but to me, ultimate power is the ability to produce the results you .. personal belief, attitudes, values, and metaprograms. Unlimited power: the new science of personal achievement/by Anthony. Robbins. p. Cm. -. 1. Success—Psychological aspects. 2. Neurolinguistic programming. Personal Power II: The Driving Force, and to share with you how important this from Anthony Robbins' POWERTALK! series, and they have been specially.

Personal Power is a month-long transformation program by Tony Robbins. The idea is that you listen to a recording per day and take action as instructed. Tony Robbins says that potential is unlimited but we only start tapping into it once we believe that we can reach good results. Once you start believing you can, you will tap much more potential and take a lot more actions and then you will start tapping into a positive look cycle. Or you you can change your beliefs and visualize your results in advance, which will make your actions even more confident and inspired. If you want to control your life and your actions you have to control the motivating forces. You have to link pain to not doing something and link pleasure in doing it.

Personal Power II by Anthony Robbins: Summary & PDF

Tony Robbins for example used to link pain in leaving food on his plate. And when he started to link pleasure to pushing the food away he did it when playing a song he loved. He is using the song he loved positive association and started transferring it to pushing the dish away. Another technique is to think about a time you felt strong and powerful and then immediately think about what scares you. Conditioning is the way to make sure a change you create is consistent and lasts long term.

The simplest way is to rehearse it again and again with tremendous emotional intensity until a neurological pathway is created. Tony Robbins invites you to take stock of all the positive and neuro associations in your life and to then address the top 3 negative ones you want to change by following his 6 steps process. Tony Robbins gives the example of a rape victim.

Many rape victim will feel violated, or dirty, and constantly keep this dark whole inside. What if you completely changed the meaning of it? What if you could use that experience to help other people in a similar situation? Or help people in general, by showing how resilient a human being can be? Incantations is continuously repeating to yourself something you want to be true about yourself.

Power personal pdf robbins anthony

On another tape Tony says as a youngster he repeated for hours and full intensity incantations to himself, after which his whole body was shaking.

My Note: And if you feel you need help socially check my free Social Mastery Guide. Tony Robbins believes the success of his life has come down to one basic skill: On a consistent basis Tony learned to manage his state and therefore he got himself to break through and take actions when he would have normally done nothing and when very few people around him were able to. And by consistently and daily conditioning myself to ask the kind of questions and create the kind of focus that moved him in the direction he wanted.

The moment you put yourself in a better state you will see more solutions and you can tell yourself a better story to start a breakthrough and change-plan. You gotta ask with conviction and a sense of certainty and expectation for an answer. And you really have to dig for those answers.

Tony Robbins had a guy who embezzled from his company. Then he switched. And he really started searching for those answers. And he changed his state. Also ask these questions to unhappy people around you and you will see what shift they will bring. Change the way you move to feel empowered and in confident. Change your breathing and you facial expressions. Learn as many facial expression. Write down all the things you can do or experience that will make you happy.

Every time you need to feel in a specific way, you will have a list of things to do. For example a few items on my list are:. Tony Robbins says that your values tell you what you will pay attention to and will determine the kind of person you are. There are both values we move towards, and value we reject and wants to move away from. Your values determine your destiny because they determine what you move towards and what you reject and determine your most likely behaviors.

How can you fix this? For Tony Robbins for example it was: Step2 — decide Make a conscious decision about the values you want to live by. Ask yourself what other values you need to add -Tony Robbins found out intelligence was a big one missing-. Ask what values you need to eliminate. Tony Robbins for example found out that by constantly focusing on being free he was missing out on the freedom he already had.

So he dropped freedom from the list and consciously decided not to make it an issue anymore. And suddenly it was amazing the freedom he by dropping it out from the list.

Ask which benefit you get from which values and which cons you get for example for Tony having passion at the top meant he was burning out. I did the exact same with freedom. Freedom was such a big thing for me I felt suffering any time I was doing something that negated my freedom.

Personal Power II - Tony Robbins - Success Journal.pdf

Helping a friend? Keeping an appointment? I dropped the freedom-trap by reminding myself that I AM free. I CAN do whatever I want. Being a free man in a free world, freedom is NOT your issue.

Tony Robbins list changed to: Tony asked if being happy higher than achievement would suck the wind out of his sails, but it was quite the contrary: Also what you place higher up means you give it more important, so ask yourself how the placement will affect your life. For example ask: One more note: Brian Tracey adds that our happiness and self esteem is heavily dependent on how closely we live to our values. Our self esteem is tied to our ideal self, such as the person we want to be, and the way you see yourself at the present time.

Unsuccessful people have no values or sacrifice values for short term gains. You gotta stay true to your values if they are to shape you in any significant way. Brene Brown says that when we see our leaders not live up to the professed values, we disengage.

Tony Robbins says that rules are the belief sense of certainty about what needs to be fulfilled in order to achieve your various values. For example: Success is the value. Those are your rules. The value is the target. Tony says a great way to make yourself feel better is to have laxer rules.

We certainly want to use the power of goals and the allure of a compelling future, but we must make sure at the bottom of it we have rules to allow us to be happy any time we want. We want rules that move us to take action, that cause us to feel joy, that cause us to follow through. You can also have conflicting values and rules. Tony was in a resotr having high expectations for the eclipses which was going to happen. But clouds gathered and it was a huge let down for everyone.

But Tony decided he would enjoy his time anyway in spite of clouds. But beliefs can often trump the body. An experiment allowed a mouse to win fights against bigger opponents by drugging the opponent.

Robbins power anthony pdf personal

Then he was pitched against bigger NON drugged opponents. The smaller mouse trashed the bigger opponents. Beliefs are supported by what we call references, which are life experiences.

Imagine beliefs as tabletops, and references are the legs of the table. An idea can become a belief the moment you start linking reinforcing experiences confirming that idea. Often ideas we have turn into beliefs because we cherry-pick the experiences we will use as legs. Global beliefs are: Tony Robbins says that often the best thing you can do to create mastery in any area of your life is to raise a belief to a conviction. The conviction will then become your identity and drive you to action and push you through obstacles.

If you do this right you will soon start doubting the old belief and your mind is then ripe to instill a new one by associating pleasure to it and conditioning it. Find as many references that run counter to it, like how you can at least talk to store clerks or make small talk with people, how some people with backgrounds of being shy have evolved to socialites, and imagine finally shaking off this negative label for yourself.

Then, associate massive pain to it with the techniques listed above. Tony Robbins then encourages you to make a list of all the beliefs you have. Positive ones and negative ones, and then encourages you to start changing the top 3 negative ones you are currently holding. Their strength depends on the amount of emotion attached to them and the number of similar reference experiences.

References do not necessarily have to be accurate, but they do become accepted as real, regardless. We have countless references for everything, often running contrary to each other. And references build our beliefs not neutrally, but in the way we select them and the meaning we attach to them! Nothing in life means anything but the meaning you give it, so please give your past events an empowering meaning to build powerful and empowering beliefs.

Write down some events you think impacted you negatively, and instead of using it as an excuse to beat yourself up, look for a positive and empowering lesson: We are not our pasts unless we live there. Step one to remove them, is awareness. So ask yourself: You can choose which emotions to feel and you should build that still.

Tony Robbins says that an easy way of dealing with procrastrination is, well, to procrastrinate it. Put it off. Tony Robbins says that you are anchoring every time. Negative associations can kill a relationship because you go home and you are angry a few times in a row, then you anchor that feeling to that person.

I second and confirm that from first hand experience. Your Assignment For each of the four actions you listed yesterday, do the following: Get leverage: Write down 10 reasons why you must change that behavior now; then list all the reasons why you can do it.

Interrupt your own pattern: Design four or five ways to get yourself out of the limiting association - and do them! Condition yourself by rehearsing your new behavior. Give yourself a sense of accomplishment and exhilaration, pride, or joy each time you do this. Do it consistently and rapidly until each time you think of this new pattern you feel good automatically. Here is a bizarre, outrageous and effective way to get leverage and break your pattern: Get a weight-loss buddy and promise him or her and a group of other friends that your will begin a strict regimen of healthy foods and enjoyable exercise.

Further commit them that if you break your promise, you will eat a whole can of Alpo dog food. The women who shared this with me told me that she and her friend kept their cans in plain view at all times no pun intended! From giant steps — — Anthony Robbins 1. Ten reasons why I must change now and why I know I can do it: List four or five ways to get myself out of the limiting associations: Day —What everyone wants and how you can get it! One of the most important things we do to create power, joy, and passion we really want in our lives is to learn or manage our states of mind.

You can do this immediately through two primary vehicles, the first of which is physiology.

Personal Power II: Summary & Review - The Power Moves

You can change how you feel instantly by changing the way you move, breathe, use your facial expressions, or make any new demand on your body 2. In any situation, if you put yourself in a peak state you will be able to utilize more of your true capabilities in life. You can also use your voice to put yourself in a peak state. Speak stronger, move rapidly, with a bit more volume from deeper in your chest than you usually do.

Changing your breathing can immediately change your state. Deep, diaphragmatic breaths create radically different emotional states than shallow breathing that begins in the upper chest. Radical changes in facial expressions will immediately change the way you feel.

Changing elements of your diet can maximize your health and energy 5. All of these put together can make significant changes in the patterns of the emotional states you experience day to day. Pick something that normally does inspire you, but talk about it in an uninspiring way, and have your partner notice what you do with your face, your voice, your body and your gestures. Change your state radically. Get fired up, if necessary and move around for a moment. Now talk to your partner about the same subject with all the passion, joy, energy, and conviction you can muster.

Ask your partner to share with you some of the specific differences in how you moved, breathed, used your face, and used your voice There is no greatness without a and record this in your journal. Experiment today: The differences my partner noticed between my dispassionate versus passionate state: Day 8 -The Power of Focus - Disk 6 A second way to manage your states, in addition to using your physiology, is to control and direct the focus of your mind. The way you feel and what you experience in your body comes from what you focus your attention upon during a given moment 2.

And vice versa. For you to feel good, you have to delete the things you could feel bad about. Undirected, however, it can wreak havoc in your day-to-day experience.

To manage your states, there are two things you can control with respect to focus. When you change either of these, you immediately change how you feel. Evaluations are nothing but questions you ask yourself. Your state — and ultimately your life — are the result of the questions you ask. To manage your state via focus, you must control the questions you ask yourself. Continually ask yourself questions that empower you.

Your Assignment 1. Write them down and put them next to your bed or on your bathroom mirror. Every morning ask yourself these five questions and come up with at least two answers for each of them. What am I happy about in my life now? How does that make me feel? What am I excited about in my life now? What about that makes me excited?

Power personal anthony pdf robbins

What am I proud about in my life now? What about this makes me proud? What am I grateful about in my life now? What about that makes me grateful? What am I enjoying most in my life right now? What about that do I enjoy? What am I committed to in my life right now? What about that makes me committed? Who do I love? Who loves me? What about that makes me loving? Day 9 —Values and beliefs: The source of Success or Failure — Disk 7 Values are emotional states that, based on our life experience, we believe are most important for us to experience move toward or avoid move away from.

These are known as ends values. Some people say that what they value most in life are their cars. Well, its true they may value a car ie. Its important to them , but they value it as a means, a way to get what they are really after. The end a person who values a car might be seeking is a sense of convenience or a sense of freedom or, depending upon the type of car, maybe a sense of power or fun.

Likewise many people say they want money.

But money is merely means to an end. They Examples of a want what they think money will give them. A hierarchy feeling of choice. All decision making is nothing but values clarification. Global beliefs are generalizations: Rules are conditional ideas: Having said that, I would like to give you a six-step process which will require a significant amount of your time and energy, but I think the rewards are remarkable. You might want to complete the first two of the six steps today and divide the rest of the tasks over the course the next week.

So set yourself up to win on this assignment today by breaking it down into doable chunks. And be sure to have fun! Ask yourself this question: If you think you want money or business success, ask yourself, if I had that additional money, if I had that business success, what would it ultimately give me? How would it make me feel? Rewrite your moving towards values in the order of their importance. For some people this list might include rejection or overwhelm or loneliness.

Discovering what you want to avoid will help you understand more about your drive. We are not driven just to get what we want. Rewrite your moving-away-from values in the order of their importance, starting at the top of the list with the one you would do the most to avoid feeling.

What has to happen for you to feel these emotions? For example, if success is one of your values, what has to happen for you to feel successful? For some individuals to feel successful, they have to have a million dollars in the bank. For others to feel successful, they have to wake up, look down, and see the ground because they believe every day above ground is a great day! Similarly, on your moving-away-from values, what has to happen for you to feel them?

Have you discovered any rules which limit the quality of your life? If so, which rules are you willing to change now to improve your life forever?

My moving-towards values in order of importance: LOVE 6. POWER What would l do the most to avoid moving-away-from values? My moving-away-from values in order of importance: ANGER 2. WORRY 4. What has to happen for me to feel each of these emotions moving-toward and moving-away-from values?

How to Take Complete Control of Your Life -Disc 8 To gain full control of your life, you must discover your core beliefs, change those that are limiting you, and resolve any conflicting beliefs.

To change a belief you must do the following: Identify the belief you want to change 2. Link enough pain to your current belief so you automatically move away from it.

Identify a new, empowering belief. Identify the two beliefs you want to change. Close your eyes. Feel the emotional costs these beliefs have had on your life. What have they cost you in your relationships, your finances, your physical body, your level of happiness and fulfillment?

What do you regret most as a result of these beliefs? Step five years into the future and drag these limiting beliefs with you. What is the cost? Step into the future 10 years. Step into the future 20 years.

Come back to now and recognize none of this has happened yet. You have a chance to change it. What happened was a painful gift to move you to change your entire your entire destiny right now! Change your body radically — move as if you felt totally energized, excited, and passionate e. Decide what your new beliefs should be and write them down, stated in the positive. Close your eyes and think about how these benefits will transform the quality of your life.

What will you gain by these new beliefs? How will you be more happy? How will you be more successful financially and in your relationships? How will your physical body be transformed when these beliefs begin to guide your daily actions? Again, associate. How is your life greater now, more fulfilling , richer emotionally, physically, financially?

Step into the future five years with your new beliefs. Where are you now in your life? Where are you now? Write down how your two new beliefs will enhance the quality of your life now. What my new beliefs are and how they will increase the quality of my life: Get excited about practicing fundamentals every day to create the ongoing level of happiness and joy you want.

Robbins power anthony pdf personal

With goals we create our destiny! Why do goals work? Setting a goal is acknowledging to your conscious and subconscious minds that where you are is not where you want to be. Having a goal creates positive pressure, which is necessary to move you forward- you must learn to manage pressure. Write down what it will cost you not to achieve the goal linking pain to not achieving. Seeing and admitting that things are not as good as we want them to be creates a drive to make our lives the way we believe they should and must be.

Take action on the following assignment: List the specific areas of your life that are not what you want them to be. Write down what you would have to believe to consistently follow through on the transformation of your life.

What would you have to believe in order to not only set your goals but really 4. Write down why you must change these situations now and why you know you can. The specific areas of my life that are not what I want them to be: They simply have impotent goals — that is, goals that do not inspire them. What I would have to believe to consistently follow through on the transformation of my life 3. What I would have to believe to not only set my goals but really achieve them: Why I must change these situations now and why I know I can: Day Creating your future: The goal setting — workshop -Disk 10 1.

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