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WHITE OUT by Ken Follett. 3rd draft. , words. 29 March Page 2. 7: 45p.m. A man with many names walked quickly along a cold London street. ~~b. \~'lb. \~'H. ~h~. ~~ ~. \\ 8b. ~ Ai.J,. 'LGo3. ~. meteolille.info>~. WHITEOUT by Ken Follett . , words anticipated. I' rd. Out me 3 draft-with notes. 02 June Follett, Ken - Whiteout. Read more Follett, Ken - A Place called Freedom Download Online Eye of the Needle PDF ePUB Mobi English - Ken Follett.

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Follett pdf ken whiteout

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Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Got one to sell? Make an Offer. Toni Gallo is the head of security at a biochemical lab in Scotland called the Kremlin. When she discovers 2 doses of an experimental drug missing, she has no idea that this is a prelude to an even more dangerous plot to rob the company. They have a great working relationship and she is interested in more. Christmas Eve brings many surprises including a blizzard that makes the plot ev This was a suspenseful, edge of your seat kind of read.

Christmas Eve brings many surprises including a blizzard that makes the plot even more dangerous. The reviews on this were mixed, leaning towards not so good. This was the first Follet I have read and I loved it. I will definitely try another. Nov 23, Miquel Reina rated it liked it Shelves: Whiteout is one of those novels that you can read in a matter of hours.

It has a fast rhythm and although sometimes these books have a very obvious structure, Ken Follen hides it with the finesse of a master couturier. Spanish version: Che delusione. Personaggi stereotipati, frasi ad effetto trite e ritrite, brutte descrizioni, scene inverosimili Come fa ad essere lo stesso autore de Il terzo gemello?

Ci sono, verso la fine, un paio di cose che non immaginavo, ma stonano con tutto il resto. View all 4 comments. A deadly virus is stolen from the vaults of a drug company in Scotland. Can the Facility Director a gorgeous year-old former policewoman who is secretly in love with her boss the shy but brilliant professor who founded the company catch the thieves and avert a terrorist plot to spread worldwide plague?

On Christmas Eve? In a blizzard? With her mother in the car? Follett is a magician, skillfully mixing thriller and soap opera with dashes of sex and violence. I can't quite figure out how he A deadly virus is stolen from the vaults of a drug company in Scotland. I can't quite figure out how he breathes so much life into these standard-issue characters or makes me care so much about them. A Grand Master of direct, blatant prose and edge-of-the-cliff suspense in top form.

Mar 26, Sally Lindsay-briggs rated it really liked it. This was a winner in my estimation. It was an audio book that I listened to on my long drives to visit my daughter. There was plenty of action and suspense and a dab of romance. A research company is trying to come up with an antidote for a very deadly virus.

There is a robbery and a hostage situation in the midst of a huge blizzard. You really don't know what will happen until the finale. The heroine Toni is the security guard with lots of guts, smarts and gusto. I love it when the story has st This was a winner in my estimation. I love it when the story has strong ladies. Ken Follett, I shall look for your other books. View 2 comments. Oct 06, Dianne rated it really liked it Shelves: My Rating: Biological terrorism is horrific, but when one deadly virus is stolen, Christmas Eve will become anything but silent and holy.

This may not be one of my favorite Ken Follett novels, but it does have some chilling twists!

Whiteout PDF Ken Follett

Penguin Books November 23, Publication Date: November 23, Genre: Thriller Suspense Print Length: Feb 24, Leah rated it it was ok. My sometimes-sarcastic commentary 1. Oh no! A book about the potential for a deadly virus that causes the sufferer to bleed from basically everywhere. Oh how new and and exciting. Especially in The completely believable heroine of the day, Toni, trained in engineering, decides to be a police officer, shamed off the job, now a security director for a lab that holds aforementioned bloody virus and a cure.

Ok, a cure that actually doesnt' work --poor rabbits and lowly lab tech. Cr Meh. How old is Ken Follett and why the bleep does he care about the sex lives of two teens?!

Oh, and let's not forget that you get through the entire blizzardy mess to find out the dastardly virus-spreader villain is someone we haven't met and is mentioned twice the entire book. I gave it two stars for the occasional suspense. Oct 13, P. Mokha rated it it was amazing. I read this while on holiday in the tropical Bay of Islands and it was the perfect read. Set in Scotland during a blizzard it was a delight to be reminded that I no longer lived in a cold climate.

The pace picked up half way through, with each character's motivation and decision-making being clear and believable.

I note some people found this book contrived and one described the characters as cardboard, yet it delivered what it set out to achieve. A racy action novel about averting a major inter I read this while on holiday in the tropical Bay of Islands and it was the perfect read. A racy action novel about averting a major international crises. The formula is tried and tested and you get what you expect. Near misses a term that technically means a hit - if you nearly miss something, therefore you The reason I read Ken's books is because they are so easy to read.

He unfolds complicated plots in a simple way and does all the work so the reader doesn't have to. Some people confuse this with simplistic writing, but it is the polar opposite. My wife has just received Winter of the World. I hope it is better than Fall of Giants, which I would rate at a mere 3. Um enredo fascinante e diferente do habitual ao autor. Aconselho vivamente.

Follett, Ken - Jackdaws

Apr 27, Ana Rebelo rated it it was amazing. Ken Follett tornou-se agora num dos melhores escritores cujas obras eu tive oportunidade de ler. Mas quando o pai quase se sacrificou para salvar a sua vida, tudo mudou. Dec 09, Preston Nowsch rated it it was amazing.

Another truly great book by one of my favorite authors. An invincible virus is stolen from a high security medical research facility in Scotland, and the motive runs deeper than anyone could expect. It's Christmas eve, and Stanly Oxenford is dangerously close to losing his facility thanks to a heartfelt technician bringing home one of the test animals, and trying to cure it. Oxenford Medical is a high-security pharmaceutical-research company in Scotland that has developed a new drug to act upon an amazingly deadly virus.

When the said technician is finally found at his house, he is bleeding from every pore -- he has been infected with the virus and Stanley Oxenford, o Oxenford Medical is a high-security pharmaceutical-research company in Scotland that has developed a new drug to act upon an amazingly deadly virus.

When the said technician is finally found at his house, he is bleeding from every pore -- he has been infected with the virus and Stanley Oxenford, owner of the research facility and developer of the drug, is in danger of losing everything he has worked in.

Then his son, Kit, full of debts, decides to steal from Stanley and teams up with a gang of thugs. He thinks their aim is to steal the anti-viral drug, but after breaking in into Oxenford Medical, Kit realizes that the truth is worst than he thought: And so it starts a complete nightmare that is increased by an unexpected blizzard whipping out the north. Things can only go very wrong, but Toni is decided to prove herself worthy and is willing to do anything to catch the criminals. Whiteout is certainly a very good thriller.

At least had the power to keep me glued to it. It may not be perfect, but it is certainly a nail-biting story I don't bite mine, but you get the feeling. It is a story where a lot of things go wrong. For the thugs, but also for Toni and the Oxenford clan, who find themselves in the whole unhappy situation.

Basically, when someone thinks he or she has found a way out of the dreadful situation, there is a twist of some kind and said person is back at square one. This happens for the entire story, especially as the thieves are trying to get away with the stolen virus. Which ends up being fine, since it just increases the whole frustrating feeling the nail-biting effect thing and makes this book a surprising page-turner.

As for the characters, Toni Gallo was fine. She reminded me of Jeannie Ferrami from The Third Twin , in personality and because both have sisters with families of their own and mothers with some sort of dementia. Her feelings for her boss, Stanley Oxenford, were a bit weird and she had the tendency for behaving a little foolishly. She is headstrong and has difficulties keeping her mouth shut. Especially with her ex, Superintendent Frank Hackett, a truly despicable man, who enjoys telling Toni 'no' -- I think he would even let the lab thieves escape with the virus to France just to make Toni angry.

Talking about pricks, then we have Kit Oxenford, who is just plain mean and is a child in an adult body.

Pdf whiteout ken follett

He is mad at his father because Stanley refused to pay the money Kit owed. For the second time. So he decides to get his revenge. Only leading to the terrible situation this story tells. He doesn't even have second thoughts when he betrays his sister Miranda twice, the second time putting her in terrible danger. When he realizes the truth about the stolen items, he knows how dangerous it all is, but all Kit can think about is the money he is going to receive from the heist, not really considering that he may be killed when the virus is released.

Kit is childish, revengful, thoughtless, mean, he is really unpleasent character and I could not prevent myself from wishing him all the bad things in the world for putting his own family into such a danger.

The thugs Kit teams up with, Nigel, Elton, and Daisy, are just horrible people who have no qualms about what they're doing, especially Daisy, who is a monster, a real psycho. I enjoyed this book. It's very exciting, very gripping, and even though I thought, at some point, that there were way too many things turning out wrong, especially for the good guys, Whiteout is a really satisfying read.

And having a scientific background, is much better than The Third Twin. I took such a long time because of university, but I enjoyed it every time I grabbed it! Ken Follett is one of the masters of thriller, and this one didn't fall behind on that. Whiteout deals with a deadly virus that, if spread, could kill millions of people. One of the scientists died with the virus but it was an isolated case. That was supposed to be the worst thing that could happen, right?

Toni Gallo is an ex-police that now works as the head of the security of a lab that belongs to Stanley Oxenford. And she now has to deal with the biggest crisis of her life, and if she fails, millions could die. But this isn't just about her. Stanley's family - which is a huge family - has a role in all of this.

Follett, Ken - Jackdaws

And what a pleasant surprise that was! Ned too, I was really bothered with the way he acted but then he turned out to be a good character.

I still have a meh opinion about Hugo but the guy didn't deserve what he got. Olga was a pretty good character, if it probably wasn't for her - and the snow, mind that - the virus would have probably been released. But the most amazing surprise were the kids. Even if Caroline didn't have any role at all and Tom barely had one, Sophie and Craig almost stole the spotlight.

They were amazing, and funny in their own way, and incredibly brave and even helped Toni literally save the day. The bad guys were well developed too as obviously they'd be, it's Ken Follett, duh. Madoba-2 was actually Toni's main problem, but it derived from Kit, so I wasn't that wrong. Kit is a very complex character, so I enjoyed all of his thoughts. The only downfall?

Follett pdf ken whiteout

The ending. It's completely predictable, including the main character's ending. There's not any twist to it. All in all, this is a great book, with good characters and a good plot. It all makes sense and all the characters play a role almost all of them, basically the ones I don't remember the names don't have that big of a role. It was very nice to be reading a thriller but still see the way the characters interacted with each other.

Some of the chapters were really pleasant in the sense that it seemed like a completely normal story about a big family. And that's probably what I like the most, the way Ken Follett is able to intertwine trivial things into a thriller and make it all seem realistic.

Also, I want to see how everyone his family, especially Miranda and Olga, will play their roles in this story. I'm sensing the main problem for Toni won't even be Madoba-2 but yes Kit. I really don't know who anyone is besides Toni and Kit due to the amount of characters that were introduced just in the first chapter. Still I'm sure by the end of the book I'll know exactly who everyone is.

Un consiglio da amica: Il libro accelera che neanche la Ferrari di Stanley Oxenford, e dopo diventa impossibile staccarsi dalla lettura! Nel bianco ha la sovracopertina completamente bianca.

Nomen omen. O almeno, la mia edizione con copertina rigida in cartonato nera - sottile riferimento al'unione di tenebra e luce? Regali, magari. O prestiti a lungo, lungo termine.

Non ho grande stima dei cosidetti thriller, di quei libri di rapida lettura e facile presa che si prestano molto bene per essere letti in ben determinati contesti: Orbene, questo era proprio quello che cercavo: Non sono nemmeno un lettore snobistico e nemmeno possiedo una cultura davvero superiore. Tuttavia, per Dio, questo libro fa veramente cacare.

Sono come quei banner pubblicitari che ti spuntano nell'angolo dello schermo del PC mentre stai leggendo qualcosa. Purtroppo non avevo con me AdBlock.

Comunque, la trama. E' un florilegio di piattume. In molti punti si sfiora involontariamente il ridicolo; in qualche punto, dove si vorrebbe solleticare il ridicolo, si sfiora il disagio. All'asfissia della cultura e della lettura, come spazio intimo e privato per la riflessione, l'otium o anche solo la distrazione. Nemmeno al cesso un libro del genere risulta utile.

Pdf follett whiteout ken

Forse il bianco rappresenta il contenuto della cornice: Il nulla. O, qualunque cosa sia, una cosa che gli assomiglia molto. Eppure il Follett che avevo letto da ragazzo ne La cruna dell'ago mi pareva altra cosa.

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