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Founded in , TVS Motor Company, the USD billion, flagship company of the high-profile awards bestowed on him, on behalf of the company. He was. Tvs Industry & Company Profile - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. TVS INDUSTRY AND COMPANY PROFILE. TVS Motor Company – Company Profile. Founded in , TVS Motor Company, the flagship company of the year old, USD. 6 billion, TVS Group, is one of.

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This solution will help in faster introduction of new products into the market. It integrates different processes within the Company and enables. TVS Motor Company is a multinational motorcycle company headquartered at Chennai, India. . Jump up to: meteolille.info Marchpdf; ^ "Sundaram Clayton Company History". Moneycontrol. 1 January. TVS MOTOR COMPANY — PROFILE. INTRODUCTION. TVS Motor Company limited, part of the TVS group, is one of. India's leading two — wheeler.

The first V-twins from Indian were produced in Hedstorm left the company after a dispute in , never to work in the motorcycle industry again. In another dispute within the newly formed company, Hendee also left the company in The company grew at a rapid rate but had many competitors, most notably Harley-Davidson. Indian competed with Harley-Davidson in the showrooms, on the tracks, and on the streets to determine which brand was better. The second part of this article gives details about this war for bragging rights. The war continues to this day even though Indian was to go out of business for all intents and purposes in

Power is up by 1. The peak power is producedat rpm, similar to RTR , though the peak torque is now produced at revs. The aerodynamic airscoops add to the design plus it ensures air is directed towards the engine unit to help bettercooling efficiency. It is thefirst Indian two-wheeler to feature automatic transmission. Jive comes with 4-speedtransmission but features a hand-free gearshift and it comes with T-matic technology. TVS Jivecomes with gear Indicator and under seat space which can accommodate a bottle, umbrella orany documents.

In terms of design and styling TVS Jive looks very balanced and simple, as it isa commuter bike, the buyers dont expect lot of styling. The only change is the spruced-up tank which brings character tothe Jive.

Jive is powered by a new cc engine which also powers the TVS Wego. The cc engine of TVSJive generates maximum power of 8. TVShas good experience in manufacturing bikes with automatic clutch as they are selling TVS Neo in Indonesia and itis selling in good numbers.

The TVS Jive features a rotary gear technology and two clutches. One of the two is anormal multiplate job while the other one is a automatic centrifugal clutch that prevents theengine from stalling.

Also, therotary gear system means that you can shift directly from a high gear to neutral. Convenience-wise, the Jive is going to please a lot of new riders or people have to ride a lot inheavy traffic. Flame borrowsthe headlamp, front fender, attractive rear view mirrors; body colored shock absorber springs andspecial engine cowl from its big brother apache.

Flame is packed with exciting features like attractivebody graphics, alloy wheels, disc brake at the front, electric start and handle bar weights tocontrol vibrations. It has been designed to capture attention in one go.

The bike has been given acontemporary urban look by having a black theme. The engine producesmaximum power of It has sporty delta-edge exhaust that is not just a styling element but also to deliver thesmoothest of sounds, lowest emissions and excellent performance. The engine has two differentin take ports, swirl and power port. The graphic design onthe fuel tank was replaced by new graphic pattern. A new colour option had been added and Itnow came with a 12V mobile charger socket, placed just behind the front left indicator.

This made the StarCity the first motorcycle in India to have this feature. TVS Star city sports a new cc CVTiengine with VTi technology consisting of fuel cut-off on deceleration and significantly reducedfriction to improve the overall fuel efficiency. TVS bikes have always been known to be tidyhandlers, and the Star City is no different, offering among the better handling traits and ridecharacter within its segment. Riders will find the bike moulding them into an upright andcommuter-friendly posture.

The frame skeleton is a single down-tube with the engine bolted on andoffers just the right rigidity. The Star City continues with a rectangular section swing arm. Star City also allows ridersto adjust the rear shock absorbers via a convenient lever with no additional tools required forthe job. SPORT TVS expanded its economy segment offering with the launch of, Sport - a stylish, compact andaffordable cc motorcycle, aimed at discerning urban motorcycle customers who are on thelook-out for a sleek and compact style.

Body panels and tail lamps received some tweaking to give sleeker and elegant appearanceoverall from rear. The fuel tank is sleek and the dual toned side panel makes it attractive. TVSSport is fitted with alloy wheels, broad tires and a shoe type seat which gives it a sporty look. TVS Sport is a bike good for average users who are looking for a bike which offers good featuresalong with decent mileage.

TVS Sport is powered by a The engine is mated to 4 speed gearbox. The suspension has the same looks as that of the Star City, but the rear one comes with 5steps adjustable stroke that is just a little longer than the Star City. The grab-rail also now matches its body color.

Dual-tone shades spruce up the scooter with a racychequered look on the front apron and rear panels. In a smart move, the key slot itself is fluorescent, so as to allow grope-free access in thedark. Theres also a new cell phone-charging point. It retains its quality feel in offeringalloy rims, both front and rear. The Plus not only feels meaty where it matters most in its low-and midrange punch, but does manage a relatively respectable top speed of 71kph delivered withrefinement.

The Scooty was always bold offering twin telescopic forks as front suspension. While therest of the industry sticks with diminutive and far less effective front dampers, the Pep Pluscarries forward this handling-enhancing theme. At the rear, there is a single shock absorber doing dutyin conjunction with its hinged engine. Scooty streak is the TVS second attempt to conquer the cc plusscooter customer, after its first attempt in with cc four stroke Spectra.

The gearedscooter spectra failed to take off in the market and it was withdrawn. Scooty streak is a ccplus four-stroke scooter which is positioned above the scooty and it targets urban customers.

Company pdf tvs profile

With the scooty streak, TVS hopes to widen its customer base. The 90cc TVS Scooty hasalways been associated with women and the cc plus scooty streak could bring in malecustomers into the fold. It inherits the styling of the popular scooty which means the Scooty streakwill not be a full- bodied scooter.

Scooty streak is a typical gearless scooter with a prominent snout,handlebar mounted head lamp, multi-purpose die-cast rear grab rail and contoured seats. Scooty Streak comes with a razor sharp, sleek unisex styling features sharp head lamps and LED tail-lamps. Scooty streak also comes with broad anti-skid tires that provide enhanced wet braking stabilityand is equipped with an external fuel fill at the rear for refueling.

Mobile charger and lockablefront glove boxes are the other usable features in the new scooty streak. It is powered by anewcc engine.

TVS has good experience in manufacturing scooterettes with automatictransmission as they are selling TVS Scooty Variants in good numbers. Though Wego is not too unique and different in terms of style andtechnology in comparison to its rivals but it can be very successful as it has been priced verycompetitively. TVS has made use of vehicle simulation models, computational fluid dynamicsand frequency response analysis techniques to ensure smooth and noise-free engine and best-in-class ridecomfort and handling.

The all aluminum low-friction engine ensures best-in-class mileage. Multi-reflector halogen headlamps and LED tail lamp with optical guides give the scooter dynamicstyling better described as urban dynamism. One of the unique features of TVS Wego is its Body Balance Technology that enableslower steering effort, better control and maneuverability through optimum vehicle mass andmass distribution, making it the best scooter to handle in city traffic conditions.

Otherinnovations that are first in its category are twelve inch alloy wheels, sleek contour body, LEDTail lamp with optical guides, external fuel fill with hinged cap, an integrated glove box, twincity lamps, maintenance free battery, gas filled rear shock absorber, under seat combo charger tocharge the vehicle battery as well as a cell phone and patented EZ center stand.

Reliability of this two-wheeler is assured by its auto wet clutch system, wheel removal with QD wheel system,safer suspension. Its bold tubular frame gives proper support to the riders to ride it any road condition.

Pdf tvs company profile

Night riding becomes safer due to the presence of powerful 12V electrical system. It hasdetachable seat and load carrier keeping in mind its passengers. This study covers survey,findings, data analysis, suggestions and conclusions. TVS Apache is equipped with all the required market friendly features. Two models of thisbike are based on all the technological advances. It is the bike for every kind of customers andwith different choices.

This bike comes with all the facilities that all finicky bike lovers reallylook for in his best possession. There are two variants of in the market: The Apache bikes are racing bikes.

If you are looking for a bike which isstylish and powerful at the same time, then this is the bike for you. The Apache RTR comes with superbaerodynamic design.

TVS mainly made changes in the engine which made the major difference inthe performance of this bike. The various objective of apache rtr are: Split bull horn rails: Theracing stripes, luminous rims, aerodynamic air scoops and race crouch mirrors make it lean meanracing machine.

Aerodynamic air scoops: The aerodynamic air scoop makes sure that cool air flows towards the engine unit to coolit down. Engine fairing: Italso protects RTR engine from harsh road conditions. Lightweight stylish alloys: The light weight alloys does not add up too much weight at the same time they canwithstand the toughest surface. Forged brake lever: The forged brake lever and gear lever set of the Apache RTR gives it a distinctivelook.

Removable rear fender: Roto petal disc: It helps in sharp braking and the large size of the disc ensures quick heatdispersion. The Apache RTR comes with roto petal disc on both front and rear wheels. Digital Speedo console: The backlit digital Speedo console gives out necessary information about the motor cyclesuch as, two trip logs, max speed and so on. LED Tail lamp: The stylish LED Light Emitting Diode tail lamp consumes less energy and shines morebrightly and ensures high visibility at any weather condition.

Head Lamp: The head lamp and park lights are integrated into the cowl. It provides good visibility. Poly shock absorbers: Be it a smooth road or rough road filled with potholes. The poly shock absorber takes therebound from a shock and dissipates it as heat energy. Clip on handle bars: Thehandle bar consists of two units- the two different handle bars and base unit. The handle bars arejoined with the base unit in such a way that it gives the rider a racing posture. Wide tubeless tires: Stylish exhaust: Designed with great care, the exhaust not onlyreleases the gas produced from internal combustion but also adds up to the overall style icon ofthe bike.

Storage Space and Safety Features TVS Apache RTR ABS is a short bike which offers almost no storagespace however you will notice many safety features like rear saree guard and disc brake, frontleg guard and powerful headlight in this bike.

Suspension and Braking Suspension system of this bike remains untouched. The bike shares its front telescopicforks and rear gas filled shockers with regular Apache The braking system receives thebiggest change and features ABS. This change along with inclusion of ABS has improved its ride qualitysignificantly. The handling is still very accurate and it comes with exceptional turning abilities.

The best part of its riding is its braking ability which was never before experienced in its class. The ABS avoids the locking of its both wheels and thus results into controlled braking. It neverskids and always gives you immense control at high speeds.

TVS Motor Company - Wikipedia

It has six-spoke mag alloys. Foot pegs: The rear set foot pegs are fitted in such a way that is gives the rider a sporty stance whileriding the bike. White, gray, yellow and black. Other specifications: Double cradle sychrostiff. Six spoke magnesium alloy wheels. Single cylinder, air cooled, four stroke. Mikuni BS Two valves, overhead cam. Two valves. Electronic and kick start. It has beendeveloped exclusively for the Indian Market after closely examining the changing lifestylesand needs of the consumers.

The Bajaj pulsar DTSi is equipped with a number of new function and mechanisms,introduced for the first time in India. It is designed to offer greater functionality, performance,economy, and easeof handling and maintenance to a wide cross-section of the Indian society.

The striking feature of the new DTSi is the new front Bikinifairing. This is one of a kindfairing giving a unique masked look that makes it stand tall among the crowd. Its illumination isthe best in its class and its looks will kill the competition… if any?. There are curves built into thefairing look muscular and aerodynamic. New rectangular swing arm and an increased wheel base. A new rectangular section swing arm has been designed which with the increased wheelbase of mm gives the pulsar extra strength, solidity and makes the high dynamic sevenbetter.

New rugged and muscular rear shock absorbers. The damper body has been increased India meter to make it look more Robust. A ripplerate spring with a larger wrap diameter gives a smoother ride and absorption on rough surfaces.

The stroke has been increased for more travel. All this translate to better ride quality over smoothas well as rough surfaces. New mer tail lamp. The pulsar now sports a clear lens tail lamp which apart from being brighter is also morepleasant to look at. The brightness of lamp only enhances. The safety aspect at high speedsand during bad visibility. New classy handle bars. The handle bars are now surface-plated in a classy stain fiish which gives a look ofsophistication and class.

Introducing the number plate lamp. BAL is not applying for a patent forthis!!!! Read on …. New handle bar clamps. Part has Even the smallest been attentively crafted….. This has been styled so as to be aesthetically pleasing and its mainfunction is to regent the aluminum form getting scratched when a bunch of keys are used. Currently one spark plug at one end of the combustion chamber is the conventionalPractice.

The flame front created by the spark takes some time to reach theDTSi engine: This offersphenomenal performance augmentation and is being first introduced on the highly successfulpulsar twins. Mixture and creates limitations in optimizing the combustionchamber characteristics 2spark plugs at either ends of the combustion chamber help in faster and better combustion.

Tvs Industry & Company Profile

A digital CDI with a 8 bit microprocessor chip handles the spark delivery. It means of controlling theignition by operating the throttle. Depending on the needs of the rider whether it be cruising,acceleration, or max aped, the ignition requirements constantly change. Constant velocity CV carburetor: The CV carburetor continues to provide high level of performance.

Acceleration and Top Speed: Bajaj Pulsar Mileage: The fuel tank has a capacity of 15 litres. Comfort While Driving Bajaj Pulsar The nitro rear shock absorbers have a five-step adjustmentsetting that gives excellent riding comfort. Safety Features: The bike also features a powerful, even aggressiveheadlamp 12 volts, full DC that gives a good constant beam at all speeds of travel. Storage Space: Bajaj Pulsar Suspension: The bike borrows a 37mm fork assembly from its sibling the Pulsar At the rear, itborrows the swing arm found on the Avenger: Bajaj Pulsar Brakes: Ride and Handling The Pulsar is a comfortable and stable ride.

The refined engine generates little noise,even at higher revs, and it copes well with variations in road surface thanks to its strong frontbrakes and solid chassis. Handling is smooth and generally good, although it can feel a littleheavy on leans.

Bajaj India has introduced newspeed line shades for Pulsar range comprising of Pulsar , Pulsar and Pulsar The newshades are blue with combination of black, red with combination of black and all-black shade.

The new shades have given a fresh lease to life to the Pulsar models and have further enhancedthe overall looks of the bikes. Accessories Additional accessories for the Pulsar , such as seat covers or bike covers, must bepurchased separately from the standard bike.

Reasons to Buy and Value for Money Powerful and comfortable, the Pulsar is a capable city bike piled high with smarttechnology for the next generation of consumers. Cheaper by far than many of its cc rivals,the Pulsar is excellent value for money as an outright purchase — but its poor fuel economy willput off many buyers.

Bajaj pulsar Specification as follows: Hubli city. Sampling plan is to know why the sales of TVS Apache are less. What are the Draw backs of this bike through survey method? Sample Units: I have taken the 50 customers who own TVS Apache bike.

The study was conducted by the survey method. Taking sample of 50 customers own TVS Apache by random sampling using the research instrument as the questionnaire personal interview is considered as the sample plan. For this project the area of research is Hubli region. Primary data: In this the data was collected by imposing both open and close ended questions through questionnaire and observations method. Secondary data: Secondary data was collected from magazines, journals, reports and web site etc.

In this chapter data are collected from the respondents and are analyzed on the basis ofobjections drawn while analyzing the data suitable statistical tools that can be applicable isapplied.

The suggestions are drawn after analyzing the data. The sample size used for the study is Question 1: Employee Govt. Among 50 respondents 7 are Employee, 3 are Govt. Employee, 8 are Business, 31 are Students, 1 is Politicians and 0 is others. Question 2: Which of the following bike do you own?

Power Asia Pacific Awards , 3 top awards at J.

In early , TVS Racing became the first Indian factory team to take part in the Dakar Rally , the world's longest and most dangerous rally.

In December , the Hosur plant where the motorcycle is manufactured rolled out its 50,th GR series unit. The Apache RR is designed and realised entirely in India.

It was the first Indian company to deploy a catalytic converter in a cc motorcycle and the first to indigenously produce a four stroke cc motorcycle. The list of firsts from the firm include: The company's chairman, Venu Srinivasan , was conferred with an honorary Doctorate of Science degree by The University of Warwick , United Kingdom in , [8] while the Government of India honoured him with Padma Shri , one of India's highest civilian distinctions in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Chennai , Tamil Nadu.

Pdf profile tvs company

Operating income. Net income. Retrieved 28 September He went on to invest in new technology, nurture in-house design and implement Toyota-style quality programs.

TVS Motor Company

India Car News. Retrieved Sunday Observer. Archived from the original on 11 October Retrieved 2 August Times of India. The Hindu BusinessLine.

Archived from the original on 3 June Automotive industry in India. Automotive industry Economy of India Transport in India. Motorcycles and Motorcycling outline. Definition History Museums Motorcycle occupations Safety.