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2 Test statistics and randomization distributions. 9. Summaries of sample populations Hypothesis testing via randomization. These lecture notes have been used at Basics of Statistics course held in Uni- versity of Statistics is a very broad subject, with applications in a vast number of . This document is the lecture notes for the course β€œMAT Statistics 1”, and is a The lecture notes are based on chapters 8, 9, 10, 12 and 16 of the book.

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There are two main branches of statistics: descriptive and inferential. Descrip- tive statistics is used to say something about a set of information that has been. These were compiled from Jamie DeCoster's introductory statistics class at Purdue this file> from meteolille.info PDF | Shaked and Shanthikumar [] introduced the excess wealth transform and the related excess wealth order. A lot of research activities have taken place .

Measures of Dispersion. Index numbers. Developing Projects in Economics. Indian Economy at the time of Independence. Development Policies and Experience. Economic Reforms Since Human Capital Formation.
Notes pdf statistics

Non-random sampling: It is a sampling method in which all the items do not have an equal chance of being selected and judgment of the investigator plays an important role. Types of Statistical errors: It is the difference between sample value and actual value of a characteristic of a population.

Non-sampling errors: Errors that accurate the stage of collecting data.

Pdf statistics notes

Types of non-sampling errors: Census of India: We are not responsible for any type of mistake in data. All pdf files or link of pdf files are collected from various Resources Or sent by Students. If any pdf file have any copyright voilation please inform us we shell remove that file from our website. Class 7.

Class 8. Class 9.

Class Difference between Primary and SecondaryData a] Primary data is original data collected by the investigator while secondary data is already existing and not original. Pilot Survey: Try-out of the questionnaire on a small group to find its short comings 7. Qualities of a good questionnaire: Census Method Sampling Method 1 Every unit of population studied 2 Reliable and accurate results 3 Expensive method 4 Suitable when population is of homogenous nature Few units of population are studied Less Reliable and accurate results Less expensive method Suitable when population is of heterogeneous nature 9.

Personal Interview Method: STCA Credits: Construction of Frequency Distribution table. Definition, Characteristics of Satisfactory average. Definition, standard deviation, variance and coefficient of variation.

Statistics: Lecture Notes

Introduction to Sampling: Random sampling, concept of standard error of Mean. Introduction, Types of errors, Null hypothesis, level of significance and degrees of freedom, steps in testing of hypothesis.

Test for Means β€” One sample t β€” test, Two samples t-test and Paired t-test. Definition, types, properties, Scatter diagram, calculation and testing.

Statistics NOTES.pdf - 1 LECTURE NOTES Course No STCA-101...

Layout, Analysis with equal and unequal replications. Layout and Analysis. Analysis with equal and unequal replications 15 Randomized Block Design:

Pdf statistics notes

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