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The rules for success in the Internet Century - by Eric Schmidt & Jonathan Rosenberg. How Google Works [Eric Schmidt, Jonathan Rosenberg] on meteolille.info *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. Seasoned Google executives Eric Schmidt and. Sign in. Main menu.

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Culture—Believe Your Own Slogans. Keep them crowded Work, eat, and live together Your parents were wrong—messiness is a virtue Don't listen to. Today we all live and work in the Internet Century, where technology is roiling the business landscape, and the pace of change is only. How Google Works Summary by Eric Schmidt contains valuable insights on how Google operates and it will surely help you understand the.

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Eric works pdf schmidt google how

Leading a team is a big issue. So, how much confidence should you have in your people? Should you let them innovate and find their own solutions? And he also needs to have enough self-confidence to let them identify a better way. Leading a team is a challenge. How should you react when a valuable employee tells you he is leaving? First, the best thing you can do is try to change his mind. Creatives have ideas. And this may make your business more valuable on the market. But how do creatives work?

Smart creatives thrive on interacting with each other. The mixture you get when you cram them together is combustible, so a top priority must be to keep them crowded.

Works eric google schmidt pdf how

Creative ideas may generate growth for your company. This is a simple reality. Creatives are valuable to your business.

I agree. In traditional companies, decision making is usually hierarchical. Senior managers make important decisions, while others agree. However, if you are fortunate enough to run a business with smart and creative employees, things will be different.

The decision-making process becomes as important as the decision itself because if the officials do not support the decision, it will not go forward. Traffic and revenue grew for a few years, but then Google was attacked by hackers in December So Google executives met several times to discuss the situation and decided Google. Decision-making needs to be a team effort. This process is efficient because it involves all people and ensures that employees will support the final decision.

If you want to encourage this type of decision-making in your workplace, you need to create a way for each opinion and position to be considered and discussed.

Works pdf eric schmidt google how

In the end, none of the executives won the discussion, but debating their views together managed to come up with a better solution.

Good decisions require consensus. But when everyone discusses different opinions, reaching a decision can take a long time. Still, the timing is critical. Important decisions can and should be examined in detail, but it is still imperative to set deadlines so that decisions are not late.

For example, when Google was considering an agreement with AOL in , Schmidt acknowledged the importance of that decision and set up daily meetings to deal with the matter for six weeks. That way, your team would have enough time to discuss and debate all the options, but at the same time guarantee that a timely decision. Hiring smart and creative employees is about innovation. But is it possible to force one to be innovative?

His job was to stimulate innovation in the company by organizing presentations of new technologies for engineers. According to him, in his new job, he constantly innovated, and innovation was not imposed on other employees.


Nevertheless, if there is no way to encourage innovation, how can your business create innovative and unusual products? Although you can not make your employee more innovative, you can also follow some tips to generate a climate that encourages innovation. First, set challenging goals for your employees. Another way to encourage innovation is by being open to taking risks. In this way, even projects that seem risky still receive investments, which keeps innovation in the company.

Creative and intelligent people are the key to developing great products. So how could your business attract employees who fit that description?

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For starters, hiring employees should be one of your priorities. In most organizations, hiring a new employee is the responsibility of the supervisor. Google has realized that the best way to hire someone is to make decisions together, forming a committee. A team reviews the candidates using many data and supporting materials such as interview reports, compensation history, curriculum, and referrals.

While all these supporting documents are valuable, hiring high-level employees also require imagination. Looking at a resume and evaluating a candidate based on his experiences will not help you find the most attractive, intelligent, and adaptable employees. In addition to the standard interview questions, ask the candidates about their interests and passions.

Find out what he does and what he cares about outside of work. Challenge the candidates with surprising questions. How does Google find and hire the best professionals? The company has some interesting attitudes:. This question is important since innovative and intelligent people are restless and ambitious. At some point, they may want to leave your business to try something new.

To prevent this from happening too soon, find ways to challenge and intellectually engage your employees. That way, they will feel stimulated and motivated , which will suppress the urgency of leaving the company.

For example, when a good engineer wanted to leave Google, Schmidt persuaded him to stay, inviting him to attend important meetings with the founders. Attending these meetings allowed the engineer to learn new things about the business, and as a result, he ended up staying with the company for another two years.

Most CEOs think their companies need a business plan, but they are wrong. The reality is that more traditional business plans can lead to failure. That is because the traditional plan does not give room for change.

Schmidt pdf google works eric how

Managing a business requires you to respond to new challenges. What if a new technology or a new competitor came up, demanding that you react quickly?

You will not be so responsive if you are stuck with a flat plan. That is why, in terms of strategy, you will be better prepared for the unforeseen ones if you create a foundation for your strategy rather than a static plan.

The difference is that a plan is a step-by-step guide to taking care of your business while a foundation is a guiding principle that will guide you. When Jonathan Rosenberg wrote the founding strategy for Google in , he initially planned to deliver to entrepreneurs a typical business plan. However, he ended up writing a much more comprehensive document because he realized what helped guide employees in what to do.

Establishing these fundamental ideas has allowed Google employees to apply their talents and special skills to create innovative solutions to unexpected problems. Corporate Environmental Management 3: Cracking Creativity: Creative Arts Marketing: Creative, Inc.: Creativity, Inc. Cross-Cultural Management.


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How Google Works Summary

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